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Re: It's a B&N kind of a book!

Where would you hide if you learned the CDC and a major pharmaceutical company unleashed a hyperdeadly microbe on the human race?


On the eve of the deadliest bioweapons attack the world will ever know, the only person CIA operative, Ridley Fox, can trust to help stop it, is a woman from his past he nearly got killed.



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Re: Read My Book!

Try Encounter at North Road House, where a masked-unbeatable-psycho like Jason enters a house for another kill, but the house is a haunted house, and the wicked ghosts lock him in and immmediately, a war breaks out between the masked-killer and the elements of the haunted house. Get it below for $9.99 from the publisher or just buy it direct from Barnes&Noble.

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Confessions of a Househusband by Alan Tapley

Confessions of a Househusband is a comic account of the struggles, insecurities, and joys of being a stay at home father.  It's the story of a man trying to maintain his masculinity while carrying a pink diaper bag over one shoulder, and staying sane after watching his two hundredth episode of Barney.  It asks the questions, When can a stay at home father have his first drink of the day?  Is SportCenter considered educational television?  And most importantly, can a wife respect a man who makes no money, wears flip flops all day, and smells like Lemon Pledge?


A mom's book club hit so far, this book is a good read for anyone who has spent countless hours taking care of young children, and wished they could have expressed what they were actually thinking.


Alan Tapley is an author, illustrator, and educator who lives with his family outside of Boulder, Colorado.


Confessions of a Househusband is available at at the URL below. 

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WIDOW'S TALE - Romantic Suspense

Nominated for a Golden Heart Award by the Romance Writers of America, Widow's Tale is now only $1.49 on your Nook.


Serena Murphy was losing her mind.

Every night Serena stood on the deck of O'Flanagans Tavern, searching Maine's rugged coast for a sign of her husband's body. Though he was pronounced lost at sea, Alan Murphy still haunted her as only his malevolent spirit could. In the loft above her tavern, Serena hears footsteps pace across her living room floor, yet when she turns, no one is there.

Alan would not let a little thing like death stop him from tormenting her. If she could just find his body, surely this torture would stop.

It had been ten years since Brett Murphy saw his sister in-law, although the separation was by design, to avoid temptation. Now Brett was in Victory Cove, not to declare his feelings for Serena, but to discover the truth about his brother's death. In doing so, he must battle Serena's ghosts, both real and contrived.


  Widow's Tale  

ENDLESS NIGHT - Carina Press
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Re: Read My Book!


Out of Time  $.99 for the ebook



A scientist discovers time is actually fluid; past, present, and future all exist at the same time. What he doesn't know, is if the current timeline can change when something is changed in the past. The US government wants him to find out. The theme being to make right what once went wrong. The time travelers meet all sorts of 20th century characters, but, someone is trying to stop them. Once they return to their present, things may not be what they appear. The ebook is the 2nd edition.





Shattered Earth  $2.99


Advanced humans, called Terrans, leave Earth when its threatened by a massive meteor. The remaining humans on Earth fall back into primitiveness. The advanced humans, and a group of aliens, the Ragnor, involve Earth in an interstellar war. Thousands of years later, the humans of Earth decide to do something about this. Interstellar politics will never be the same again once Earth is done with their revenge. These Terrans involve themselves throughout human history. Some play as King Arthur and Merlin. Another is a scientist, whose name is Galileo, and he gets into all sorts of trouble for challenging official orthodoxy about the sun, the Earth, and which one is revolving around the other. Then, we have Amelia Earhart, who has a very valid reason for disappearing. When an alien spaceship gets shot down over Roswell in 1947, President Truman orders the creation of Area 51, Project Blue Book and Sign, and has the United States embark on a plan that will culminate 60 years in the future. Nothing will ever be the same again when the United States gets involved in interstellar politics. But, the whole plan backfires when Earth ends up the worse for wear over it. Other species find out what Earth did, since no one else was bold enough to even try, so they want to help bring down the Ragnor once and for all. The new President of the United States imagines a galactic federation or a republic, but, none of the other species wants anything to do with it. Once they destroy the Ragnor’s technology, they leave the Ragnor to ponder why all the other species hated them enough to attack them. Will the galaxy remain at peace?

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Re Executive Lunch

The covers for both

Executive Lunch



Executive Retention  have been redone to more closely align the a series!  Enjoy!!!


