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Re: Read My Book!

Announcing a new book -- SUSPECTS


Do not expect this to be your typical true crime novel. All the "T"s will not be crossed nor will all the "I"s be doted. Instead, this is one woman's clandestine quest to prove the State of Colorado arrested and convicted the right man, despite evidence in his favor that did not surface during the trial.


 Who killed two women and two little boys on that hot August night in 1975? Was it the unfaithful husband, the last man to see them alive or the on-duty deputy sheriff who could not prove his whereabouts on the night of the murders?





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Re: Read My Book!

genk-01 wrote:

You can find my book on at:

Uhm... This is a paperback, not a nookBOOK. This thread is for nookBOOKs.

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Re: Read My Book!

Try Encounter at North Road House, where a masked-unbeatable-psycho like Jason enters a house for another kill, but the house is a haunted house, and the wicked ghosts lock him in and immmediately, a war breaks out between the masked-killer and the elements of the haunted house. Get it below for $12.99 from the publisher or just buy it direct from Barnes&Noble.
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Re: Take the Monkeys and Run, A Barbara Marr Murder Mystery by Karen Cantwell

I'm excited to be able to introduce my humorous mystery, Take the Monkeys and Run which is available as an ebook on Nook (only .99 cents!) as well as in paperback.


This is a book for people looking for some good laughs - a break from the serious.  :smileywink:


Here's a brief description:


Film lover Barbara Marr is a typical suburban mom living the typical suburban life in her sleepy little town of Rustic Woods, Virginia. Typical, that is until she sets out to find the missing link between a bizarre monkey sighting in her yard and the bone chilling middle-of-the-night fright fest at the strangely vacant house next door. When Barb talks her two friends into some seemingly innocent Charlie’s Angels-like sleuthing, they stumble upon way more than they bargained for and uncover a piece of neighborhood history that certain people would kill to keep on the cutting room floor.

Enter sexy PI Colt Baron, Barb’s ex-boyfriend who would love to be cast as new leading man, filling the role just vacated by her recently estranged husband, Howard. When Colt flies in from out of town to help Barb, events careen out of control and suddenly this mini-van driving mother of three becomes a major player in a treacherous and potentially deadly FBI undercover operation. It’s up to her now. With little time to spare, she and she alone, must summon the inner strength necessary to become a true action heroine and save the lives of those she loves. The question is can she get them out alive before the credits roll? 


A publishers weekly reviewer said it was, "and outright treat: diverting, funny and fast-moving."


Take the Monkeys and Run is the first in a series.  The second book, Citizen Insane will be released in April of 2011.


Also, I would love for people to visit my website at




Karen Cantwell


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Re: We Interrupt This Date by L.C. Evans

Hello, all, I'd like to introduce you to my book We Interrupt This Date. The book is available in paperback and ebook on Nook. 


About We Interrupt This Date: 


Since her divorce a year ago, Susan Caraway has gone through the motions of life, feeling at best mildly depressed. Now she is finally coming out of her shell. Just when she decides on a makeover and a new career, her family members call on her for crisis assistance. First there’s her sister DeLorean who has come back to Charleston, SC, from California with a baby, a designer dog, and no prospects for child support or a job. As soon as DeLorean settles in at Susan’s home, Susan’s son Christian returns from college trailing what Susan’s mama refers to as “an androgynous little tart.” Then there’s Mama herself, a southern lady who wrote the book on bossy. A secret from Mama’s past threatens to unravel her own peace. But not before Mama hurts her ankle and has to move into Susan’s home with her babies—two Chihuahuas with attitude. Susan would like to start her new job as a ghost tour operator. She would like to renew her relationship with Jack Maxwell, a man from her past. But Jack isn’t going to stand in line behind her needy family.


From a review by top reviewer, "ellen in Atlanta": 

Move over, Janet Evanovich, L.C.Evans might have a combination that is fresh as well as funny! 

She shows herself as a major player in the romantic comedy market! 


I would love for readers to visit me at my blog:

Stop by, leave a comment, and find out how I thwarted a ten-year-old counterfeiter and why I have a blanket named LaRue.


Thank you, everyone.





We Interrupt This Date




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De Bello Lemures, or the Roman War Against the Zombies of Armorica by Thomas Brookside

De Bello Lemures, or the Roman War Against the Zombies of Armorica  


A recovered Latin text tells the story of a struggle between Roman legionaries and the undead in 185 AD.

Lucius Artorius Castus leads an expedition to Gaul to defeat a rebellion against the rule of the Emperor Commodus - and gets more than he bargained for when his enemies rise from the dead to fight again. The power of the zombie horde is amplified by the Babel of Ancient Rome's religions and superstitions, and the terror the undead bring in their wake foreshadows the incipient medieval darkness already creeping into the world at the end of Rome's Antonine age. Richly annotated, this mashup of survival horror and alternate history takes the reader on a bracing journey into one of ancient Rome's dark corners.

The book is structured as a work of nonfiction, with a foreword describing the history of the Latin document and its solecistic title, a "translation" of the text itself, and extensive footnotes. It is a loving homage to the paperback nonfiction products of university presses - a classics text reimagined as a postmodern horror tale.


It's currently $2.99 for the Nook.  The paperback should be available at Barnes and Noble shortly; for the moment it's only available at That Other Site.



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The Summoner by Layton Green -- a new mystery/suspense novel with a hint of the occult . . .

The Premise:


A United States diplomat disappears in front of hundreds of onlookers while attending a religious ceremony in the bushveld of Zimbabwe. 


