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Introduction to 'Pulse of Time: Book I - The Arms of Fire'

Pulse of Time: Book One - The Arms of Fire falls under the fantasy category, but not typical with dragons and lairs. It is a new world with new characters, challenges, and places. The first installment begins with the Strarrs family living peaceably on the great island of Crystal Sands. But when Drosdon, an old enemy of Strarrs, begins to build the City of Flair atop the once cursed ground of what used to be called Sinking City, it creates an opening for the enemy, Peligros, a phantasm. Peligros takes this aggressive move, dispelling his evil and darkness, under the assumption that those that were called The Arms of Fire have long been died off.

In this story you will find a love story, that of the romantic and also the love a father has for his family. You will find epic views, places of magnificence, and these superb characters called, The Arms of Fire, who are meant to fight in the darkest of nights.


Available in paperback and kindle.

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Re: Teacup by Sheryl Baca

"Teacup" came from the inspiration of adolescent dreams and the current revival of so many 1960's and 1970's recording artists returning to the stage.  Remember that question so many of us had as we listened to our favorite heart throb's voice......"What if I met _____ and we fell in love?" 


As a book club member myself I wrote this book with my fellow members in mind, something enjoyable for all of us to read and discuss. 


I hope you enjoy it as well.


     As a child, Shell experiences first love while dreaming about a pop star idolized by her siblings. In her teens, she learns about real love through a variety of relationships and life-altering events. But it isn’t until Shell is a single mother entering her middle years, overwhelmed with the responsibilities and the conflicts of being a career woman and parent, that her hauntingly familiar childhood dreams begin to show their true meaning.

     Ze, the pop star in Shell’s dreams, has patiently waited his whole life to find the muse whose ethereal image has been his inspiration since before the inception of his career. Impatient now that he is entering the late autumn of his life, he becomes more determined to finally find her.

     Love, synergy, dreams, and fate culminate in a journey to catapult these two star-crossed loves upon the same path, one more time.


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If you are interested in a touching, paranormal story; you'll love this.

The Pearly Gates by Darren LaMontagne is one of the best books I've ever read. I laughed, I cried and was on the edge of my seat the entire time. You can get it right here at Barnes and noble.
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Last Chance Rescue by Tracey Cramer-Kelly

Greetings, and thank you for the opportunity to introduce my first novel, “Last Chance Rescue.”


When Brad Sievers runs into his old friend Jessie Van Dyke at his high school reunion, little does he know how much it will change his life. When his high powered advertising career fizzles, he falls into a most unlikely career opportunity—becoming a member of Jessie’s search-and-rescue team. Nothing in his life has prepared Brad for this, but he finds it more fulfilling than a dozen advertising campaigns.


Through dangerous rescues and personal trials, Brad and Jessie become close friends. They share in the birth of her first colt from her rescued horse; Jessie helps Brad when one of his first rescues doesn’t make it. When one of their rescue victims turns out to be a fellow soldier from Jessie’s Iraq War days, Brad almost loses her to old demons. But when Brad is severely injured in a training accident, Jessie nurses him back to health as only she can. And when she goes missing one night, Brad realizes just how important she has become to him.


Both Brad and Jessie must fight their own defenses to finally let down the walls that will allow them to rescue each other. This is a story about breath-taking action and adventurous lives, and the heart that is behind it all.


Written with the voice of experience, Last Chance Rescue draws on my own Army Reserve training and medevac experience. My ride-alongs with actual search-and-rescue teams give the thrilling rescues the energy that puts the reader right in the action. Last Chance Rescue will keep the reader riveted. 


Please visit my Web site for details and a free excerpt. The book is also available at Amazon.


Best regards,

Tracey Cramer-Kelly
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Re: "Twisted Desires" A Suspenseful Murder Mystery by Nelda Shattles Copas

Brenton is a little city with a small town feel in central Kentucky where people grow up and choose to stay.  The problem is that there is a serial killer on the loose and the victims are members of a swingers sex club that participate in sadomasochism. The members of the club are attorneys, CEO's, doctors among others. Naturally they are loath to share information with the police in order to protect their identities.