Sedona is given the opportunity of a lifetime: play an up-and-coming executive with all the trappings of wealth with someone else footing the bill. The catch: find out who is stealing company funds before the criminals find out that their program is being debugged.

Sedona runs into danger, the corporate glass ceiling, and an occasional chance at romance in her quest to figure out who is stealing money from Strandfrost. Unfortunately, Sedona is better at writing computer code than deciphering political vitriol, and if she doesn’t find a way to wade through the red tape and red herrings, she could lose both her job and her quarry!




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The Mysterious Case of Doctor Octavius Plum's Incredible Ever After Machine by Alexander Scott



The Mysterious Case of Doctor Octavius Plum's Incredible Ever After Machine 



When British children, Jennifer and Timothy Goodhew visit their grandfather on the isle of St. Mary's, they are surprised to find him missing. In his place they find a wily, old pirate captain, who has taken control of their grandfather's manor and its servants.


The captain puts the children to work-Timothy in the tumbledown graveyard at the end of the garden, and Jennifer within the manor itself. Naturally, the children are concerned about their missing grandfather and begin to investigate his disappearance.


In the course of their investigations, they discover that the garden surrounding the manor has become wildly overgrown. Furthermore, they are told that entrance to their grandfather's laboratory is strictly forbidden. Undaunted, the children continue their investigations, and in so doing, discover a remarkable secret and a diabolical plot that will change their lives forever.


This novel will, in turn, warm your heart and send chills down your spine. It leads the reader on an unforgettable journey through an eerie manor, an overgrown garden, a tumbledown graveyard, and to a gripping conclusion. An adventure story and a mystery, it is a page-turner through and through—one that is enjoyed by children (ages 9 and up) and adults alike.



"Thoroughly enjoyed. What an adventure. If you read out loud to your children, this book is tailor made for that. My granddaughter is only 5 months old but I will be saving this to read for her. Hopefully with many more books from the author by then."


"Has a 'classic' children's book feel to it. Nice."


More information on this eBook, can be viewed at:

Alexander Scott is the author of 'The Mysterious Case of Doctor Octavius Plum's Incredible Ever After Machine', 'Wizard Heights - Book 1 - The Legend of the Sorcerer King', and 'Wizard Heights Book 2 - The Library of the Ancients'.
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No Good Deed

Mark Taylor discovers first hand that no good deed goes unpunished when the old camera he found during a freelance job in an Afghanistan bazaar gives him more than great photos. It triggers dreams of disasters. Tragedies that happen exactly as he envisions them. He learns that not only can he see the future, he can change it. Then the unthinkable happened and everyone ignored his frantic warnings. Thousands die. Suddenly, the Feds are pounding on his door and the name they have for Taylor isn't urban hero. It's enemy combatant. And, it means they can do anything they want to him. Anything at all.

Red Adept Reviews rates No Good Deed: "Overall: 5 Stars"
"The plot to the novel was not only unique, but it was wonderfully executed. The book opened with Mark Taylor, the main character, trying to find a specific apartment. Soon, I learned that he was actually looking for a baby that would die if he didn’t get there in time to warn someone. The book only got better from there."

"Mark Taylor was a deep, complex character. He was a good hero, but had enough flaws to be completely believable."





No Good Deed
Wrongly accused of a being a terrorist, Mark Taylor is labeled an enemy combatant. There's no lawyer, no trial, and he leaves his rights outside the cell.
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Re: No Good Deed

I read No Good Deed. I think I have a primal fear of being locked up and unjustly accused because some parts of the book were terrifying for me. The author really did a great job in making that prison setting seem real. I could almost feel Mark's despair.


L.C. Evans


Jobless Recovery 


We Interrupt This Date 


Night Camp 

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Bloated Goat by Manley PetersonB

[ Edited ]

Bloated Goat is a humorous middle grade children's book about silly characters who are trying to take possession of a poor bloated goat for various reasons. If you liked Shrek, Madagascar, and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, then you will enjoy this book. About 80 pages and 19,000 words. Written for ages 8 and up.


If you are a parent or grandparent, you would have a lot of fun reading this with your child or grandchild.


Here is the NOOK link:




Bloated Goat 


Also, check out my website: 

Manley Peterson

Manley's Bookshelf