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Cave of Terror by Amber Dawn Bell

Young adult paranormal romance




Do you believe in vampires?   I sure didn’t. Not until I found out on my 16th birthday I’m anything but human. And to add the cherry on the freak sundae called my life, I’m the first Vânător born in over 500 years. You see, I’m destined to be a hunter of evil. That’s right; I’m a real life Buffy.  To make matters worse, I’m falling for Ryan—this new guy at school. I never thought I’d be this love struck, hair tossing, dorky teenager. It’s enough to make me want to hurl.  And on top of all this, I have an entity stalking me that wants to use my rare blood for his own evil deeds, a girl at school who lives to make my life miserable, and a gymnastics coach who is determined to see I make it to Nationals.  Yep, things are really looking up for me. Welcome to the never boring, anything but normal, you-never-know-what’s-going-to-happen life of Cheyenne Wilde.



Amber’s love of romance and medieval history led her to pursue her dream of writing. She is a stay-at-home mom and now that her kids are older, she’s able to spend a little time making her dream come true. She loves stories about Vikings, pirates, Scotland, and just about anything of the paranormal nature, especially vampires. Amber lives in Texas with her own knight in shining armor, her high school sweetheart and husband of 22 years, along with their two teenage kids, two dogs, and two cats. Amber believes that everyone should have a happily ever after—even vampires.

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"The Tuareg: Blue Man of the Sahara" by George DiGuido

The Tuareg (1828-1830) sweeps you into the life and times of a young Virginia plantation woman, a dashing aristocratic Frenchman, and a noble, but rough-edged Tuareg chieftain of the desert.

This masterfully told story takes place in exotic and diverse locals such as London; the tents of nomadic tribes; the decadent, intrigue-filled Turkish kasbah at Algiers, and the savannah-land country of Africa’s premier slave king. Voyage across three continents, through the beautiful yet cruel Sahara and into the heart of Africa.


 Excerpt: At first light a lone rider spotted a speck of white far off on the desert floor; instinct whispered it was human; premonition told him it was alive. Seeing airborne vultures the rider dug spurs into his camel’s flank. "Run, Lachlar!" he commanded. "Run as toward an enemy!"

The rough-hewn face of the rider echoed the shapes of the desert mountain crags; long nose, straight and ridge-like; angular cheeks as if sculpted by the wind; rock chin covered by a black beard sprinkled gray; lean, strong body – testimony to forty-three years on his beloved Sahara. Swathed in a dark blue burnous, what little skin showed through this swirling fabric was the color of a lion’s coat, but, oddly, tinged with blue. Save for glittering black eyes no other feature was visible; his face was veiled. He was a Tuareg. A "blue man" of the desert.



 “The thought and care that Mr. DiGuido has put into this novel is incredible… History has collided with fiction to form this terrific book.” -Coffee Time Romance


Official Website


Book Trailer




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Re: Author of "Mystery School"

Hi its just me giving you more facts:

August 12th, Int'l Youth day

August13th, Int'l Left-Handers Day


Shanaya Fastje

Author of"Mystery School' books

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Black and White Makes Brown  BLACK AND WHITE MAKES BROWN is my story,of my marriage to an African American retiered soldier. He came to my little mountain town in Bavaria and turned my world upside down and I followed him to a country I knew nothing about. A culture I new nothing about and experiences that I could never dream I would have. Find out how family members reacted, how others around them reacted in the workplace, the community and even at their place of worship.


That was 1979 are things better now, is there a place for the multiracial families in this society. Is it "Tolerated" or finally "Accepted."

What do you think ?



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Your money back if you do not like the book.

[ Edited ]

Hello all I hope that everyone is having a great week. No this is not a desperate act to sell my novel nor is it for publicity. I recently ran into a reader who noticed me at a store from the back of my book. She remembered me from a book signing where she was skeptical about purchasing the book. At the book signing I told her to take the book free of charge and if you do not like it just bring it back to the book store. She came back with three of her friends and they also purchased a book.



I am doing this to share a story that readers are calling a story above all stories. I myself think of it as just a story about two little boys who had to deal with so much that we honestly believed that GOD had punished us. I am saddened that the original is still being sold on Amazon and people are buying the book unaware of the typo's and errors, in time GOD will handle it.


