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:smileyhappy:  Hello all. I am so pleased to announce the release of my latest romantic adventure, Jungle Of Deceit  



Mitch Hasslet, a war photojournalist relegated to a desk job, is the sole witness to a heist of Mayan artifacts. Recruited by the enigmatic director of the Museum of Art and Antiquities, Mitch is sent to Guatemala, the last location the shipment was tracked to. Acting as the museum staff photographer, Mitch joins a group of archaeologists. His goal is to locate the artifacts as swiftly as possible so that he can collect his compensation and get the hell out of the jungle.

Alexandra Langley is about to run out of funds. She has yet to discover the lost Mayan civilization she knows lurks in the rainforest. To achieve her grant, she will accept the museum's latest nuisance, Mitch Hasslet, and any other obstacle that is sent her way. 

Unsuccessful and desperate, Alex has decided to move the group to a portion of the jungle referred to as, “No Man’s Land”−a sector where archaeological teams have ventured but never returned. 

As Mitch and Alex discover romance, will their bond protect them in a jungle filled with deceit? 




Port Newark, NJ – April 22nd

   From a hundred yards away, Mitch Hasslet lifted his lens to the aft of the ship and narrowed the viewfinder on the cracked white letters. 
   Dorian Gray. 
   Christ, he hoped there was a portrait stored somewhere that flattered this old bucket of bolts. Perhaps in its heyday, the freighter shined with fresh black paint and gleaming brass fixtures−but now it looked like a ghost ship ready to embark on a voyage to a prehistoric island.

   On deck, crewmen were busy preparing for their valuable cargo as Mitch swung his camera in the direction of two police cars entering the barricade. In their wake, a trio of armored trucks stamped with the Museum of Historical Art and Antiquities insignia were flanked by two additional patrol units. The entire convoy pulled up idle at the foot of a ramp that led into the bowels of the Dorian Gray.

   Mitch’s curiosity flared at the sight of wooden crates towed on mobile skids by the armed security representatives of the HAA Museum. Some of the fanfare in the papers came to mind. 

   Rare Mayan artifacts. Brutal pieces of art that stirred up controversy and even warranted a disclaimer at the entrance of the museum.

   Not for the faint of heart. 

   Systematically, the shutter clicked as Mitch captured images of the wooden crates hauled like behemoth creatures into a cage.
When four Apache helicopters descended on the pier, Mitch’s camera continued to snap. As if a beehive had split open, a battalion of camouflaged uniforms erupted from the choppers and flooded the dock, encircling the comparatively small police force. Men he had presumed were part of the ship’s crew now drew weapons of their own and joined in the invasion as the explosive percussion of AK-47’s pierced the brackish air.


Jungle Of Deceit  

ENDLESS NIGHT - Carina Press
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A Treasure of Great Spiritual Stories: Spirituality in Everyday Living



This collection of spiritual stories and precepts supplement and buttress peoples moral sense, which is our conscience or the spark within that tells us to do good.

Learning spirituality is not simply the domain of sublime philosophy and drama. It lies at the heart of the task of successful everyday behavior, whether it is controlling our tempers, or our appetites, or our inclinations to sit all day in front of the television. As Aristotle pointed out, here our habits make all the difference. We learn to practice our spirituality the same way we learn to do math problems or play baseball well -- through practice.

The benefits of focusing on our spiritual-self include tranquility, increased production, a resurgence of vitality, mental clarity, and joy of living. And the understanding of our spiritual-self will put us on a road to love and happiness irrespective of our faith.

In the legend of Mahabharta, Yudhister could see no evil in any man and Daryodhan could see no virtue in any one. And Buddha was attracted to seek nirvana (spiritual enlightenment) in seclusion rather than being a king. We all have something like this. Truthful and spiritually oriented books help refine the sense of right and wrong. Just look at the fallen towers and religious wars all over the globe to see the need for books like this. The author’s education at Yale University and in the East brings the best of both worlds.

"The language of the head is words.
The language of the heart is love.
The language of the soul is silence."

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A Perfect Duet, a Regency romance novella by Jennifer Malin

A Perfect Duet  


New to Nook at 99 cents ...

Meek Miranda Granville only comes alive at the pianoforte, but even there, Andrew Owen intimidates her. His playing moves her like nothing else, but his critiques of her spoil the effect. 


Andrew only wants to share the advantage of his training with Miranda, but his words always come out wrong. The trouble is he’d rather run his fingers over her than the keyboard, but she’s been promised to his rogue of a cousin Julian since childhood. 


When Julian stands Miranda up at a bonfire celebration, Andrew gets a chance to strike a chord with her –- but if he wants to make her his, he’ll have to outplay both his cousin and her father. 


Read a sample on my blog at –- or find info there on my other books. (Besides this novella, I have five full-length romances, most set in Regency England.)


Thank you for considering my books!


