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Twenty-Five Years Ago Today and Sink or Swim

I have two new mystery novels on B&N - they are both a cross between a cozy mystery novel and a romantic suspense. They are available in trade paperback and as $2.99 Nook Books.


Sink or Swim



  How do you change the channel when reality TV turns to murder? Personal trainer Cassidy Novak has gained fame for starring on a hit reality show. Not only does she lose and have to walk the plank, but upon returning home, Cassidy discovers she is being stalked. As her former competitors get killed off, Cassidy refuses to play by the stalker’s bizarre rules. She’s also being shadowed by photographer Zach Gallagher, who has been assigned to capture her personal moments for the local newspaper. She wants to trust Zach, but fears he may not be as nice as he seems. When the stalker forces a showdown, Cassidy must walk the plank again – this time for her life.

Twenty-Five Years Ago Today


  Kris Langley has always been obsessed with murder. She blames herself for the violent death of her cousin when they were kids and has let guilt invade every corner of her existence. Now an editorial assistant and obit writer, Kris stumbles across an unsolved murder while compiling “25 Years Ago Today” items from the microfilm. Determined to solve the case and atone for the death of her cousin, Kris immerses herself in the mystery of what happened to Diana Ferguson, a talented artist who expressed herself through haunting paintings of Greek mythology.


Not only does Kris face resistance from her family and her managing editor, she also clashes with Diana’s suspicious nephew, Eric Soares – until neither she nor Eric can deny the chemistry flaring between them. She soon learns that old news never leaves the morgue and that yesterday’s headline is tomorrow’s danger, for finding out the truth about that night twenty-five years ago may shatter Kris’s present, costing her love, her career, and ultimately, her life.

Now available in paperback and as bargain e-books
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The View from Here by Rachel Howzell - only 99 cents

The View from Here focuses on the beauties and hardships of marriage; the betrayals and promises made between husbands and wives; and the grief of one woman haunted by secrets.

Nicole Baxter has always tried to control every element of her life, but that control is slipping away. She has issues. Abandonment issues. Marital issues. Conception issues. And she thinks her house in the hills is haunted. It doesn't help that her husband Truman spleunks and climbs, making her worry more with each adventure he takes. As the two grow apart, Nicole makes decisions that may ultimately shatter her fragile marriage.

Her life changes on the afternoon she receives a phone call from the harbor. During a scuba dive, Truman disappears. No one -- not his diving instructor, not the Coast Guard -- can find him. Is he still alive? Or is grief making her believe the impossible?

Here's the direct link: The View from Here  


I am also the author of A Quiet Storm (not yet a Kindle but still available in the old-school format at B&N).


Thanks for your support!


Rachel Howzell

Rachel Howzell
Author of The View from Here and A Quiet Storm
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A Deadly Curse

I'm excited to announce my latest book, A Deadly Curse.  Hope you enjoy this $2.99 read!!


Most people think the Spanish legend of la Llorona, a woman who killed her children to be with the man she loved, is just a story. High school teacher, Johanna Rios, knows the truth. A descendant of la Llorona’s one surviving child, Joanna’s mother fell victim to the curse, drowning as she tried to kill Johanna and her sister Carmen. When one of Johanna’s former students, dressed in a white peasant dress like the crying woman herself, turns up drowned in the San Julio River, Johanna’s world turns upside down.

The curse is back.

Single father Ray Vargas is filled with guilt. His daughter’s friend, a former student from the high school where he’s principal, is dead and he could have prevented it. When Johanna Rios, one of his teachers, reveals her obsession with la Llorona and thinks three more people will die, each one representing a different version of the crying woman’s story, he will do whatever it takes to stop the killings from happening.


But with danger closing in and his own daughter at risk, Ray must join forces with Johanna to confront the legend, the curse, and the man behind the killings.

