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Nicholas Giarritta

poeticpatriot wrote:
I just wanted to share with everyone a new book of poetry written by an Army vet (though the book isn't solely military poems).  The book is called LIFE FOLLOWS by Nicholas Giarritta.  The book covers a lot of subjects from the serious to the humorous.  Please check it out!!  As of now, purchases are limited to Borders and Amazon, but it is definitely worth it!  Help support a veteran by buying a copy :smileyhappy:
Lets make this book a high seller

Be sure to check out his previous collection -- Beyond Boundaries: Poetry in Emotion
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Re: Nicholas Giarritta

Oh yes, and Beyond Boundaries :smileyhappy:  thanx :smileyhappy:
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Re: Annoying Realities of Everyday Life

Hi all!  I recently released my first book titled "Annoying Realities of Everyday Life".  The title pretty much says it all.  Like many people out there I was getting so frustrated by all the chaos/stupidity around me.  So many people have become oblivious to everyone around them.  The book talks about people that use their cell phones EVERYWHERE THEY GO, annoying coworkers, road rage, technology making us lazy, Dunkin Donuts inability to get my order right!  This book has A LOT of annoyances in it.  It was fun to write.. as much as these things do annoy me, to actually WRITE about them made it fun for me.  I have received feedback about my book and it has been positive.  I'm glad to hear that people are enjoying reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.  It's a book SO MANY PEOPLE can related to!
Stacey Lyn
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Man Interrupted

[ Edited ]
Hi all I am James Bailey and my book Man Interrupted just came out. Below is a synopsis. You can get my book at and check out some reviews while you are there or go to Barnes and Noble or any book store and ask for Man Interrupted by James Bailey. My book is very quirky as you will see from synopsis. Best James.


Man, Interrupted is the true story of one man's experiences as a sufferer of severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). James Bailey's obsessions centered around drugs and his fear of coming into contact with them, either through people spiking his food, or by accidentally touching a junkie, or even in just touching a photograph of marijuana. After a period of trying desperately to cope with his illness, Jim was eventually admitted to one of America's leading psychiatric hospitals. The myriad methods of treatment there included trips to Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, California, to meet and greet the homeless and the drug addicts who gathered there in an attempt to 'expose' him to his fears and eradicate his anxiety. However, while trying to cure his OCD, Jim discovered he had another problem: impulse control. Whenever a beautiful Asian woman would pass by on Telegraph Avenue, Jim would immediately disregard the homeless and feel compelled to hit on her. This resulted in feelings of guilt, as he realized that he had come to Berkeley to conquer his fears but all he was doing was turning a source of enjoyment into another obsession. This guilt would make Jim take risks.

He would run out and share a homeless heroin addicts cigarette, then seek out another Asian girl before feeling guilty again and taking more risks. This led to getting rid of many of his problems. But he was eventually discharged from the hospital because of his lack of social graces as he constantly had confrontations with both patients and staff alike. He then embarked upon his on and off again OCD-free life and began to write the story of his experiences. Man, Interrupted is the thought-provoking account of Jim Bailey's unique journey, told with poignant candor and hilarious, often abrasive humor.

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Re: Read My Book!

here is a chapter I would like to share. A piece I struggled through getting the outcome it deserved. I think I managed alright



It was late in their second day of travel when Farimain came in with the news he had found a shortcut to the giants valley. There was a waterfall that came out of a large cave. He had scouted the cave and found that it went through the mountaintop and entered the giants’ valley just a couple of miles from his home. Farimain did not see the giant but recognized the area from the last time he had been there. Eramil looked up at the sky, the sun would be disappearing soon but perhaps they could make the tunnel before nightfall and approach the cave in the morning.

The companions headed in the direction Farimain lead them. They arrived at the cave as the sun settled behind the mountain. The group traveled through the cave and set up their camp just inside the exit. They ate the sandwiches Donto had prepared for them and drank from the stream that ran through the cave. Then they settled down for the night, they wanted to wait to approach the giants’ home during the daylight.

Hill / Emberstones Quest page 102




It was just past midnight and Bearmug was taking his turn at watch. He was thinking of a day 358 years ago when his father accompanied King Beargund in the war against the Chaos Wizard. Bearmug had only been 46 years old on that day and was not allowed to join in the march. His skill with a battle hammer was already as good as any others and he could throw his axes with the best of them. But the King had announced that no dwarf under the age of 100 years could join the army. His father was the Kings brother, and also a member of the throwhammer clan. He along with the rest of the clans’ warriors were the Kings guard. As such they also had perished when they charged into the wizards hold with their king.

