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50% Off Coupon: “Cigarette Smoking: What It’s Doing to Smokers and Nonsmoker”

The smokers who feel idiotic for developing a smoking habit in the first place, the thought of quitting may seem even harder to fathom. But take heart: “Cigarette Smoking: What It’s Doing to Smokers and Nonsmoker” discusses tobacco hazards to smokers and nonsmokers and the use of “Breathing Exercises” and the tips, strategies and advice you need to give up cigarettes for good.

Coupon Code for “Cigarette Smoking: What It’s Doing to Smokers and Nonsmoker”:

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Cigarette Smoking  



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Teratorn by Ken Van Wagner

[ Edited ]



By Ken Van Wagner



 This is an ebook you will not be able to put down.



TERATORN is a must read about Steven Carnes – a modern day paleontologist who's considered a maverick among his fellow scientists. Among his more radical theories – that prehistoric creatures long thought extinct could have survived to the present day. His evidence – the testimony and papers from survivors of the first expedition to the remote Skull Island back in 1933 – and the frozen remains of its most famous resident – King Kong – preserved beneath the grassy lawns of Central Park. Carnes, acting on a message received from an old friend, embarks on a journey of discovery that takes him to an unrecorded area of the Indian Ocean. There he encounters an ancient force of nature beyond his wildest imaginings – and a formidable adversary from the darkest days of the 20th Century. TERATORN as he finds adventure from the mysterious jungles of an island stopped in time to an adrenaline-fueled climax within the concrete canyons and skyscrapers of Manhattan.



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Re: Read My Book!

“For Readers who like twisty plots and sassy, sexy dialogue  this book is for you.”


GOING IN CIRCLES  Author:  L. A. Hollis




Bruce Jones and Marcus Emerson are members of the “posse,” an elite group of five football standouts at UC Berkeley. There isn’t a female on or off campus who is immune to the suave brothers’ legendary tactics with the fairer sex. Bruce is the leader of the group and his words are considered golden by those wanting to perfect their “playah” skills. The smooth talking brother’s popular handbook for lesser men, titled, The Playah’s Guide for Dummies, is a much sought after publication by the male student body on campus. Its witticisms on the treatise of male/female relationships make for great fun.

Amber is Bruce’s younger sister and she sets her sights on his best friend, Marcus.


Marcus has managed in the past to fend off his numerous admirers until she appears on the scene. An instant attraction sparks a lively romance. As the lovers set off on a funny, touching, journey of the heart, their relationship is wrenched from them through tragic circumstances.


Twelve years will pass before the lovers are reunited and given a second chance at the life meant for them so many years before. Will they find the happiness that eluded them in the past?


About the Author:

L. A. Hollis is a columnist and feature writer for the Traveler Weekly Newspaper in Illinois and writes for other local and regional publications. She resides in Southern California with her husband, Mark, and their five children.

Available  Barnes and Noble online site.



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Re: Read My Book!


What happens when you receive a guardian angel?
What if you don't believe you need one?
What if one wants you removed?

If you want the answers to these questions check out my book, Cloud Nine (A Paranormal Romance of the Guardians of Man) 




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Re: Victoria Rose and the Big Bad Noise by Stacy Juba

[ Edited ]

My new children's picture book Victoria Rose and the Big Bad Noise is now available on Nook for 99 cents, for those adults who are looking for an inexpensive book to share with their children. The story is ideal for ages 3-6 and teaches young children that loud noises around the home are not as scary as they seem.


Victoria loves her home and family, but boy does she hate the noises that invade her daily life. Her imagination transforms the blender into a growling bear, the vacuum cleaner into a lion and the lawnmower into a spaceship filled with monsters. With the help of a CD player, she decides that maybe a nasty noise like the blender is just music that doesn’t know how to sing.



Victoria Rose and the Big Bad Noise



Now available in paperback and as bargain e-books
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Re: Read My Book! The Flag Keeper by Stacy Juba

My new patriotic children's picture book The Flag Keeper is now available in a 99 cent Nook edition (in addition to the paperback version.) It is a wonderful tool to teach children about U.S. flag etiquette.


