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Ancient Code of the Universe

John Steinbeck said in The Log from the Sea of Cortez, "Man is related inextricably to all reality, known and unknowable, plankton, a shimmering phosphorescence on the sea and the spinning planets and an expanding universe, all bound together by the elastic string of time. It is advisable to look from the tide pool to the stars and then back to the tide pool again."

Through The Ancient Code of the Universe, the characters ponder this and also ask the questions: What is the meaning of existence? Is there a God? A Grand Architect? Are there aliens controlling our existence? Is there a Truth, searched for by countless generations and lost in the mists of time? In our early moments of a new existence the mathematical equations of all things were being worked out from the initial chaos. Mathematical laws underpin the fabric of the universe, not just atoms, but people, stars and galaxies. Inside every atom there are beautiful mathematical forces binding them together and these bind everything else - our skin, the land, the planets and gravity itself. We as humans are poised at the very centre of this incredible force – an ancient code. Is the drive to find the answer to the ultimate question over? The Ancient Code of the Universe is a fictitious story involving several characters who are featured in Four Parts of the Book. These characters experience life in such a way that they are faced with many of these same questions. The answer may not be what we expect. It may not be the God we have been led to believe in, but it may very well answer some of the most profound questions man has ever asked.

The characters in The Ancient Code of the Universe are mysterious and pose questions of how and why, when and where life evolved in our vast universe. Beginning with the birth of baby Jesus and ending with the control and manipulation of beings from outer space, there is a divine plan – an ancient code that has been handed down throughout the ages. The mechanisms controlling life and the people are discussed in a parable-like style that will make readers ponder the great questions of the universe.

Life is a journey made up of multiple lessons and experiences…layer upon layer of actions, emotions and moments…woven together to create an indelible legacy to be passed on to the next generation and the next. In Ancient Code of the Universe, the reader experiences the effects of alien interventions throughout time.


I am confident that Ancient Code of the Universe will be welcomed by young adults and adult readers who simply enjoy a good entertaining read, as well as by those who love mystery/thriller, adventure, and Fantasy.  

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Re: Read My Book!

My novel The Usurper  is today's featured novel on The Indie Spotlight  Check out the excerpt for the novel.  If you need something new to read, or a gift for Christmas, then please check it out! Also available for the Nook:  Usurper  Thanks!

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Bloated Goat by Manley Peterson

I would like to announce my new book called Bloated Goat is available for $.99 on Nook. It is a wacky and wild adventure full of funny characters and off-the-wall craziness suitable for children and adults. With a name like Bloated Goat, you know it must be completely absurd or literary gold. Jump in and witness the splendor (or should I say squalor?) of Bloated Goat...


Here's the description:


When Granny Hammy finds Bloated Goat face down in her front yard's drainage ditch, her grandson Cocky Doodle thinks nothing of it. In fact, he says that’s just another normal day for his best friend. But when they discover that Bloated Goat has little black Xs for eyes and is even more bloated than normal, they realize it is much more serious.

Come join the humorous adventure filled with jewel thieves, a despondent wolf, an alligator gangster, a kingdom of hungry mushrooms, a shocking skunk wedding, and a mysteriously powerful chameleon known as Crazy Ned.

But don’t take my word for it. Read the following fake quotes for more convincing words:

"This is one the funniest books about bloated goats and talking animals I've ever read." - A random, imaginary kid

"If I was stuck on a deserted island with nothing but this book, I'd probably read it at least once." - An important kid, possibly your best friend or son or daughter

And if you prefer real quotes, here you go:

“I decided to take a chance on your book after reading your post. Heck, it's only ninety-nine cents, right? I called my nine year old daughter over for what I thought would be a short picture book. I'll be honest. I wasn't expecting much but I hoped she'd get a good chuckle out of it. I opened up the book and was surprised to find that it's a chapter book. Hmm! We dove in. We read through the first ten chapters and my daughter never stopped laughing. She loved it! (And I had to stop more than once to compose myself as well. I actually had tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard.) So far it's an easy and enjoyable read. The characters are hilarious and the situations they encounter are wholly unexpected. We can't wait to finish it tomorrow.” – M. Jacobs, a Kindle Discussions contributor

“LOL. I just finished it. It cracked me up! Definitely worth the dollar.” – Lexi, a Kindle Discussions contributor


Thanks for looking,

Manley Peterson

Bloated Goat

Manley Peterson

Manley's Bookshelf
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Blood Harvest Moon by Kelly Abell

A sacrifice must be made....

