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The Inner Circle by Kevin George

The Inner Circle is the first in a 12-part series about a comet racing toward Earth and what's being done to stop it and plan for the worst. It's currently available for the Nook for only $0.99 - I care more about gaining readers than making money. I hesitate to call my books sci-fi - obviously it's a sci-fi theme that readers of that genre would like but it's written from a realistic point of view. I'm in the process of editing and getting together the rest of the series, which I will be putting up for sale soon (including combining 2 books at a time into one download to save readers some money). The book 2&3 combo pack should be up in about a week. Here's the description and I'll follow with the link.


1908... Siberia... A tiny comet rips through Earth's atmosphere and explodes above the Tunguska region of Siberia, instantly engulfing thousands of square acres of the mostly desolate region. The explosion is heard for hundreds of miles, the light of the comet seen halfway across the globe. Had the comet hit a few hours earlier in a more populated area, millions would have been killed...

A century later, another comet - this one hundreds of times bigger and more powerful - encounters a black hole in deep space and is pushed onto a new, deadly course leading straight to Earth...

A small group of humans - including the President of the United States, a former astronaut and a middle school science teacher - discovers the existence of this potentially deadly comet and keep its existence hidden from the rest of the world. Although the group - which calls itself the Inner Circle - has twelve years to deal with the problem, they will need every second of that time. Not only must they figure out a way to avert this crisis, they must also start to make plans in case they can't avoid a catastrophe that could annihilate humankind...

The Inner Circle is the first book of the 12-part Comet Clement series. Please enjoy and if you like it, keep an eye out for books 2 and 3, which will be available in one download...

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Re: Read My Book!



Lord St. Leger's Find -- a Regency romance originally published by Zebra Books, is available on Nook for $2.99. Quick description:


Aspiring archaeologist Melpomene Lowery has only two weeks to unearth a valuable antiquity before her London debut. Unfortunately, Lord St. Leger, the scholar helping her, treats her with arrogance. He believes she is like her sisters -- diehard coquettes who view archaeology only as a means to flirt. If St. Leger and Mellie can’t reconcile their differences, they may overlook the greatest find of their lives: love.


Sample chapters (and info about my other books) are on my blog here:


Thanks so much for considering my books!


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A Treasure of Great Spiritual Stories: Spirituality in Everyday Living

This collection of spiritual stories and precepts supplement and buttress our moral sense, which is conscience or the spark within that tells us to do good. Learning spirituality is not simply philosophy and drama. It teaches us everyday behavior, whether controlling our tempers or appetites, or just watch TV. We learn spirituality the same way we learn math or play baseball -- through practice.


A Treasure of Great Spiritual Stories  


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Re: Read My Book!

Edison43 wrote:

Price $9.95 - Encounter at North Road House  on B&N NOOKbook


A masked, invicible psychopath Jason-type enters a house looking for another life to take, but the house is empty and haunted.  The doors of the haunted house then lock shut and entrap the masked-killer - instantly, a war breaks out between the haunted elements of the house and the masked psychopath.


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Circle City: Lord of the Wolfen by Alisha Paige

On the edge of civilization, there is a place called Circle City, Alaska. The last town before the Yukon Flats gives way to frigid desolation. When Zoe O'Brien, a secluded widow, kills a crazed mother wolf and saves the only cub from sure death, she ignites a war between the Wolfen Clan and the Kontar Clan. The wolf people have been enemies of the dog people for centuries and the cub she takes in is heir to the Wolfen throne. Taken prisoner by the Wolfen for murder and kidnapping, Zoe is forced to see and do things with creatures she never knew existed, held against her will in a world she both desires and fears. Axl Wolfdorn is coming of age, ready for his Unleashing and on the hunt for his Moonswan, the female he will choose for the Chase and the royal Feral Consummation. But how can he consider bonding with a mate when the only scent deep within his nose is the tangy scent of the woman who saved his life, the very woman who forced his clan into war, the woman he must now kill to avenge his mother's death?




My cover model is Sam Bond of TV's Gladiator, also known as Atlas!!! Werewolves Rock!



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Burden Kansas

burden kansas

Burden Kansas, a contemporary vampire western novella for $0.99, available on the nook.


Burden Kansas: a $0.99 vampire western
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.99 Cent Legal/Thrillers - Defending Evil & The Shrunken Head Murders by Charles Shea

Hello Readers,

My name is Charles Shea. I'm a self published author and I'd like to introduce my  Legal/Thrillers:



Insanity – noun:  A defect of reason as a result of mental illness, such that a defendant does not know what he or she is doing or that it is wrong.


Amy Strong is a young Criminal Defense Attorney and it’s her job to convince a jury that her client was temporarily insane when he committed murder. If she knew what would happen to her after the trial, she never would have taken the case.





Defending Evil Also available for .99 cents.


Have you ever wondered how a trial lawyer can sleep at night after helping a client he/she knows is guilty, beat the legal system? I have. Have you ever wondered how an attorney would feel if that same recently acquitted client kills a second time? Again, I have, and these very questions prompted me to write a dark mystery/thriller about just such an attorney…I call it DEFENDING EVIL.

Travis Knight is an extraordinary Criminal Defense Attorney winning high profile cases in Atlanta. One of his recently acquitted clients kills again, which has Travis and his wife Julie, questioning what he does for a living. Travis is shaken to his core, but being a consummate lawyer, he is able to move past his feelings of guilt; Julie isn’t.

In a bizarre twist, a mysterious vigilante begins executing Travis’ clients after he wins them an acquittal. This righteous vigilante decides that the clients Travis is helping to put back into society are guilty, and don't deserve to live--the vigilante delivers ultimate justice.

I hope you’ll take a look at my novels.


Charles Shea - Author of The Shrunken Head Murders and Defending Evil

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Re: .99 Cent Legal/Thrillers - Defending Evil & The Shrunken Head Murders by Charles Shea

Wow thanks! These both sound good and the price is right. I am buying both.

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Art of Stress-free Living: Eastern and Western Approach

This is a practical guide that combines stress treatment approaches recognized for centuries by faith healers and meditation experts, and are now accepted by modern medical practitioners. It can save you from going to expensive seminars and other programs offered in physicians' offices, spas, schools or retirement centers; because it provides relaxation techniques that you can follow yourself.


Art of Stress-free Living  


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Re: Undone By Khadija Craddock

Poetry Book Undone is about being confused and frustrated with life; unraveling and coming undone as love, social animosities, work, race issues,religion,and urban life creates a separation of self. In the book you will find all the things that causes such a separation and how one feels in response to these anomalies. The other sub meaning of this book which the reader will discover is the common feeling of not yet accomplishing life. One is not finished and doesn't really know how to finish, or how to live up to the potential of self, maybe even afraid of self. There is always something to strive for or accomplish. Are we ever done with our goals; are we ever done period?


Available for Nook and Kindle


Thank you.