Read an Excerpt


Featured on the Barnes & Noble book club

Bestselling Author Melissa Bourbon Ramirez

Bare-Naked Lola, May 2012
A Fitting End, February 2012
Sacrifice of Passion, June 2012
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"The Power of Breathing"

The most powerful book on breathing that not only explains what many people learn in expensive workshops and remote retreats but very personal routine the author follows. Several independent studies on breathing are given that confirm the practitioners of breathing techniques not only experience physical and mental comfort, but discover cures for illnesses such as asthma.

The Power of Breathing



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Re: Read My Book!

Buy for $9.95...recommended reading -  Encounter at North Road House  on B&N NOOKbook - E-Book -


A masked, invicible psychopath Jason-type enters a house looking for another life to take, but the house is empty and haunted by ghostly spirits of wickedness.  The doors of the haunted house then lock shut and entrap the masked-killer - instantly, a war breaks out between the haunted elements of the house and the masked psychopath.

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A Simple Solution to America's Weight Problem

New & natural way to weight loss. Not another diet and vigorous exercise or some nutrient, vitamin, hormone, and drug that I am promoting. With child obesity at national emergency levels (that has involved first lady Michelle Obama now); it is time to treat those fat, unhealthy, undisciplined, drug infested bodies with a technique that works. This book is here to help you with that. Good Luck!





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"Secrets: A Willow Ryan Novel" by Shannon Higgins

Do you like women's fiction along the lines of Kristin Hannah, Debbie Macomber, Robin Jones Gunn, Meg Cabot, and Melody Carlson?  If you said yes, you may like my "Willow Ryan" series as well.  I currently have the first two ebooks available for download, and the third will be up in the very near future.  Here is a description of the first book in the series, Secrets.


It is the summer of 1986, and recent high school graduate Willow Ryan is going to have a baby, something she never imagined would happen to her. Unable to disclose her secret and unwilling to give up her baby, Willow leaves her Midwestern home for a new life in charming Santa Elena, California, where she lands a job working for a quirky Southern belle named Peggy, who has a knack for finding trouble in the most unlikely places. Willow's new neighbor, a friendly surfer dude named Denny, quickly becomes someone she can count on for anything, but could there be more to their relationship than Willow sees?

"Secrets" will take you on a journey with this independent, determined young woman as she grows up quickly, becomes a mother, and deals with a catastrophic event that makes all of her secrets come to light.



"You found the bandages inside the pen/ And the stitches on the radio." - Gaslight Anthem

Follow my blog at
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In Search of God

This guide provides fresh insight into the mysteries about God; and leaves us wiser, peaceful, and enlightened. God and spirit is no more another worldly belief in fate, luck, chance, or coincidence. The God is not in church, mosque or temple only that appears every Sunday. The God is in us 24-hours a day; and we’re capable of achieving union with God in this life by realizing the Divine within.





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A Whisper to a Scream



I'm Karen, and my novel, A Whisper to a Scream, is a new Nookbook. Here's a short synopsis.


Have you ever wanted something so badly it hurts?


Annie Jacobs has dreamed of the day she would become a mother since the first time she held her Baby Tenderlove doll. Unfortunately, biology has not cooperated with her plan, and she finds herself dealing with a diagnosis of unexplained infertility instead of picking out baby names. 


Across town, stay-at-home mom Sarah Anderson is just trying to make it through the grocery store without her toddler hurling a box of rice at a fellow shopper. She is exhausted from managing the house, a first grader and a toddler, all without any help from her work-obsessed, absentee husband.


When they meet through a Classics Book Club, each thinks the other one's life is so much better than her own. But is the grass truly greener on the other side of the fence?



A Whisper to a Scream 




Karen Wojcik Berner
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A Treasure of Great Spiritual Stories: Spirituality in Everyday Living

This collection of spiritual stories and precepts supplement and buttress our moral sense, which is conscience or the spark within that tells us to do good. Learning spirituality is not simply philosophy and drama. It teaches us everyday behavior, whether controlling our tempers or appetites, or just watch TV. We learn spirituality the same way we learn math or play baseball -- through practice.