That had been the end of the throwhammer clan as there was no elder male within the clan to claim the leadership. That had been a sad time indeed for Bearmug. His mother had rejoined the axwielders clan, which her father was a senior member of. Beramug could have joined also, or any clan he was willing to work his way into a position. But he chose to remain as the sole member of the Throwhammers and so was considered crazy. But Bearmug swore that one day he would make the Throwhammer name great again and set out on the trail to adventure. If he could find the resting place of Beargund and could claim the enchanted hammer of his uncle the name of Throwhammer would once again ring in the halls of the Granite Mountains.

Hill / Emberstones Quest Page 103



A strange howling off in the distance interrupted Bearmugs thoughts. Even as he listened closer it seemed to be coming in their direction. He went into the cave and awoke the others. They could all hear the howling as it was closing fast. The party was up and ready for trouble within moments. They didn’t have long to wait as the howling had become deafening. It was obvious this pack was coming for them and not just out on the hunt, perhaps the Chaos Wizard knew of their coming and had sent them.

The howling stopped as the wolves entered the cave, these were no ordinary wolves, they stood almost five feet at the shoulder and were at least six feet long in the body. Their hair was black and silver, their eyes glowed a bright white, their mouths full of fangs. There were at least twenty of them and they came straight in to attack.

Farimain fired a flame arrow at one and was rewarded with a yelp as it burst into flame. Tarfallus also had his bow out and working taking out another of the wolves. Lil stepped forward with her staff raised and with a word sent a cone of fire into the charging pack. Six of the wolves fell burning to the ground, this should have at least slowed the packs charge but these wolves continued on without care for the fate that took their other members.

Hill / Emberstones Quest page 104


Eramil threw a pile of logs on the fire sending flames up to the ceiling, he then took a position on the right hand side of the fire beside Bearmug. Draag, Tarfallus, and Farimain took position on the left. Andros was moving to join Eramil when a wolf leaped threw the flames to attack Lil. A rolling dive took Andros to the wolf and a upward stab of his sword caught it in the chest as it landed. The wolves must have decided to attack Lil as she had shown herself to be a mage of some power, for even as the first one fell another leaped through as well. Lil was ready for the next one and sent it flying back into the flames with a well aimed lightning bolt. Andros took a stand beside her.

Farimain had made his kill with his short sword and dagger, Tarfallus with his sword of sharpness in hand had decapitated another, Draag had crushed the skull of one and sent another flying with hard blows from his mithril staff. These three were doing well and standing their ground against the pack. Eramil and Bearmug were doing the same on their side of the fire, Eramil had cut one down with a huge swing of his dragon sword , while Bearmug had crushed the skull of another charging wolf with a blow from his battle hammer. Lil and Andros continued to take any brave enough to jump the fire, so within minutes the fight ended with no casualties on the heroes side and twenty two wolves laying about the cave.

Hill / Emberstones Quest page 105


Something strange began happening to the fallen wolves, their bodies began glowing ,then they turned into balls of light as they floated out the entrance to the cave. The only sign that a battle was waged were the bloodstains on the victors weapons and clothing. Lil and Draag went to work tending the minor wounds their friends had suffered, then Lil sensed the presence of another in the cave. She looked around but there was no one there, none the less she started to warn her friends when the creature suddenly made his presence known.

Eramil and Andros were at the stream washing their hands and faces of the blood from the battle, a light appeared before them and two hands reached out grabbing them and hurling the two across the cave to crash into the wall. The creature then stepped out of the light and with a motion of his hand in Draags direction forced the beastman to obey his command. Draag grabbed Tarfallus and Farimain each in one of his powerful hand and slammed them together knocking them unconscious. Draag seeing what he had done broke the spell that had been cast upon him and in a rage charged at their new foe, Lil sent a spell of sleep into Draags path stopping him and he fell to the floor sleeping.

The creature stepped into the firelight and faced Lil , He was eight feet tall of solid muscle, atop his head was a hood made from the skin of a wolf with a pair of elk antlers rising from the top. He had a whip in his left hand and a huge battleax in his right. He

Hill / Emberstones Quest page 106



laughed at Lil and said, “ So you would save your friend by putting him to sleep. Now that your most powerful member is down, who will save you? Do you think that you and a dwarf are any match for me?” Lil put a hand on Bearmugs shoulder to steady him, then replied, “I know you leader of the hunt, what has brought you here from the astral plane? Is it there are no more foes worthy of you? Or perhaps you are here to do the bidding of some mortal creature?”