Elizabeth the bear wakes up the American flag in the morning and puts it to bed at night. She acts as her father’s “flag keeper,” helping him with his daily tasks of raising the flag and retiring it for the evening. She soaks up the etiquette facts that Dad teaches her, including don’t leave the flag out in the dark without a spotlight. When Dad leaves for a business trip, it frustrates Elizabeth that their flag will be stuck in a boring garage. Every flag she sees reminds her of her job as flag keeper, and Elizabeth grows determined to make her father proud.


This book is designed to teach children about U.S. flag etiquette through an educational fiction story. It includes discussion questions, flag facts, and an activity. The Flag Keeper is ideal for military families, Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops, classroom and library use, and for anyone who wishes to teach a special child about American flag etiquette. It is a perfect complement to patriotic holidays such as Flag Day and the Fourth of July.



The Flag Keeper



Now available in paperback and as bargain e-books
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For the Love of Lila by Jennifer Malin


For the Love of Lila  ($2.99)



A historical romance originally published by Leisure Books


After her father’s death, Lila Covington plans to escape the restrictions of 1820s London and move in with a “freethinking” cousin in Paris. Before her journey, she seeks financial advice from Tristan Wyndam, a barrister her father mentored. An honorable man, Tristan can’t imagine allowing his mentor’s daughter to travel alone, but if he escorts her and it’s found out, the impropriety could threaten his political aspirations. He decides to go, but Lila’s cousin is living a more “free” life than either of them imagined, and their journey becomes a wild ride.


Please read sample chapters on my blog here:


(You can also find my bio and info on other books there.)


Thanks so much!


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Re: Read My Book! BUGCHASER














Randall Hamilton craves crystal meth and sex of any variety. He’s willing to do anything, go anywhere, meet anyone to sate his urges.

Suffering through banging, moaning and screaming each night, Stevie and Maria Hundt, Hamilton’s neighbors, contend with the hell that Hamilton has made of their lives.  Until, Stevie and his pregnant wife can take no more.

One month out of the Academy, Special Agent Alejandro Madrigal hates his assignment, the LAPD and the good old boys of the FBI. Single-handedly running the new Computer Support Services division in Los Angeles, Madrigal thinks he’s found love cruising the nearby college campus restrooms.  His name is Tad.

Their worlds collide at the corner of 39th Street and Norton Avenue in the City of Angels. There the ghost of Elizabeth Short, the Black Dahlia, is resurrected with the  discovery of the bisected body of a young gay man who quickly becomes known as the Gay Dahlia.

Who is the copycat serial killer? And who is the next victim?

Bugchaser is a taut suspense thriller written by a new master reminiscent of the great crime noir writers. For both gay and straight audiences, some material may not be suitable for all readers.

Adult discretion is strongly advised.


For more info, check out .


Thanks for your interest good readers!

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Three Days of Darkness and the Coming Flood by: Jesus Villalobos

Think you understand prophecy? Think again. Jesus never said we could not know when He would return. His words in Matthew 24 were actually meant to show us exactly when He would return.

"Heaven and earth shall pass away (be destroyed by His Father: Revealtion 20:11)...but of THAT day and THAT hour knows no man, neither the angels, neither the Son, but the Father only." This is the day no one can know. The day of heaven and earth being destroyed by Jesus' Father!

But Jesus Contrasted that day with His coming. He gave us a specific sign to look for just before He blew the trumpet for the angels to gather the elect in the rapture. He called it the sign of the Son of Man in Matthew 24:29-31.

Do you know what that sign is? Read my Book.


Jesus Villalobos: Author of five books on Bible prophecy which will cause you to rethink everything you thought you knew about prophecy. He has studied the Scriptures since a child of eight and is now 51 years old. Find out what the Church won't tell you about the return of Jesus.


Free sample chapters of Jesus' books at: His books are available at:

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Time for Truth by: Jesus Villalobos

Find out what your pastor won't tell you.


Chapter 1.  Mankind in God’s Image: Christ & the Church

Chapter 2.  The Sevenfold Holy Spirit and Church

Chapter 3.  Six Thousand years

Chapter 4.  A Wheel in a Wheel

Chapter 5.  Tithing; The Forgotten Feast

Chapter 6.  Was Eve Black?

Chapter 7.  Matthew 24 the Key to Revelation


Jesus Villalobos: Author of five books on Bible prophecy. Jesus has studied Scripture since a child of eight and is now 51. His views on prophecy leave you spell bound to the very last page. for sample chapters of his books.

Books available at: