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Re: Breaking the Code of Silence in California Prison New Book "The Green Wall"

The Green Wall


Daulton -- here should be a link to your book on B&N, since "Add Product" still isn't working.


It looks as if the only review posted so far is your own.


Good luck with your publication.  The topic sounds interesting and challenging.



Daulton15 wrote:


In my new book just released called, "The Green Wall." For sixteen years, I worked  as a guard in California's highest security prisons. Serving meals to serial killers, gang members in lockdown cells and patrolling exercise yards filled with the world's most violent felons. I belonged to an elite Investigative Services Unit, responsible for solving horrific crimes that took place inside the prison walls. While employed with the orginal supermax prison----a nickname for maximum prisons, Salinas Valley State Prison , I was decorated veteran with senior stripes when I blew the whistle on a secret gang of corrupt, sadistic guards who called themselves, "The Green Wall."


My current website is:



 Also it is also being sold on  


Any help in marketing this compelling story is very much appreciated.




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Re: Catch an Honest Thief - Maria Schneider

Hi Everyone!  Thanks for this thread. I have two e-books out, both cozies, but one is in a fantasy realm and one is in the mundane:



Catch an Honest Thief:



Alexia is determined to protect her city, and if that means wearing the cloak of thievery, well, who better than she–a practiced observer of human behavior and a pretty good sneak thief as well?

Alexia steals the crystals that power Haven to prove that it can be done. Her plan to improve security works perfectly–until a real thief goes after the crystals. Unfortunately, if she admits what she knows, she’ll be blamed for all the attempts at the crystals. With no easy choices, she enters a dangerous game of cat and mouse against both the security chief and the real thieves.


The competition is likely to cost her everything she holds dear—but she’ll do what she has to in order to stop the insiders that are determined to take the crystals and end the game for good.

Young adults may also enjoy this cozy mystery with a romantic subplot.


Price: $1.99


My other cozy is Sage: Tales from a Magical Kingdom


Sword and Sorcery meets Agatha Christie. Three novellas introduce the Kingdom of Sage and those who protect its boundaries. Join Demetria and her husband Ward in their adventures as they protect Sage from evil: Rats, Snakes and perpetrators from within.


Sometimes it takes a more experienced hand to save an entire Kingdom.


The first of these stories, Toil, Trouble and Rot, was published in Coyote Wild Magazine; the other two are all new, original stories. In Dungeons and Decay find out just how far a mother will go when her child is in danger–and how much magic it takes to keep him safe. In Call to Arms, its a family affair; every hand is needed when a ghost invades the kingdom demanding old wrongs be righted.


Sage is available for only $1.00!


I have another release, Executive Lunch, due out within the month; check my blog for links!   We talk recipes, gardening, food and short stories!



Maria Schneider - My Nook Books
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What He Really Thinks: Insight into a Guy's Mind by Michael Russo

Greetings all, I am new to discussion pages, my first time so please be kind.


My name is Michael Russo. I am so pleased to introduce you to my latest book, WHAT HE REALLY THINKS: Insight into a Guy's Mind. My four previous books were based on Asian history and art but, this is my first in the love/relationship field. Needless to say, I had a blast writing it and the next one is in the works. The publisher is VMA Publications and it is due to be on this website in the near future.


Here is the Press Release on the book. I know you will enjoy it. It's a fun read but yet, very true.


Los Angeles, CA. –  One of the latest relationship books to hit the marketplace and sure to be a best seller is Michael Russo’s WHAT HE REALLY THINKS: Insight into a Guy’s Mind.

Unlike similar books that deal with romance and dating, Russo takes a different and unique approach by providing insightful information on how guys think and what they base their decisions on. “Dating is hard enough as it is, and getting into a relationship that is doomed from the start is even worse,” notes author Michael Russo. “This book empowers women with information about us guys and what to look for before becoming too involved in the relationship and getting hurt.”

Russo queried over 1,000 men to get their insights on love, romance and what they really think about women. Russo covers such topics as “Can a guy and a girl just be friends,” “Where are all the good men,”
“How a six turns into a ten,” “What spells commitment to a guy,” and much more.

What He Really Thinks
is fun and entertaining, but more importantly, it is extremely accurate on how men look at women. Laced with actual quotes from men regarding each and every topic, it points out clearly
how differently men and women think regarding love and relationships.

