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Re: Read My Book!

Greetings, Barnes and Noble readers!  :smileyvery-happy:


Growing up, I was always a fan of the Gothic romance, with its classic formula of a beautiful woman in peril, running along oceanside cliffs with the sinister silhouette of a mansion looming behind her. 


That is the formula you will find in my romantic suspense novels, Victory Cove and Widow's Tale.


I invite you to sample the first chapter of each at  Enjoy!




Victory Cove












Widow's Tale






ENDLESS NIGHT - Carina Press
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Easterly by Brian L Bennett

Easterly - A Coastal Sailing Adventure. at:


The Lad ( Jamie ) orphaned from an early age. Works under the wing of Joe Masters, boat builder, repairer, in the market town of Maldon, Essex. The River Blackwater is the centre of their working lives and provides a backdrop to the events that follow, which will have a lasting effect on all of their lives.


Patricia Hodge ( Pat ) to her fiends. Lives with her Mum and Brother David. She is a free spirit, and very much a person of the waterfront. She can turn her hand to most jobs in the marine environment, and works freelance, attending to the many tasks that require casual labour that come her way. She has a soft-spot for the Lad, but is not sure that she will be able to land her catch. A competent young lady in many ways; she is finding this quest challenging and frustrating.


Bethany Holden ( Beth ) a successful young law partner in the City of London. With a failed marriage behind her from her student days, she has avoided becoming deeply involved emotionally until the Lad stirs something within her, and the sleeping tiger awakens. This is a beginning for him, unexpected, and all consuming in its intensity.


John Francis, late husband of Beth. Recently resigned his flying commission with the Royal Air Force. By chance becomes involved in a police enquiry, leading to the discovery of terrorist agents, plotting to corrupt the entire water supply of the United Kingdom.


The plot is foiled, and those involved are arrested. The case is considered closed, but sinister events lead to a final showdown, where loyalties are tested to the full, and relationships reveal their true identity.


This is a work in progress, so please call back as the story unfolds

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Re: Read My Book!

I just recently published my first poetry book called To Love Is to Live. It is a collections of poems I have written in the past year while I was going through a difficult time in my life. The poems are very personal and heart felt, so I wanted to share them with people, because I know everyone has felt heartbreak at least once in their life. And that is what my poems are focused on, love and heartbreak. My book is split into two halves. One half is about the pain and heartbreak side of love, while the other half is about the unbelievable high that one feels when they're in love. I think my book could be for any age group, from young teenagers with their crushes and puppy love, to grown adults with their deep compationate love. Here are 3 poems to give you an idea of my writing style so that you may choose to read it or not (which can be purchased right here on B&N). I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them. Thanks bunches!! xoxoxoox



-Mashael Makhadmi
To Love Is to Live







My day has lost its meaning,
Like a book with no words.
My night has grown longer and longer,
Never ending, like the days of summer.
My sleep comes but once in a while;
Like a moon eclipse, it is rare.
Food no longer has taste;
My senses have run off with my broken heart.
The rainbow is colorless;
Nothing but black and white refl ect off the paintings of life.
The ocean gives no waves;
The water sits lifeless the ocean fl oor.
The mountains have lost their majesty;
They exhibit the size anthills in life's dismay.
Leaves been taken from the trees;
stand naked in embarrassment.
The sky has no more clouds;
fl oats above the earth in its lonesome.
The sun has lost its warmth;
It has no heat, like an abandoned home.
The air gives rise to no wind;
Everything stands still like a painting in a museum.
The world has not been a fool alone,
For I, too, have lost something.
I've lost the love of my life,
The one who holds my heart in his hands.
I've lost my soul mate;
I've lost my heart.
The world is left in misery,
Because I have lost you.








Your smile controls the sunrise;
It's what lifts my spirits in a moment of weakness.
The moonshine is controlled by your eyes alone.
It calms my nerves when I feel as though I have lost control of my life.
Your tears control the rainfall,
Because when you cry, the whole world cries with you.
Your hurt cannot help but be felt by life itself.
Your laugh controls the colors of life,
For every melody that comes from your laugh
Creates a rainbow from your tears,
A blossoming rose from your smile,
And a sparkling from your eyes.
Darkness comes about in moments of sadness,
Like a dark cloud followed by thunder.
Its stirs up the seven seas, and thrashes the earth with pain.
Only happiness can bring about light,
To break through the thunderous storm that you alone control.
soul and body control life's cycle,
And nature's disasters as well as its bliss,
most important part of you is your heart,
it controls me in every which way you desire,
And, therefore, I am yours only forever.