Dominic Grey, Diplomatic Security special agent, product of a violent childhood and a worn passport, is assigned to investigate.  Aiding the investigation is Professor Viktor Radek, religious phenomenologist and expert on cults, and Nya Mashumba, the local government liaison. 


What Grey uncovers is a terrifying cult older than Western civilization, the harsh underbelly of a country in despair, a demagogic priest seemingly able to perform impossibilities, and the identity of the newest target. 




The first work in a globe-hopping series whose protagonists investigate the world’s most bizarre and dangerous cults, The Summoner is a stylish, haunting novel of mystery and suspense that will linger long after the last page is turned.  95,000 words.    


Purchase online at



            “Green writes like a dream. Dominic Grey is a fascinating protagonist, and his quest for justice in the heart of a troubled African city gripped me from start to finish. The Summoner also beautifully captures Zimbabwe's diverse and conflicting landscapes — both urban and rural, ancient and modern. The result is a fast-paced and searing narrative that offers a glimpse into a world of religion, politics, and culture few could imagine. The next installment of Green's suspenseful storytelling and Grey’s next journey can’t come soon enough!”

                            —  Melody Moezzi, author, War on Error


            “Layton Green has written a tale with supernatural and political undertones that unravels with ever increasing suspense . . .  The book is plain terrific.”

                           —   Richard Marek, former President and Publisher of E.P. Dutton

Layton Green, Author of The Summoner

A religious phenomenologist, a Diplomatic Security Agent and their local liaison investigate the mysterious disappearance of a U.S. diplomat in Zimbabwe.
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Re: The Summoner by Layton Green -- a new mystery/suspense novel with a hint of the occult . . .

I recently uploaded my suspense thriller The Skull Ring. Julia Stone is piecing together childhood memories, but the past closes in after she finds a mysterious silver ring. Three men want to help her, but choosing the wrong ally could cost not only her heart but her soul. I hope you give it a look.


On Nook:



Thank you for looking.


Scott Nicholson

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Re: The Summoner by Layton Green -- a new mystery/suspense novel with a hint of the occult . . .

Hi, all. I'd like to present my book, Jobless Recovery, a novel about people who try to fight the system when the economy goes sour. 


The book is about a serious subject, but it's lightened with humor.


About the book: Dave Griffin is a poster boy for the American consumer. He drives a blood-colored Behemoth model SUV, has a new home in the suburbs, a beautiful girlfriend, a computer programming job, and all the benefits that come with middle class life in America. Then Dave's employer replaces American computer programmers with cheaper imported labor in order to increase company profits. Soon Dave is out on the street. But he still believes in the system. All he has to do is bring the problem to the attention of the media and the people in Washington to get results, right? Wrong. Very wrong.

Meanwhile, Dave's friend Joe Tremaine, a former FBI agent who lost his job after suffering a head injury, is struggling to stay sane. Cynical Joe knows better than to trust anyone in Washington or in corporate America. He embroils Dave in his fraudulent money-making schemes, and when Joe decides to educate the powerful senator who has been the driving factor in eliminating American jobs, his plan goes awry. Can an unemployed computer jockey manage to keep Joe--and himself--out of jail? Or will the oddly-shaped bundle in the back of Joe's truck lead the cops to haul them both to the slammer?




Thank you. I hope you'll take a look. Jobless Recovery is currently only $.99 on Nook. The book has gotten some great reviews, including one from Martha Cheves, author and reviewer who suggests that if you only read one book this year, read this one.


I'd also love for you to visit me at my website:  or my blog:


L.C. Evans, author



Jobless Recovery



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Re: Read My Book!

[ Edited ]




Out of Time  is $.99 and is a time travel novella that is perfect for pre-teens.


A scientist discovers time is actually fluid; past, present, and future all exist at the same time. What he doesn't know, is if the current timeline can change when something is changed in the past. The US government wants him to find out. The theme being to make right what once went wrong. The time travelers meet all sorts of 20th century icons, from the Titanic to Anne Frank to Roswell to the Apollo 13. However, someone is trying to stop them, and the future may never be the same again.


Check out the current version of the paperback on Createspace, which is $6.99








Shattered Earth  which is an alternate history science fiction novel for $2.99. Perfect for all ages.


Advanced humans, called Terrans, leave Earth when its threatened by a massive meteor. The remaining humans on Earth fall back into primitiveness. The advanced humans, and a group of aliens, the Ragnor, involve Earth in an interstellar war. Thousands of years later, the humans of Earth decide to do something about this. Interstellar politics will never be the same again once Earth is done with their revenge.

These Terrans involve themselves throughout human history. Some play as King Arthur and Merlin. Another is a scientist, whose name is Galileo, and he gets into all sorts of trouble for challenging official orthodoxy about the sun, the Earth, and which one is revolving around the other. Then, we have Amelia Earhart, who has a very valid reason for disappearing. When an alien spaceship gets shot down over Roswell in 1947, President Truman orders the creation of Area 51, Project Blue Book and Sign, and has the United States embark on a plan that will culminate 60 years in the future. Nothing will ever be the same again when the United States gets involved in interstellar politics. But, the whole plan backfires when Earth ends up the worse for wear over it. Other species find out what Earth did, since no one else was bold enough to even try, so they want to help bring down the Ragnor once and for all. The new President of the United States imagines a galactic federation or a republic, but, none of the other species wants anything to do with it. Once they destroy the Ragnor's technology, they leave the Ragnor to ponder why all the other species hated them enough to attack them. Will the galaxy remain at peace?

Paperback has yet to show up on B&N, available at Createspace for $12.99.


Please visit my blog: for more information. Thanks