Published and distributed by VMA Publications, the book can be found in various book stores, websites or at  for $14.95. Or visit

Contact info:
VMA Publications
5638 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601
(818) 769-0436


Thank you all very much for your time. I hope you purchase the book.

Love, Michael Russo




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A book on HOPE by a physician.

Routine Miracles: Personal Journeys of Patients and Doctors Discovering the Powers of Modern Medicine

In Routine Miracles, award-winning internist and medical educator  Conrad Fischer investigates the disconnect betweenmedical advances and the rise of physician dissatisfaction. Fischer surveyed more than 3,000 physicians and interviewed hundreds of patients to uncover the seeds of doctors’ discontent. Based upon his findings, he offers a deeply personal and compelling call to action for all of us, doctor and patient alike, to celebrate the present and the future of medicine.

Each chapter describes via vignettes how the lives of patients who are living with or have had treatment for fairly common problems such as leukemia have been immeasurably improved by modern technology and modern doctoring. ... re=related ... re=related ... re=related ... re=related

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Get your independent book listed!

Hi all.


We have had our grand opening of our online bookstore which focuses solely on indies.


Please come read about us at and contact us if you have any questions!
Josie Kramer
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Re: 49 plus 3 by Antonio Luigi

It took three years to write and a year to publish. I have tried to convey all the emotion i felt as each day passed. I  was left with three children, and fourty nine years old, hence the title. My childrens mother walked out leaving me with three great little girls the, youngest only six weeks old. This is their story, with a touch of my own. I have made mistakes throughout the book but deliberately left them in, as the emotions i felt took over. I only published the book in the hope that it may just help one other fathers / mothers avoid the pitfalls i fell into and, stop other children suffering. This could so easily be your story.....

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New book for lovers of religious fiction!

Imagine the Staff of Moses, and the power it contains being discovered in the 21st century!  What could happen if it were to fall into the wrong hands? 


A new fictional novel about the powerful Staff is available at


The name of the book.... STAFF  (naturally!).  The website offers a FREE download of chapter 1 to give you a taste.  And if you like what you read, you'll love the book!


Guaranteed fun and exciting reading for anyone ages 12-99!

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Re: Read My Book!

Hi, I see it's been over a year since your post, and I hope you've had some success with book sales.

Read Peter Bowerman's THE WELL-FED SELF PUBLISHER, a good book about marketing even for those of us who aren't salespeople. Marketing is fully half of the writer's job, as I've found out with my book, A JOLLY GOOD FELLOW. You have to babysit your book's growth constantly. For example, I have my book on,, and many other websites. dropped the paperback version (the e-book is still listed) just before an advertising campaign in a magazine came out listing the book as available on! So, time for phone calls. Best of luck!

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Re: Murder in the West Bottoms

Murder in the West Bottoms is the story of Sage Chandler, a high profile, Kansas City lawyer, loses his job due to alcoholism and becomes a private investigator. After successfully solving some minor cases, he takes a case that involves finding a missing prostitute. Papa B, the prostitute's pimp, hires Sage to find his best girl, Trixy Bedluv. Believing Trixy is a run-away, Sage takes the case but before he and Papa B begin their search for Trixy, Papa is contacted by the man who kidnapped Trixy, Max Brown, who demands $50,000 in ransom or he will kill Trixy. With the money in hand, Papa convinces Sage to help him deliver the money to the kidnapper. In the process, Papa is shot to death and Sage wounds the kidnapper by shooting him in the arm. Wounded, the kidnapper escapes with the money but not before taking a few potshots at Sage and Trixy as they run away. Trixy, having nowhere else to go with her pimp dead, stays with Sage. After she discloses her true identity to Sage, he finds himself very attracted to her. Together they begin a journey of suspense and intrigue.


About the Author

Joseph "Joe" Drivdahl is an Associate Professor of Communications and Computer Science at Dawson Community College. Besides "Murder in the West Bottoms", Joe has two other novels in progress. You can read the first chapter of these books by browsing to

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Read Consequences by Linda R. Herman

Hello and thanks for such a wonderful opportunity!


I am Linda R. Herman, a native of South Georgia and I'm excited to announce that my novel,

Consequences is available.


The novel dares to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and gives a very emotional

account of a married couple's plight, as well as a few other characters who

are affected directly and indirectly by HIV.


When I learned that AIDS was the leading cause of death in African American

women 25-34, I combined my passion for life with my gift of writing and penned

a novel that educates and entertains readers of all walks of life.


I hope you'll check it out!