Hi, I'm the author to `Daughter of New York' and I added a secret link on my site for you to read my novel for free. It is intended for teens to enjoy.

Goto http://www.aylerion.com and on the black bar on the top right, highlight the area with your mouse and you'll see `Teens Secret Entrance', follow that link and you can read the book for free.

Why did I do this? Well, I know a lot of people don't have alot of money these days, or extra money, so I figured, hey, "Why not just let them enjoy it. It would be cool."

So you might want to bookmark the site incase you have to return, and feel free to tell your friends.

Here is the synopsis: In this fast-paced thriller, NYC becomes the chessboard for an elaborate cat-and-mouse game. Arthur Torpeddo, mogul by day, stealthy crime boss by night, wields his strategies to capture the elusive Lauren, 'Sewer Rat'. But while he launches the largest sweep imaginable, Lauren awakens to her true purpose forcing this villain to contend with one that could dangerously oppose him.

Let me take you to New York,