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Re: The Wahl House Curse - by John T. Gaffield

The Wahl House Curse is available for $2.99:


Peter Corbin was in need of a change with his job as a realtor in a busy Michigan suburb. A chance to transfer to a small town in mid-Michigan seemed to be what he and his wife Sarah needed. They purchased an old house for a bargain price without much regard for the troubled past. This proved to be something he would soon regret. The restless ghosts quickly made their presence known. (about 59,000 words).


Thank you,


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"A Wonderfully Quirky Caper", "Fast and Funny", "A Thriller and a Farce...Brilliant!", "If you loved the dark humor of Fargo...this book is for you"


Those are some of the nice things readers in the UK have been saying about



Ted Hogwood's beloved Sarah, a jazz guitar, is in the window of Topp Dollar Pawn. The only way he can get the money to rescue her is to accept an assignment from the AABC, a not nearly official branch of the United States Intelligence community. He is partnered with Jerry Kwiatkowski, master of the Hammond B-3 organ and chronic flatulence sufferer, to steal a boomerang containing secrets that should have died with J. Edgar Hoover over thirty years ago. It would be a simple job if only they knew what they were doing. And if a crossbow wielding assassin, two unemployed Australian women, the Director of Central Intelligence and a clothing optional ex-cheerleader were not also hot on the boomerang's trail. 

Alan Hutcheson (aka Plumboz)

author of Boomerang, a comic novel of international intrigue, with music
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Black Water-Lake of Secrets by James Erwin


I appreciate the opportunity to utilize this forum to get the word out about my recently published novel Black Water-Lake of Secrets. Below is a synopsis and an author bio as well as my author's website and a link to B&N's listing. Black Water-Lake of Secrets is available in paperback and e-book formats, including Nook. I hope you'll check it out!


Black Water-Lake of Secrets:

  Murder, monsters, and mayhem all play a part in the new thriller Black Water-Lake of Secrets.

  Public Safety Diver Ethan Grey is haunted by the violent death of his wife, changing the otherwise affable Renaissance man into a dark shell of his former self. He is reluctantly teamed with Dana Allen, recently arrived from California. Previously an officer with the LAPD, she is looking for a new life, and finds it with the Jensen County Dive Unit based in Black Falls, Wisconsin.

  Assigned to interview witnesses claiming that a "monster" is in Lake Clearwater - an abandoned open-pit iron mine - the two partners begin what seems to be an otherwise nonsensical investigation.

However, after diving the lake, they discover the "monster" to be something else altogether. But what and why remains a mystery. A murdered diver and a series of increasingly violent incidents soon make it clear that this is no joke.

  Whatever is happening deep in the Black Water of the formerly peaceful Wisconsin community is a mystery that will keep readers guessing.


Author Bio:

  James Erwin is a former Public Safety Diver and Emergency Medical Technician, previously serving in Wisconsin. He carries numerous diving certifications including Rescue Diver and Master Scuba Diver and has held certifications as Dive Master, Public Safety Diver, Dive Rescue Specialist and Ice Rescue Specialist. A member of The Wisconsin Regional Writer's Association, Erwin currently resides in Texas with his wife and daughter. Black Water is his first novel. He is working on his next Black Water adventure.

Publisher’s website:

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Re: All 4 books on sale for $.99

Until Labor Day, all 4 of my novels are on sale for $.99.


The Usurper  


Ever wonder what would happen if our worst fears were realized, and we elected someone who was willing to destroy the USA no matter the cost to him, his fellow countrymen, or the rest of the world? The Usurper is that novel.

Gary Jackson is raised to hate. Hate the United States, its people, and everything they have ever stood for. His mission is to destroy the country from within, allying himself with the worst of America's enemies, and one very powerful and malevolent billionaire, to accomplish the deed. Once elected to the highest position in the land, Gary puts his lifelong goals to work, and puts the USA onto the path of ultimate destruction. He stops at nothing to rid the USA of his political and spiritual enemies, until a small group decide they've had enough, and they want to stop him. Will they succeed or will the United States be relegated to the dustbin of history?



Shattered Earth  


Advanced humans, called Terrans, leave Earth when its threatened by a massive meteor. The remaining humans on Earth fall back into primitiveness. The advanced humans, and a group of aliens, the Ragnor, involve Earth in an interstellar war. Thousands of years later, the humans of Earth decide to do something about this. Interstellar politics will never be the same again once Earth is done with their revenge. These Terrans involve themselves throughout human history. Some play as King Arthur and Merlin. Another is a scientist, whose name is Galileo, and he gets into all sorts of trouble for challenging official orthodoxy about the sun, the Earth, and which one is revolving around the other. Then, we have Amelia Earhart, who has a very valid reason for disappearing.

When an alien spaceship gets shot down over Roswell in 1947, President Truman orders the creation of Area 51, Project Blue Book and Sign, and has the United States embark on a plan that will culminate 60 years in the future. Nothing will ever be the same again when the United States gets involved in interstellar politics. But, the whole plan backfires when Earth ends up the worse for wear over it. Other species find out what Earth did, since no one else was bold enough to even try, so they want to help bring down the Ragnor once and for all. The new President of the United States imagines a galactic federation or a republic, but, none of the other species wants anything to do with it. With the help of the Terran who is known to Earth as Amelia Earhart, they plot to destroy the Ragnor once and for all. Will Earth learn never to interfere in interstellar politics or will the humans finally succeed in getting all the aliens in the universe to leave them alone?