Only a few days from the Blood Harvest Moon a coven of witches must have a sacrifice in order to maintain their immortality.

A prophesy to fulfill...

Shaelyn, a beautiful Irish witch believes a prophesy that will bring her love and destiny. Little did she realize what it would cost her.

A destiny of greatness...

Derek Panthera, a sexy but mild mannered college student has no idea how an unexpected car accident will change is his life forever. It not only leads him straight to a coven of witches who need a blood sacrifice, but will enact a change in him he is totally unprepared for.

As the destiny of Shaelyn and Derek intertwine, a battle is on to save Derek's life from a treacherous and evil curse. As the attraction between the two becomes heated, it's Shaylen who brings out the animal in Derek he didn't know existed.


Blood Harvest Moon  

In Paperback on Barnes and Noble 12/1/2010

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[ Edited ]

"EVOLUTION OF A MADMAN: A CHILLING MANIFESTO"  is the story of a writer who murders his wife and his elderly grandmother and flees to Atlanta, Georgia, where with the help of his childhood friend, he escapes to Cape Town, South Africa.


There he is under the protection of a South African businessman who deals in diamonds and drugs.


All is well until his friend phones and tells him that the Kentucky Highway Patrol has found the torso remains of his wife.


From that moment on Laporte's life changes...





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Re: Read My Book!

Try Encounter at North Road House, where a masked-unbeatable-psycho like Jason enters a house for another kill, but the house is a haunted house, and the wicked ghosts lock him in and immmediately, a war breaks out between the masked-killer and the elements of the haunted house. Get it below for $12.99 from the publisher or just buy it direct from Barnes&Noble. 


Encounter at North Road House by Jerome Christopher King: Book Cover

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Re: Little Patient Big Doctor: One Mother's Journey by Haleh Rabizadeh Resnick

This is a quick, inspirational, thought provoking and at times funny book that is a must read for every mom.  Little Patient Big Doctor is a story that shows moms to trust their instincts and advocate for their children. It makes for great book club reading and the perfect gift that keeps on giving.

Little Patient Big Doctor



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Re: Urban Fantasy -Under Witch Moon



Under Witch Moon  has its first two reviews!














Keep an eye out--one of my other titles, Executive Retention will have a new cover soon!!!



Maria Schneider - My Nook Books
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The View from Here by Rachel Howzell

Hi, all!


My name is Rachel Howzell and I'd like to share my new NOOK book with you.

The View from Here focuses on the beauties and hardships of marriage; the betrayals and promises made between husbands and wives; and the grief of one woman haunted by secrets.

Nicole Baxter has always tried to control every element of her life, but that control is slipping away. She has issues. Abandonment issues. Marital issues. Conception issues. And she thinks her house in the hills is haunted. It doesn't help that her husband Truman spleunks and climbs, making her worry more with each adventure he takes. As the two grow apart, Nicole makes decisions that may ultimately shatter her fragile marriage.

Her life changes on the afternoon she receives a phone call from the harbor. During a scuba dive, Truman disappears. No one -- not his diving instructor, not the Coast Guard -- can find him. Is he still alive? Or is grief making her believe the impossible?

Here's the direct link:


I hope you give me a try! You may also visit me at Thanks so much for your support.


Rachel Howzell
Author of The View from Here and A Quiet Storm
Visit me at
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Re: It's a B&N kind of a book!

And yet another great, five star review for Boomerang from across the pond:


Do without one thing today that costs 69p - a newspaper , a bar of chocolate , crisps ...and buy this book . You will remember this story, its great !


69p there is just $0.89 right here at B&N. Please accept my invitation to have a look at Boomerang.






Alan Hutcheson (aka Plumboz)

author of Boomerang, a comic novel of international intrigue, with music