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Re: The Last Fernandez by Sandra Perez Gluschankoff

Hi there book-clubs!

My name is Sandra Perez Gluschankoff, author of the historical novel The Last Fernandez.I was born and raised in Argentina. While my academic background is in psychoanalysis (a Freudian girl, gotta love the divan!), anthropology, Judaic studies, and Hebrew teaching, my interest turned to writing. Armed with a lot of chutzpah and plenty of Spanglish, I wrote seven feature screenplays, over a dozen articles and a novel... soon to be two.

Here's the blurb for the novel:


After being inexplicably removed from her family in a small fishing town in Argentina, six year-old Angelina is sent to a Catholic convent, where she spends her next twelve years. During her lonely days at the convent, she finds solace in the company of a mysterious presence, by the name of Sara Fernandez, which gradually reels her into the life of a Marrano family living at the end of the 15th century in Cordoba, Spain.
As Angelina embeds herself in the life of the Fernandez family, she understands that Sara is not a product of her imagination, rather the link to her secret past and her only hope for survival.
Set amid the notorious Spanish Inquisition and the murderous Dirty War in Argentina of the late 1970s, two women, more than four centuries apart, transcend the barriers of time and fight political and religious persecution to ensure the survival of their lineage.


You can learn more about me at and you can contact me at I'd love to meet your book-club either in person or via Skype.

Happy readings!



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Stefan Titan by Finola Waller available on Kindle

A competitor of Percy Jackson, for children between 8 - 12.


Sixteen-year-old Stefan Titan’s life, in a small village, is surrounded by mystery. Every full moon, some villagers are cursed in various ways, like Stefan's best friend, Neo, who, as a baby, was cursed with having the legs of a cow, though Stefan doesn’t know why. Nor does he know why his aunt insists he stays away from the river and that he hides from lightning, until the day he accidentally sees lightning and the strange man inside the flash. The shock Stefan feels, on learning that the figure is his father, the god, Cronus, turns to terror when he hears of a prophecy that says either he must kill Cronus or be killed by him; both paths that will have devastating wider consequences.

Can Stefan and his friends overcome dangers to help Stefan fulfil his destiny, will he be able to defeat Cronus, and will the results be as dreadful as the prophecy suggests?


I'm desperate to find an agent and turn this into a 'real' book, so that it can be available in stores instead of just on the Kindle.


Hope you all like it, or know a young kid that would enjoy a good book to read!

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Re: Stefan Titan by Finola Waller available on Kindle

If you self-published it on Kindle, you can self-publish on B&N. Not that hard.
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The Scottish Botanist George Don 1764-1814, His Life and Times, Friends and Family

Hi, I understand exactly what you mean when you talk about how long a book can take to write. In 1990 I wrote a short scene in an historical play of mine about George Don the Forfar botanist.  There were hardly any resources to do further research so I promised myself I would take time to do the research needed and finally, after 20 years, this book was launched on to the world market, at least on Amazon, yesterday.  Whilst writing and researching my new book The Scottish Botanist George Don 1764-1814, by me (Marilyn Reid), I had four other short books published and wrote another play.


You will some of my books listed on Barnes and Noble, Mythical Flower Stories, Mythical Star Signs, even my drama book How to Run Great Workshops and Set Up Your Own Community Theatre from my playwrighting and teaching drama days.  At the present time this latest book can only be found on Amazon in print and as a Kindle, but I'm sure it won't be long until it's available at Barnes and Noble.  Just wanted to announce the fact that after twenty years careful researching, it's finally published.


Never give up, the right time does come:heart:

Thanks for giving me this voice in the community at Barns and Noble,

Marilyn Reid

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The Incredible Mr.. Black (Free) by Rachel E. Rice

When Maximilian Blackstone's gaze swept over Alexander Bishop, he wanted to disappear into her body. He needed her to satisfy his demons.


The Incredible Mr. Black, the first book in the Blackstone Series, is now free at B&N until November 1, 2013, when Book 2: Temptation In Black will be published, and in December, Book 3: Submission To Black will be available.

I have published six novellas in the historical genre and four contemporary romances to which The Incredible Mr. Black is one. It is an erotic romance novella and it may be considered explicit, therefore, it is for adults 18 and over. Furthermore, I am a member of Romance Writers of America and I am a self-published writer. If you enjoy The Incredible Mr.. Black, leave a review. If you do not leave a review. For a review of my books see Goodreads and Manic Review as well as my web site where the link is below.