The hunter angered at Lils words but answered anyway, “ I am the servant of no one. I am but repaying an old debt, once this task is completed I will be free to hunt among the stars once more. You I shall take my pleasure from, as soon as I finish with your friend.” Lightning fast he struck out with his whip catching Lils staff and pulling it from her grip. He took the staff and tried to break it in his huge hands, when he found he could not he threw it out of the cave into the darkness.

Andros had been knocked unconscious from striking the wall but Eramil had only been stunned, he untangled himself from his friend and stepped up to Lils side saying, “ You can not be much of a man who would threaten a woman when more worthy foes still face you.” The hunter just smiled and once again lashed out at Lil with his whip. This time Lil was ready for him and as the whip came in she held up her hand and spoke a

Hill / Emberstones Quest page 106


pair of words. This activated a spell upon the whip, it burst into flame and then wrapped around the hunter causing him to let out a gasp of pain. Eramil and Bearmug moved forward to attack.

The hunter broke free of his whip just as the two moved in, he blocked the blow Eramil sent his way, Bearmug though was able to land a powerful blow with his hammer on the hunters leg. The hunter howled again but was still able to deflect Eramils next strike. This time Bearmug landed a blow behind the hunters knee causing him to stumble off balance and fall to the ground. Eramil and Bearmug tried to take advantage of their fallen foe, he was to quick for them and managed to roll out of the way of their blows. The hunter regained his feet and once again deflected the dragon sword only to be caught another blow by Bearmugs hammer. He howled again in pain but was able to kick out at Bearmug with his other leg sending the dwarf flying down the passage.

Lil was trying her best to find a way she could attack the hunter without causing harm to her friends. She had seen the hunter before on the Astral Plane when she traveled there with Glimring. The hunter had used his pack to weaken a powerful demon who had unfortunately crossed into the hunters territory. The creature was more powerful than the hunter, but with his exceptional speed and skill he had defeated the demon sending him back to the pits of darkness.

Hill ? Emberstones Quest 107



Lil had fought beside Eramil for many years and knew he would never back down from a fight, she was terribly afraid for him as he was outmatched. The hunter squared off to face Eramil, he was smiling now as if expecting an easy victory. The hunter suddenly threw his ax at Eramil thinking it would cut him in two, only the extra power Eramil gained from the armbands of cave troll strength allowed this not to be true. He stood his ground and deflected the hunters ax, then attacked the unarmed hunter with a fury. The hunter dodged blow after blow Eramil sent his way, then with a word his ax reappeared in his hand. Eramil had a advantage no longer, and was hard pressed defending himself against the hunters attack.

The hunter finally landed a blow to his advantage knocking the dragon sword from Eramils grasp. It was Eramils turn to dodge now, the hunter swung a mighty blow straight down, planning to cut Eramil in two, Eramil sidestepped the blow and when the hunters ax hit the ground Eramil slugged him in the face. The hunter was stunned by this blow, he had never been struck this way before so was not ready for the fist Eramil followed with. Another blow to the stomach and an uppercut to the jaw sent the hunter backwards to the ground stunned. Eramil quickly retrieved his sword and was ready when the hunter regained his feet. A thrust of his sword caught the hunter squarely in the chest as he charged in ax held high. This ended the conflict and the hunter began to glow and floated away as his pack did before him.

Hill / Emberstones Quest page 108



Eramil fell to the ground exhausted and Lil ran to his side, He said, “ That is one person I never want to fight again.” Lil smiled, “ I agree, the Hunter and his pack are one of the most feared entities on the Astral Plane. We did well to survive this encounter, I hope we do as well with the Chaos Wizard.” Eramil “I have no doubt that we will. Together we can overcome anything, that is as long as we have our friends.” Lil looked around, Draag was sitting up shaking off the effects of her sleeping spell, Tarfallus and Farimain were standing looking confused, Andros was still out, and they could hear Bearmugs armor clanking as he came running back up the passage.

Lil tended to Eramils wounds first, then she went to see what she could do for Andros. Draag was already working on Farimain and Tarfallus, Bearmug was pacing back and forth still spoiling for a fight. Lil went to the dwarf after she had revived Andros and gently drew attention to the bleeding wound on his arm. He sat down and allowed her to heal him, all of them took a long drink from the potion of endurance that Draag had provided them. They had decided to rest the two hours they had left until dawn, as they readied themselves for sleep a ball of light appeared in the cave and floated to Eramils feet.