I want to grow old with him,
To count his every wrinkle;
I would kiss every new scar,
And watch as his hair turns gray,
As the leaves change color in fall.
I want to help him as his patience begins to fi zzle,
To sip tea with him at sunrise,
Like two birds enjoying the morning.
I promise to learn to cook his favorite dish,
Even if I have to burn a couple before I get it right.
Like any fi ne wine, I take some time.
I long to be there at his weakest moments,
So he'll remember me at his peak.
Dreams of a family hover over me;
They whisper ideas as I lie asleep.
I wish to walk by his side,
As we journey this world together.
Give me the time to learn of his ways,
To learn how he thinks, cares, loves.
Let me explore the caves So that I can discover he special to me.
I yearn to uncover secrets of his heart,
Why he never ceases in my dreams;
Like a drifter, he and goes.
I want to reveal why my heart beats for him.
He's the blood that pumps through my veins.
I crave the answer of why my soul ran off with his.
Like wanted criminals, they hide.
I wish to grow old with him so that I may solve these questions,
Like the Sherlock Holmes of fatal attraction.
Yet, if my questions remain unsolved,
I will have died living my life with my beloved.

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Re: Easterly by Brian L Bennett

Hi Brian,

Good luck to you with this nicely written work. I am the author of a memoir on my experiences iwth mental illness and immigration entitled 'A Bell, a Song, an American Journey." If you'd like, I can email you the manuscript.

Best Regards,



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Re: Read My Book! 'Memoirs of a Runaway'

I have to admit it would have been nice to see this forum when my book got published (in 2008), but I bet it is still just as good !!  Here's a short synopsis about the book. Please go to or for more info and reviews. Thanks !!


Not too long ago I heard her say, "I never met a drug I didn't like." That scared me so badly that I had to share some things that I went through in the hope that it will prevent someone from going down the same road that she is. How can I watch someone drown and not jump in after them? Even if she lives through everything that she's doing to herself and her loved ones, what will her consequences be in the end? This young lady has been running away from home, having sex with multiple partners, and has been into very heavy drugs along with other criminal activities. Since her parents, the police and the court systems have done the best they could to intervene, they will now have to sit idly by and just hope for the best. She was so sweet, so young, so innocent. How did this happen? She's only thirteen. I wish I couldn't relate... but I can.
Michael Kennon is the CEO and President of Kennon Transport, LLC, a successful trucking business he runs with his wife, Sue. Before owning his own company, Mike was a runaway and was virtually homeless for most of his childhood and young adulthood. To survive on the road, Mike drove trucks, sold encyclopedias, hustled pool, was a baker, ski instructor, sous chef, drug dealer just to name a few. Drugs and other dependencies took over Mike's life to the point that he could not accept help when it was offered, nor could he stop running away from a past that haunted him. While now blessed with what he has achieved in his life and in his personal and family relationships, things were much different at one time. "Memoirs of a Runaway: A Story of Hope" is a tale of survival and spirituality. Isolation and reconnection. Most of all, it is a hand reaching out to those who travel down the same troubled path; a story of hope.
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Re: "But I wasn't..." by William Wright


WilliamWright wrote:



If you have $0.99 to spare, i'd love it if you'd read my eBook, "But I wasn't...".


It is a short story about a young boy who begrudgling has to walk his sister to school, he finds it hard to combine his big boy image with the job at hand and he can't see the end of the misery either.



find it @B&N here!





just wanted to say a quick thank you to the folks on here that have downloaded this short story - i'd love to know what you thought, so please send me a message or post something on the book's B&N page...


thanks, again





But I wasn
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Shadows of the Soul by Angelique Armae

I'm thrilled to announce my latest paranormal romance novel is now available on NOOK! 


Here's a blurb and purchase link to the book:

Purchase at: Barnes & Noble NOOK


When a Grigori prince and a demon huntress team up to find the antidote to a supernatural disease, the balance between good and evil is forever altered.


A fallen angel...
A human scholar...
A race against time...


Isabel Godfroie Heart is a Paradisian Scholar-an immortal human trained in the ways of Heaven and Hell-who's suffering from memory loss. During her last battle, a dark force erased specific portions of her past life memories. Now she remembers little of times past, save for the fact she's a demon slayer mentored by the archangel Gabriel. When ordered to a new post to help translate a volume of ancient text from a forbidden verse, Isabel is forced to work with the dark prince Nicolai Valentine, a soul who may or may not be responsible for her memory loss. If only she didn't find the tempting creature so hard to resist...