Detective Delsey MacKay is on the case with her partner, Bill Phelps, but after they visit the second crime scene they have more questions than answers so she requests assistance from Walker Grey, one of the best profiler's in the FBI.


There's a third murder and then a fourth. Do the victims know the killer? What do they all have in common? With the forensic evidence the police have collected will they be able to catch the killer before someone else dies?


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Re: Behind the Offshore Veil by Jeffrey H. Corbett & Patrick J. Kish

Hi everyone, I recently had the honor of publishing a new book on a very controversial yet highly interesting topic. Behind the Offshore Veil was written by myself and my business partner, Patrick Kish in an attempt to dispel many of the popular misconceptions surrounding the legal process of private offshore banking.


A brief summary of the work: Over the past two decades, the offshore market has experienced a significant increase in popularity as more individuals have begun to see the vast benefits associated with it. Now more than ever, the need to diversify offshore has become commonplace in furthering business interests while protecting personal wealth. The Banking Crisis of 2008 further affirms the need for business owners and professionals to exert greater control of their assets by bringing critical banking functions in house.

Written by two authors with a combined 30+ years in the international banking industry, Behind the Offshore Veil is a must read for individuals in the business, financial and entrepreneurial sectors; all who seek greater profit, privacy and diversification of their assets.

As you all know, being a first time author, I'm eagerly looking forward to spreading the word on this book and would appreciate any feedback.


The book is currently available through Barnes & Noble at

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Chrysalis - The Awakening by ML Lacy

I'm a new author and even though I have gained a growing fan base I would really like to hear from you.


A short sysnopsis of the story


All families have secrets. At 32, Bree Campbell discovers her entire life has been a secret. a mortal born into a family of Magicals, she begins questioning everything and everyone around her. The prophecy told at her birth speaks of a Chosen One; the last and greatest of a long line of Chosen Ones charged with saving both the Mortal and Magical worlds. Bree must face this reality and life with her new family; a clan of vampires protecting her. The sorceress, Esmeralda, will stop at nothing until this Chosen Ones is dead. Noe could then oppose her and she would be free to rid the world of all mortals. Will Bree awaken the hidden powers and find inner strength needed to save the world?


Any feedback is appreciated.  It's packed with mystery, romance, vampires, witches and mortals and the pace is fast.  I've had three professional reviews on the book and they can be read on Amazon.  The book can be ordered through all bookstores, Amazon or AuthorHouse.


I hope to hear from you.

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The Occuscript by Kerry B. Rogers

What if you became an expert archer by glancing at a page in an ancient magical book? An expert blacksmith? How about a Sorcerer!


Wizards, Mystics, Mages, Sorcerers, Dragons, Elves, Dwarves, Gnomes, Griffins, Pixies, Fairies, Harpies, Trolls, Ogres, Minotaurs, Goblins, Gargoyles--they're all here in the new book:


The Occuscript
An Epic Fantasy Adventure
by Kerry B. Rogers


Deep in a cavern, within the mysterious forests of The Wilds, a magical book is found. Some will skim its blank chapters and find a single page completely visible to them--its runes and symbols magically endowing them with all knowledge of a particular subject. Physicians will cure the infirm, warriors will become individual forces of destruction and dragons will, once again, have their riders.


But the knowledge revealed by the last three visible chapters will attract the attention of powerfully evil forces. Coveted by all and revealed to a select few, these pages will fuel intrigues, battles and prophecy-driven quests.


Ominously, the last page of The Occuscript is blank. Forces of The Onyx plot to seize the magical book for their own dark purposes. With opposition mounting, forces of The Pearl struggle to deliver the sacred book to Castle Ironhinge, so the one who must pen The Last Chapter can rescue their world from certain annihilation.


ISBN: 144862455X
EAN-13: 9781448624553

Sample at:
More Info at:

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Re: Read My Book!