Hill / Emberstones Quest page 109



The party instantly went to his side ready to do battle again. A voice spoke to them out of the darkness, “ fear not brave warriors, this is not an attack, I wish only to repay a debt. Lord Emberstone, you defeated me fairly and have proven yourself a worthy adversary. I was indebted to an ancient demon and with my defeat you have freed me from that debt. To thank you for this service I give you Greymane, he is the fiercest member of my pack. Should you ever need him you have but to call his name.” The light burst and a bronze statue appeared. It looked exactly like the wolves they had battled except its mane was gray instead of silver. The statue was eight inches long and six inches tall; Eramil studied the statue for a minute before tucking it away inside his belt pouch.

Lil watched what transpired and smiled to herself. It had always been a part of Eramil to overcome even the most hopeless of challenges, only to gain much in the respect of those he came in contact with. That as much as anything is what held those gathered around him. Each of this party was an hero in his own right, all had passed the test of time. They had also shared in perilous situations with the odds against them, only to prevail in the end. But with Eramil , he had a confidence that no matter how bad the odds he would survive, and that same confidence seemed to surround them all when in his presence. Looking at the group around her she had no doubt that they would overcome the Chaos Wizard and all would be well in the world once more.

Hill / Emberstones Quest page 110


Eramil lay awake thinking a while longer before going to sleep. He knew how lucky he had been to survive the day, but he also was proud of the gift he had received. He was certain the gift was freely given and no trick of the Chaos Wizards. He was also sure that the Hunter would not report his defeat and their surprise attack still had a chance. He felt the responsibility of leading his friends into danger, for today had nearly cost them dearly. But he also knew those gathered around him and knew that they would have come alone or as a group to face the trials ahead. But the lesson here was one he needed to be sure and not repeat. The wolves were never the real danger, but none-the-less they had to be dealt with, before the true challenge showed itself. Just as the Chaos army would have to be dealt with in order to challenge the Chaos Wizard. Eramil shook these thoughts from his head, he would just have to take things as they came. He then settled back and drifted off to sleep.

Author Lord Emberstone's Quest
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Buy my Book

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Thank y'all for stopping by
Living in Fear by R. Jenkins-Oliver Historical Fiction based on passed-down family lore.
Excerpt: "Hey Mr. Ellis, Mr. Ellis, come over yeh quick" Hey boy,what the matter with you? You look like you done seen a boogieman." " Mr. Ellis, I see some bags of cotton sitting out yeh in the field." " You mean they didn't take the cotton in." " Some of em haf full, and some ain't got nuthin in em." "Well now, if that don't beat all. I wonder why they left them out here. I ain't check the barn yet this morining. They know where to put every thing if ain't nobody here."

"Help! Help!" I wonder what going on back yonder."...
Living in Fear is on sale online at Barnes and
sale price 9.99

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Re: NO TIME FOR TEARS...a walk through life with Ann Deane Teal by Kellee Stone


No Time for Tears...

A walk through life with

Ann Deane Teal

Based on the true story of a woman's journey

through years of abuse, the death of two children,

health problems and an unhappy marriage, No Time

for Tears...A walk through life with Ann Deane Teal

is an inspiring read for anybody who has ever faced


Taken from the journal pages of author Kellee Stone,

the book examines a lifetime of trials and tribulations.

Stone, represented by the character Ann Deane Teal,

relates to readers how she overcame her troubled past,

finding love, acceptance and happiness.

"This book will appeal to readers because these events

happened to an ordinary person just like them:~says

Stone. "Many people have dealt with death, health

problems, children of all ages, being the caretaker in

their family,and at the same time trying to take care

of their personal life.Ann Deane was faced with not

only being a career person, but having her faith in God

tested many times over. Thank goodness, the Lord was

in her life at all times or surely she would not have

shown the strength to endure these obstacles."

Filled with amusing anecdotes, Stone's positive

spin on the situations handed to her in life makes an

uplifting read for book lovers of all ages.



Kellee Stone, a native of Columbia, S.c., is a first-time

author, although she's had much practice in writing

newsletters for her church and various jobs. Stone

retired from a large telephone company, which

gave her the opportunity to work in South Carolina,

Georgia and Virginia.She holds a business

administration and an associate's degree in Christian

counseling, and serves on the board of directors for

several associations.

Stone is married and has a married daughter who

livesin Charleston,South Carolina.

In addition to writing,Stone likesto travel, read,crossstitch,

work crossword puzzles, and involve herself

with church activites.She also enjoys spending time

with her two cats,Cooper and Elmo.