You can find my free book at:

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Re: Read My Book!-Science, Religion & Spirituality

[ Edited ]

Science, Religion & Spirituality  


Available in both digital and printed editions


Short description

Science, Religion & Spirituality arrives at a time when youth is returning to a kind of religion where spirituality is on the rise. There is no longer value in articles with titles such as “Is God Dead?” Today we are using science to complement our spirituality. This new notion prompted the writing of this book that combines Eastern religious traditions and Western scientific knowledge to develop practical spirituality. This guide teaches how to observe the mind, to live in gratitude, and to discard expectations. The benefits of focusing on our spiritual-self include tranquility, increased production, a resurgence of vitality, mental clarity and joy of living. There is even a test to know your spirituality level. This book is not about creating a new religion, sect or movement, but in fact is about loving every religion.

There are books on god and religion, and on spirituality. But this is one book that presents reconciliation between science and god/religion. A rare blend that brings science and spirituality together which are generally treated as oil and water. "Science, Religion & Spirituality" (Similar to Human Genome leader Collin's belief) explains that Science and God can co-exist.

Truth cannot contradict itself. Truth from science and truth from God/Religion must eventually converge into one grand whole, a unified knowledge of the laws that govern our universe. Those who fight over superiority of one over the other are blinded by ignorance about both.

In the past, East has lived religiously-- that is one pole-- and because it has lived religiously it has not been able to produce good science. The West has lived scientifically, and because of its science it has lost track of spirituality. Now for the first time in this space age and internet: the earth is becoming one global village. This is the time when the reconciliation between science and religion can be seen, can be understood...

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Label Girl (Who Are You Wearing?) T. Wynn

Label Girl (Who Are You Wearing?) is about two friends who love high end fashion.  One will do whatever it takes to keep up her image, even if it means being in a ton of debt, putting her love life on hold and spending less time with her family.  While the other one seems to live the life that most women envy, she is hiding a secret that could destroy it all.

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Re: Read My Book!

I've tried to post but keep getting the 20,000 character error message. My post isn't even 2,000 characters. Help! Michael Goldcraft
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Terrible With Raisins

“… there was something, something pretty terrible… Not just plain terrible. This was fancy terrible. This was terrible with raisins in it…” Dorothy Parker (on turning 50) from The Middle or Blue Period


To Clair, fifty is a terrible age. She tries hiding away on the Greek island of Symi to avoid it but, of course, fifty finds her. So does a dose of reality – sweetened by a couple of encouraging possibilities for the future, one romantic - one, irritatingly, not. However, fortified, she returns home to resume mothering her difficult daughter in England’s leafy Surrey and appeasing her hypercritical mother in the rich Gulf city of Naples, Florida. Her main haven is with beloved aunt Maggie on the idyllic Scottish West Coast. In the coming year, Clair will swallow a terrible amount of raisins, sweet and sour, learn a lot and forget a few things (well, she IS fifty). Mother, daughter, niece, lover, reluctant teacher and neglected artist – will the real Clair Harkin please grow up?


Author, LynneMcVernon, livesinSurreyintheUK. TerribleWithRaisinsisherfistnovelalthoughshehasagreatdealofwritingforthestageunderherbelt, alsoadaptingandwritingforBBCRadio. ShehasdirectedtheatreprofessionallythroughouttheUKinregionaltheatres, alsoinLondon'sYoungVicandNationalTheatres. Hastaughtdramainmanyofthemajordramaschools.



FB page:


Available as ebook and paperback at:,, and Amazon websites worldwide

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Re: Faith Steps for Military Families by Lisa Nixon Phillips

[ Edited ]

Marriage is hard, but a military marriage is unique with is complex issues which can often leave military couples and/or families lacking in spiritual well-being. Faith Steps for Military Families draws on the wisdom found in fifteen specific psalms for building a spiritual foundation for increased resiliency and spiritual readiness. Each psalm contains rich metaphors to convey themes that today's military families often encounter as well.


Faith Steps for Military Families translates these relevant themes into the lives of twenty-first century military families for building unity, developing hope for when life as a military family/couple is on hold, learn about God's nature as Protector, Keeper, and the Night Watchman, honoring God while living out the difficult military lifestyle, the danger of a complacent faith, coping in contemptuous or hostile environment, and others. Like the early Israelites, military families are today's pilgrims, always on a journey-always looking ahead to the next duty station. Faith Steps for Military Families is an invitation to journey through the Psalms of Ascent and discover biblical truths to build resiliency and spiritual readiness into your military marriage, family, and personal journey of faith.

Thanks to for this opportunity to post my book.

E-book available soon.


Lisa N. Phillips