Born to a fallen angel and a mortal mother, Nicolai Valentine is a prince of the Grigorcov, the children of the fallen sons of God. Searching for the lost chalice that will save his kin from eternal damnation, Nicky unknowingly unleashes the Hadean Virus, a dark entity targeting members of the Grigorcov. Now the entity has been unleashed on man's world and Nicky's in a race against time to find the antidote that will stop this deadly parasite. But in order to keep the Hadean virus from attacking again, Nicolai must enlist the help of Isabel Godfroie Heart, the Paradisian Scholar he was unable to save from the wrath of Hell centuries ago...


Thanks for letting me share! If you'd like to visit my website, please feel free!:


I love to hear from readers.


Have a great weekend!
Angelique Armae
"Extremely talented."-- Sherrilyn Kenyon, #1 NY Times Bestselling author
"Nobody does angels like Angelique Armae!"-- Kerrelyn Sparks, NY Times Bestselling author of The Vampire and the Virgin

SHADOWS OF THE SOUL - When a Grigori prince and a demon huntress team up to find the antidote to a supernatural disease, the balance between good and evil is forever altered...
"...extremely talented..." - Sherrilyn Kenyon, #1 NY Times Bestselling author
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The Red Gate -- A Novel of Western Ireland

The first book in the O'Deirg Family Series, The Red Gate was published to good review in 2009.


A fall in the unexplained drowning...

One damp day on the wild Co. Mayo coast in late Summer, 1911, a bored Irish shepherd falls into a terrifying, pasture sink-hole. As his father finally pulls him to safety, he finds an ancient artifact has come up in his muddy sleeve. That artifact leads to a discovery in their lower pasture that reveals an ages-old secret and a promise, right below their feet.  It also unleashes a growing threat to their home, their livlihood and their sheep. If Finn, the shepherd, was hoping that a bit of excitement might come into his simple life, he could never have seen how this single event would unfold. Nor could he have imagined what the secret lying below his fields might mean for the rest of the world.


New Revised Edition, 386 pages


Coming soon: The Gatekeepers, the second novel in the O'Deirg Family Saga is scheduled for release at the end of August, 2010.

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Change in Regular Price for Boomerang



Just wanted to give a heads up about the upcoming price change for Boomerang. I held the price at $0.99 as long as I could, but tomorrow I will submit a change to $2.99. I have no idea how long it takes for this sort of change request to actually take effect, but sometime next week the price is likely to go up.


The response to Boomerang here at Barnes and Noble has been really nice, but it is time to bring the price up to the level of other books by independent authors who, like myself, are really trying to put a quality product out there.


Thanks to everyone who has already picked up their own copies of Boomerang. I hope you have enjoyed it or will soon.



Alan Hutcheson







Alan Hutcheson (aka Plumboz)

author of Boomerang, a comic novel of international intrigue, with music
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Re: Read My Book! - "Daughter of the Caribbean."

My novel "Daughter of the Caribbean" will be published and available online and in bookstores within the next 3 to 4 months. Fan Page: ughteroftheCaribbean


As the author, I am personally inviting you to become a fan on my facebook page. You will be able to view information, updates and... photos, and receive exclusive invitations to an extraordinary book launch, and to book signings. Also, if you have questions just ask me on my Wall or send me an Inbox message.

"Daughter of the Caribbean" is rich in exotic history, compelling characters, violence and celebration, intrigue and romance, tragedy and triumph. It is a powerful family saga inspired by the author’s experiences growing up in the Caribbean.

Abandoned by her mother at the age of four, Olivia is raised by her grandmother Edith Reid, the family’s matriarch and an illustrious storyteller. Like a master sculptor, Reid chisels the character of her beloved grandchild, and braces her to prevail over life’s inevitable challenges. Reid’s chilling tales of Twickenham, the family’s estate, shock Olivia and her adventurous siblings into both defiance and humility. Later on, Olivia copes with alarming political upheavals in her homeland that threatens both Twickenham and her family’s survival. How she survives, what it demands of her, and the outcome she finds are bound inextricably to the ghosts and history of the Caribbean.

Once again, to become a fan of Daughter of the Caribbean, please go into my facebook fan page at:

Welcome! I look forward to sharing this gripping family saga with you.
Norma Jennings, Author
Daughter of the Caribbean