Out of Time  a novella


A scientist discovers that time is fluid; past, present, and future all exist at the same time. The government wants him to correct what they feel went wrong in history.






Don't Mess With Earth  


An alternate history novel....

When a flood threatens Earth, a group of humans who are advanced leave for another planet. Eventually, they and some aliens interfere and manipulate human history on Earth. The humans who interfere, you know some of them, King Arthur, Galileo, Amelia Earhart. The aliens experiment and abduct other species, including humans of Earth. One day, an alien ship gets shot down over Roswell, and President Truman forever alters the path of human history by vowing to pay back both side. Will humanity succeed or fail? 


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Arrival of the Traveler (Waldgrave Part 1) by A.L. Tyler

Arrival of the Traveler  



Originally written in 13 installments, the Waldgrave series has now been condensed into 3 novel-length books.

This is Part 1 of 3 of the Waldgrave series.

Brought into a world she knows nothing about, Lena Collins finds herself in an untrustworthy situation when she learns she is a member of the Daray family, and a holy figure to half of the Silenti people on Earth; unfortunately, the other half of the Silenti believe that the Darays will one day bring disease, disaster, and death to the world. Set on clearing her name and earning freedom from the oppression of religious worship and political mistrust, she decides to locate the powerful, missing holy relic that so many people have feared and revered in order to permanently disarm the Daray family line. However, as she tries to map the past to find the relic, she learns a surprising secret that could send the Silenti spiraling into chaos and destruction.

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The River Panj, a thriller by National Geographic author David Raterman

Imagine being an emergency relief worker in Afghanistan on 9/11 and getting a phone call that America was attacked. And that your fiancée and colleague were kidnapped.


“There’s a new voice in the world of thriller writers … David Raterman knows his stuff, because he’s walked the dusty roads of Central Asia and he’s looked al-Qaida mujahedeen in the eyes and lived to tell about it. Raterman is the real deal. Just read the first few pages of The River Panj and you’ll discover an exciting new writer.”

- David Hagberg, best-selling thriller novelist and three-time Edgar nominee.


America needs a hero in Afghanistan. At the beginning of the
war, our mission was clear-cut. And that's how it remains in The River Panj, a
political thriller featuring ex-Notre Dame football star Derek Braun.


On September 11, 2001, Derek is doing relief work in
war-torn Afghanistan when his fiancée and elderly colleague are kidnapped along
the border with ex-Soviet Tajikistan, which is struggling out of its own civil
war. With no one to help, he goes in search. On this dangerous journey, he
faces Islamic terrorists, heroin smugglers, corrupt Russian soldiers, Iranian
spies and helpless CIA agents, witnessing an assortment of terrible acts that
culminate in his own kidnapping.


Meanwhile terrorists begin using bodies of released hostages
to export dirty bomb material to the United States. Osama bin Laden wants to
acquire cesium-137 powder from the Soviet nuclear plant still operating in
Tajikistan for the world’s first suicide dirty bomb. But is al-Qaeda involved
in the plot targeting the Sears Tower in Chicago? Or another terrorist group?


Derek Braun finds out. But can he escape with his loved ones
and alert authorities in time?


The River Panj explores two vastly different worlds:
emergency relief workers who sacrifice their peace of mind and sometimes their
lives to offer assistance to the citizens of dangerous regions of the world,
and the murderous terrorists who operate in their midst.


David Raterman has written books for National Geographic and
Knopf/Random House and is a features correspondent for the South Florida Sun
Sentinel. He worked two years for CARE in ex-Soviet Tajikistan and seven months
for a clinic that made artificial limbs for soldiers and war victims in
Armenia. "The River Panj" is his debut novel.


After studying at Ohio University's Scripps School of
Journalism, Raterman backpacked around much of the world for seven years,
working odd jobs to support himself. He speaks Russian fluently.


Raterman lived in Chicago until he was nine and then grew up
in Cincinnati, where most of his family and friends remain. He married a
Russian TV writer and they live in Fort Lauderdale with their twin daughters.
He is a member of The International Thriller Writers.

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Granny Gruesome - Nursery Rhymes to Terrify Children

Everyone remembers the fabulous rhyming stories of Mother Goose from their childhood, but did you know that your lovely, grandmotherly goose has kept a dark, haunting secret for many long years? Mother Goose is not all she seems to be.

Oh, sure, during the daylight hours when the sun is up and birds are singing and children are laughing, old Mother Goose is friendly and wonderful and proper. But when the darkness falls and the coyote calls, that old goose turns into something much less loveable…much more sinister…forever known to the world as Granny Gruesome!


Recommended for teens and older due to dark comedy and illustrations.


Granny Gruesome - Nursery Rhymes to Terrify Children  

Manley Peterson

Manley's Bookshelf