Here we go, purchase Strength Within Surviving by the Grace of God the second edition. And if you honestly and I mean honestly feel that the book was not worth it, I will personally refund your money to you and yes delivery charge as well. I only ask that you be true and do not request it because you want a free book.  I have a website where you can read chapter three, unfortunately it is not connected with Barnes and Noble and that is bad business for you to buy it from there. I hope that you do purchase the book and if you enjoy it like numerous others I ask that you pass it on.




                               Thank you and have a great week :-)

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Re: Read Terry Spear--Terry Lee Wilde's Urban Fantasy and Medieval Highlander books!

Heart of the Wolf Destiny of the Wolf To Tempt The Wolf Legend of the White Wolf Winning the Highlander's Heart Deadly Liaisons My Dreams 

Deidre's Secret    


The wolf series began with Heart of the Wolf (Publishers Weekly's Best Book of the Year) and has grown into 6 books in the urban fantasy romance series. Action, adventure, suspense, sexy romance, and a dash of humor are trademarks of the series. :smileyhappy: If you're looking for some paranormal entertainment, come check the series out!


2008 Fall N.O.R. Reader Choice Awards for Best Paranormal Books






Destiny of the Wolf is already out.

ParaNormal Romance Reviewers Top Pick for February!








To Tempt the Wolf is coming Sep 1!


Night Owl Romance, Reviewer Top Pick, Recommended Read~~5 Hearts!

Romance Studio, 5 Hearts

Top Pick from Novel Thought, 5 Hearts







Legend of the White Wolf will be out in Feb and Seduced by the Wolf in April.


The cover is posted on my site already for Seduced by the Wolf and it's beautiful, just like the other wolf covers! The story is about Leidolf, the werewolf who has been in each of the stories up until Seduced by the Wolf. And then a sixth book will be out in the Fall. :smileyhappy:


Nothing better than some good Highland loving!!! Having Highland roots, I've always been fascinated with the next best thing to having my very own, is writing about my very own. :smileyhappy:


Winning the Highlander's Heart is the first book in the medieval Highlander series and The Accidental Highland Hero is coming in March. 

5 Angels!!! (FAR)
5 Beacons!!! (Lighthouse Literary Reviews)   
5  Hearts!!!  (Romance Studio)
4.5!!! (Romance Junkies)





Must read if you're looking for a sexy vampire romance!



Deadly Liaisons is an adult vampire novel, coming in print in January.

Recommended Read from Literary Nymphs Golden Blush Reviews.





 The Vampire...In My Dreams is one of my YA books, vampires and witches mix it up and I'll be working on The Vampire...In My Nightmares next.



5 Stars Plus!!~~Ghost Writers Reviews  
5 Angels!!~~Fallen Angel Review
4.5 Blue Ribbon!!~~Romance Junkies





 Deidre's Secret is a Nancy Drew type mystery, only more suspenseful, a sweet romance, with a psychic twist.







 Terry Spear


My Website


"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male."







"Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality."
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Re: Author of "Mystery School"

Mystery School seems like a great story!  Much success.

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"What Once Was" by george tiwari

Hello avid readers, be sure to check out my new book titled "What Once Was" by george tiwari.  best wishes..                                     

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New Book "What Once Was" by george tiwari

Aditi's nightmares are straining her marriage,yet her husband Michael remains steadfast; always there to help her through another fitful night. He wonders what is so deeply disturbing the beautiful woman he met in a New York coffee shop so many years ago.


Aditi's solution to her distress is a vacation to their beloved India.


As the trip unfolds, Aditi's anguish deepens, and she collapses on a dirt road near her childhood home. Recovering in the hospital, Aditi is finally able to release the memories and emotions she's suppressed since her 7th birthday. To the amazement of her husband,her sonher parents and even herself, the story of her childhood unfolds in intricate, yet painful layers.


Readers of all ages will enjoy this heartwarming and inspirational story as Aditi sets out on a journey for the truth. Immerse yourself in the blessings,family bonds,innocence,and cultural identity, as the author vividly portrays Aditi's struggle to face was was already written in her destiny.......

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16 book clubs have given the book five stars. Come check out a story that is a page turner

Battered,abused,lonely and so much more Strength Within Surviving by the Grace of God the second edition is a great read. Numeorus readers and book clubs are calling this self published true story remarkable. Dive into the lives of two young boys who had no where to hide and no where to run. See how there lives were ravaged by abuse,deaths,mental hospitals and so much more. The book is sold on barbes and noble and everyone says that it is a book that they highly reccomend.