[ Edited ]

I'd like to introduce everyone to my Young Adult Fantasy Book The Legend of Witch Bane, the first installment in a 7 part series called The Witch Bane Saga.


Here is the synopsis:



3 desperate children, a young boy and his two sisters embark on a dangerous quest to rescue their kingdom from the malevolence of an evil queen. Along the way, they learn that the only weapon powerful enough to defeat the queen's dark and terrible magic is an enchanted sword called Witch Bane. But the origins of the sword are clouded in mystery and has the potential to unleash a great evil into the world. The dreaded queen will stop at nothing to thwart the children's search for Witch Bane and sends her powerful minions to destroy them. Not the least threatening of the queen's arsenal of weapons is her plot to destroy the children with treachery. Will the children succeed? Or will they fail? Get your copy of The Legend of Witch Bane today and find out! Available for purchase here at



“The Legend of Witch Bane is a finely tuned, explosive page-turning fantasy story that will hold any reader's interest to the last page.”—Crystal Reviews


“If you loved Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit, Grimms Tales, even far older tales lost in time then this tale has it all and will have you glued to its pages through every twist and turn.”—R.N. Hadley Book Reviews




Link to sales page:

Watch the book trailer:
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The Shaman: Science, Nature, Prophecy by Mark D. Longo


New novel/thriller, The Shaman:  Science, Nature, Prophecy...nature is getting even!


It's all here in one remarkable book - exotic jungle adventure, well-researched anthropology, philosophy, and natural history, and a driving plot revolving around a mysterious ancient prophecy of apocalypse. All of this is woven into the intricate storyline of Mark D. Longo's The Shaman: Science, Nature, Prophecy.

Mark D. Longo, an author, musician, and scientist now finishing his Ph.D. in Ecology at Stanford University, has done a remarkable thing. He has crafted a work of fiction that seamlessly blends high brow philosophy and discourse with heart pounding action and suspense. The result is a book that, like the philosophy it propounds, is greater than the sum of its parts, and is as intellectually nutritious as it is viscerally exciting.

A group of American businessmen has disappeared in the jungles of Guatemala. The government blames guerrillas but the locals have a different theory. They believe the "Guardians of the Forests" have reawoken and are now taking their revenge on humanity. Unaware of these developments, nature documentary filmmaker Jared Foster and his anthropologist friend, Christopher Burgeis, depart for Guatemala to shoot footage for Jared's latest project. Their trip becomes an odyssey of discovery during which they explore vast expanses of geography and mind. They must put their newfound knowledge to the test when they reach their final destination for it is there, among the crumbling ruins of the Petén wilderness, that they learn the truth about an ancient prophecy of apocalypse. Nature, it seems, has indeed found a champion and it is no longer the rainforests that are in danger.

At once a gripping thriller based on Maya legend, The Shaman is also a paean to the environment and a meditation on the merging synthesis between traditional indigenous wisdoms and modern scientific thought. It is that rare page turner that provides valid intellectual appeal and leads us to contemplate the world we think we know with fresh eyes full of wonder.

"A fantastic adventure incorporating well-researched philosophy, natural history and anthropology. Think Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance meets Indiana Jones."
--Diamantis Sellis, doctoral candidate in Ecology at Stanford University

"An informed and eloquent brief for Maya country...I'll be sharing it with my students."
--Dr. David Freidel, anthropologist and co-author of A Forest of Kings

"There were many times when I looked up from the book, simply amazed, and spent time thinking about what had just happened. The Shaman is a seamless blend of interesting characters, driving plot, cutting-edge thinking and science, and a uniting world view that really leaves an impression on you when you finish the book."
--William Love-Anderegg, ecologist and author of A Song of Shadows

Read the reviews and the cliff-hanger prologue at

The Shaman: Science, Nature Prophecy
By Mark D. Longo
ISBN 978-1-440-41249-3
336 Pages Paperback (6x9)