My websites are





My email is


Columbia, SC
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Re: Read My Book!

Hello all, If you are looking for a great read, try my debut fantasy novel, The Spell Keeper. With its easy writing style and ensemble of well-developed characters, this book will appeal to readers of all ages who are looking for a fast-paced adventure that combines intense drama, human connections, and occasional offbeat humor.

In the land of Tevious, the people are suffering under the occupation of Trevarre, a foppish warlord-sorcerer with an undead army, and his accomplice Rangael, a corrupt High Priest with a lust for power. The Tevians' only hope is the Spell Keeper, a hero who will come to overthrow the evil regime, reawaken the dormant currents of sorcery, and restore peace to their small country. Frankly, they are surprised when they get Cassie, a fifteen-year-old from Illinois — but not as surprised as she is.

With no way home, Cassie joins a rebellion led by an irreverent wise-woman, a former highwayman, and a healer with an important secret. Cassie must use her wits as well as her newfound powers to challenge Trevarre, discovering in the process that her lineage is somehow linked to the troubled land. She is potentially the most powerful sorceress that has ever lived.

Of course, her adversary can turn people inside out with a thought…

The Spell Keeper
By Dana M.Baird

Sam's Dot Publishing, 335 pages
ISBN: 9780979790386
Price: $17.95

More information can be found on my website:



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Out of Time, a time travel SF novella

[ Edited ]
Out of Time is my first published novella, published through Iuniverse in February 2008. It is about a cloned scientist who invents the means to time travel with the aide of a spaceship, and the government who manipulates him into changing history. The timeship ends up stolen, and he and a team of other time travelers have to figure out where in time the hijackers went. After the retrieval of the ship in 1947, the time travelers visit the Titanic, Anne Frank, President Kennedy, Apollo 13, and other NASA ships. When they come back to their present, something has changed. What will they do next?
If you enjoy science fiction, time travel, alternate history, with some dash of conspiracy theories thrown in, then this is the story for you!  Out of Time can be found on Barnes and Nobles' website. My website is

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Author of science fiction novel Out of Time
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New book TRUE STORY Voiceless Brutalities by Solange DeVane

June 5, 2008?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:smileysurprised:ffice:smileysurprised:ffice" />


Dear  Readers and book Stores,


It with pleasure that I, Solange DeVane, author of “Voiceless Brutalities,” am announcing the launching of my book, ISBN 978-1-4251-4369-5.


The book contains 590 pages of poignant events that will undoubtedly fuse the reader unable to put it down once they begin reading.  The true story, is one within Edmundston New ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:smileysurprised:ffice:smarttags" />Brunswick and its surrounding municipalities where my family still resides. The book is ready for print-on-demand orders. You may order as little as one book, or more, from the publisher. 

Should you be interested in purchasing, please read as follow:


Toll-free, call: 1-888-232-4444

URL: (will show book-cover and all pertinent information)

Fax: 1-250-383-6864

Telephone: 1-250-383-6864

Mail: Trafford Publishing, 2657 Wilfret RoadVictoria, BCV9B 5Z3

Retail price: $34.99 

or order from Author vis email

Sincerely, Author, Solange DeVane,   

?xml:namespace prefix = v ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:vml" />


Voiceless Brutalities...

Within Edmundston New BrunswickCanada, unveils a family secret that exposed persistent ominous patriarchal conduct onto four girls who endured the incestuous horrors of their proclaimed father. Over time, the Bouchard family expanded to seven living children, three boys and four girls. The vacant look on the children’s faces later told the horrific legend of their lives. Ultimately, throughout the discovery of the children’s painful past, lurked unspeakable and deplorable acts of both parents who were adamant in forcing their need to control by assassinating the character of their children from the time they were born. Our parents thought that they would keep us prisoner of their desire to brutally subdue us into perpetual silence of their barbaric cruelties. The three oldest suffered immensely under the regime of our mother’s rigid control, while the girls suffered additional terrifying violence by their proclaimed father! Menacing threats were consistence occurrences that we all succumbed as children of this domed family. Regardless of the consequences of our family history, most of us siblings disentangled from the terror of our past and became adequately socialized individuals; nevertheless, certainly not with any support from anyone. The unfathomable accounts depicted in this book reveal persistence survival of years of abusive behavior at the hands of two adults at the helm within our family.

This book will be translated later in French in order to captivate a larger audience which may very well save potential victims from the very heinous crime against children.


ISBN: 978-1-4251-4369-5