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Re: BLOOD CALLS, the next installment in THE CALLING Vampire Novels... Twilighted Side

Twilighted Side Is About Horror Science Fiction Drama.
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Re: Collection of short stories to be released in November, 2009

I recently posted news about my up coming novel "Feast Days of the Saints" which will be released in May of this year.  I just received word that my collection of short stories "Stays and Other Stories" will be released by Sabella Press in November.  You can read a sample story titled 'Red's Cabin' at  Search either by my name or the story title; you will also find some other samples of my writing there, or you can visit my web site at and you will find samples there and links to other stories and essays.
Shawn Rohrbach MFA
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Re: Read My Book!

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that New York Times and USA Today Best-Selling Author L.A. Banks is coming out with a new book!!

Undead on Arrival (The next book in her crimson moon series) is being released March 31, 2009!

And to all the Vampire Huntress Legends fans, don't worry. L.A. Banks will be release the next book in the series this summer!

The Vampire Huntress Legends: Dawn and Darkness comes out September 1, 2009.


For more information on L.A. Banks, check out my blog!

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Peeper by Paul Chandler



Here's the synopsis for my novel Peeper:


Andrew Ash can read your mind. With very little effort, he can peek into your head and see your memories. And with only a small measure of guilt, he will steal your secrets. Andrew has used his special talent to make himself and his business partner very wealthy. But the money has come too easily, and the prospect of becoming wealthier still has lost its appeal.

David Martin is the host of a wildly popular late night talk show. He's also on trial for the brutal murder of his wife and two daughters. Despite overwhelming evidence of his guilt, a star-struck jury is determined to set him free. Andrew, by virtue of his extraordinary ability, knows the truth and he's willing to risk everything to convince a sympathetic jury to look past the fame and see the monster.

Paul Trask, the greedy CEO of Micro-Delta Corporation, has stumbled onto Andrew's amazing talent. He quickly realizes Andrew's money-making potential and hatches a scheme to exploit him. Trask, driven by dreams of limitless wealth, will stop at nothing to secure Andrew's cooperation.


B&N link:


There are a couple of reviews posted on B&N. There is also a detailed review of the book here:


Thank you very much for your consideration.



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Re: Imaginar Friends By Yolanda Jackson


   My new book is Imaginary Friends,this is my second novel, my first was Peter Carrot-top all available right here at Barnes and Noble





Everyone has or had an Imaginary Friend in their lives one time or another,But what did yours tell

you to do? Does yours tell you to cheat,kill,or destroy? or do they simply talk to you at night?

Many are affarid to answer these questions, but if one choose to ignore them, sometimes they can

become so real,They will surely over power your mind and every rational thought you ever had; so

take sometime to investigate the voices that are talking to you, the longer you ignore them, the

stronger they will become.

Take a look into the life of a small town girl who was constantly abuse by her mother and complete

strangers,she was hid away from the public by her mother in an old cellar, it was there that she first

discovered her ability to create Imaginary friends,And once the Imaginary Friends where formed she

send them all out on a revenge killing,But was it the Imaginary Friends doing the killing or her?
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Novel About An Agnostic Who Becomes A Christian

John's Quest  


This book is about an agnostic who becomes a Christian. It would make for a great discussion. Here's another link besides the one listed above:

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New Here

[ Edited ]

Hi Everyone.

I am not yet familiar with all the rules here.

I am the author of the fantasy novel KnorraSky the Deception.

I would like to let everyone know about something special I have going on.

On the knorraSky home page (not on this site) I am giving away the first three chapters of the book as an e-book.  That is the first 63 pages of the 384 page total.

I do not consider this solicitation since I am doing a give away.  If I am wrong.., Oops  Sorry!:smileyhappy:

As a new, unknown author, it is difficult to inform people about your work.  So this is one way I am doing it.

If you have any questions about the book, please ask.

Thank you.

R.A. Knowlton


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Re: New Here

Hiya. Welcome to B&N.
"Fear not, for our army is strong and courageous."
"Just hope they don't sober up before we get there".
-Bored of the Rings
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Don't Mess With Earth by Cliff Ball

[ Edited ]


Don't Mess with Earth 


Don't Mess With Earth is about advanced humans in early Earth history who leave Earth behind while the more primitive humans stay on Earth. The advanced humans, called Terrans, run across an alien species that abducts and experiments on other species. The Terrans also interfere in Earth history, people like King Arthur, Merlin, Galileo, Amelia Earhart are not originally from Earth. The aliens, abduct and experiment on Roanoke colonists, the town of Salem, and even on Isaac Newton. Eventually, an alien ship gets shot down over Roswell, President Truman creates Area 51, initiates Project Blue Book, and issues the Majestic-12 Order. Later, Earth reaches a point where they can pay back both sides by having the same technology themselves. Do the humans of Earth succeed or fail? Find out!


I'm 35, pursuing a BA in English, and this is my 2nd novel.

and since I don't remember if I plugged my first novella, here's the link:
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The new release of "Things U Could of Said,But U Didn't"!!!!!

This poetry book is about you and all your inner thoughts good or bad.It subjects are love,race,sex,relationships and much more.It's a must read!