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The Company of Fellows by Dan Holloway

A top 50 thriller on Amazon UK and now available for Nook for just $0.99


Imagine the Hannibal Lecter novels set in Oxford University. The Company of Fellows is a dark psychological mystery for anyone who loves Thomas Harris, Val McDermid, Minette Walters, P D James, or anything to do with Oxford.

Oxford. City of learning, culture, and a history that hides the darkest lusts of the human heart.

Tommy West. Brilliant academic, until a breakdown 12 years ago. He has reinvented himself as a successful interior designer. His new life is comfortable, in every way, and safe. But life without the intellectual challenge is slowly suffocating him.

Charles Shaw. Outspoken professor of theology. Sensualist. Unpopular with all his colleagues. Loathed by his ex-wife. And, as of five minutes ago, dead.

As a student, Shaw was Tommy’s mentor. Now Tommy must draw on the professor for inspiration one more time in order to find his killer. But all he has to go on are a handful of papers for the controversial research the professor was working on when he died. And the Professor’s 18 year-old daughter Becky, for whom Tommy is the last hope to get some closure on the troubled relationship with her father.

The police are convinced the Professor’s death was a suicide, which should make Tommy's hunt easier. Only in this case, the police means his ex, Emily Harris, and her sultry sergeant Rosie Lu.

The unspeakable truth about the Professor's death lies buried in the past: somewhere between the night his daughter was born - and her twin sister stillborn - and the day Tommy broke down. But for Tommy the past is a dangerous place, a long way from the safety he has so carefully built for himself. Can he find the answers before time, and his sanity, run out.


The book has its own website where you can read all about "the other Oxford" and meet new thriller writers each week in the "How Long is a Piece of Rope?" interview

Buy it for Nook at

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Re: Horror Novels for the Nook!

[ Edited ]

Here are two horror novels I have available for the Nook:


Heir to Winston Manor is available for $2.99:

Tim Weir is stunned to learn that he is included in the will of his great aunt and uncle. He inherits the house that he had visited a few times in his youth. Wanting to see what needs to be done in order to sell the house and the property, he takes time off from work to visit the large estate on the coast of Lake Michigan. Strange things begin happening which he struggles to explain. He comes to realize that he may not be alone in the vacant house. With restless spirits remaining around the estate, Tim searches for answers to understand why the ghosts linger and why he was chosen to inherit the manor. (about 44,000 words).


The Wahl House Curse is available for $2.99:

Peter Corbin is in need of a change in his job as a realtor in a busy suburban community. A chance to transfer to a small town seems to be what he and his wife Sarah need. They purchase an old house for a bargain price without much regard for the troubled past. This proves to be something he will soon regret. The restless ghosts quickly make their presence known. (about 60,000 words). 


Also, here are three FREE short stories I have available as well:

Slow Down  

The Ghost of Birch River Cabin  

Winter Visitor  


Thank you,


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Walking Among the Dead by Ken Lang



Walking Among the Dead  There are no scripts, television cameras, or high paid actors that can capture the real life essence of a homicide detective in Walking Among the Dead: True Crime Stories From A Homicide Detective. Experience these murder and death investigations first hand as former homicide detective Ken Lang takes you from the crime scene into the interrogation room of some of the most intriguing true crime cases ever. As he unravels these mysteries, experience the drama and adrenaline rush of hunting down these killers that most homicide detectives thrive on.

Ken Lang
creating moments...
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Science, Religion & Spirituality

This guide will teach you to observe your mind, to live in gratitude, and to discard expectations. The benefits of focusing on your spiritual-self include tranquility, increased production, resurgence of vitality, mental clarity and joy of living. An understanding of “Science, Religion & Spirituality” will put you on a road to love and happiness irrespective of your faith


Science, Religion & Spirituality  


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Re: Read My Book! On Condition of Anonymity by J Jay Brighton

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Health, Happiness, & Longevity: Eastern and Western Approach

“Health, Happiness & Longevity” is a practical guide that includes a complete style of living, including diet, exercise and development of the mind’s powers: “Some people just keep jogging. That won’t work.” “Health is as much mental as physical.” To be healthy and happy you must first alleviate stress. This in turn will bring longevity, a part of the title of the book.


Health, Happiness, & Longevity  


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The Sunwright Chronicles - Empire at War

The greatest empire the world has ever known stands on the brink of destruction.

A powerful invasion from the east coupled with an influx of spies and saboteurs threatens to destroy the Empire of Kirmar.

The Sunwright family has defended Kirmar for over nine hundred years. The head of the family, Paris and Suadela, have mysteriously disappeared; leaving their children Tobias, Calia and Pershing to defend the Empire without guidance for the first time.

Will the Sunwright children be able to pull together enough strength to save their beloved Empire?

Will the Empire of Kirmar, which has stood for over nine hundred years, finally be swept away?

Find out in book one of The Sunwright Chronicles.



Available for sale at Barnes and Nobles:

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Well Reviewed Comic Thriller

Hi, my name is Alan Hutcheson and I am the author of Boomerang, a comic novel of international intrigue played out by characters operating way outside their comfort zones. It has been getting some very nice reviews on Amazon, Amazon UK, Smashwords and B&N. The latest reviewer at Amazon UK had this to say about Boomerang.

Boomerang flies, 2 April 2011
Iain Manson "iain2005" - See all my reviews
This review is from: Boomerang (Kindle Edition)
Boomerang is a comedy thriller, with a nice balance between the elements: the thrills are in the action, the comedy in the telling. The premise is simple. There exists somewhere in the world a hollow boomerang which contains some super-sensitive information dating back to the time of J. Edgar Hoover. A lot of people are very anxious to get hold of it.

The story is told in the third person - many third persons - the action shifting frequently between protagonists. There are, for example, the two odd couples: Australian sisters Doreen and Amelia, and offbeat US security operatives Ted and Jerry. There's even a dog, Oz, whose point of view is given the attention it surely deserves.

There are strong echoes of Douglas Adams, perhaps even of Evelyn Waugh. And Boomerang has a cinematic feel - or, to be more precise, a Quentin Tarantino feel. Tarantino would love it.


Alan Hutcheson (aka Plumboz)

author of Boomerang, a comic novel of international intrigue, with music
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"Behold the return of" by Lauren Danforth

"Behold the return of"

       Imagine something is spotted heading toward the earth at a speed not believed possible. Scientists can not explain it but it will arrive December 2012. Governments believe it is a threat. Religious leaders believe it is the second coming.  How would you react to this information? How would the world react? What if they are wrong!

       Look around at the world today, religious wars, government greed, fanatics of all kinds, the children of today only know violence from TV, games and cartoons.  What if the truth is too late? This story if nothing else will cause you to think, what if.

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"The Unauthorized Autobiography of Ethan Jacobs" by Dan Dillard

Do you believe in ghosts? What about the afterlife? Are you truly ready to search for proof? Ethan Jacobs is a computer programmer and amateur ghost hunter who tries everything he can think of to communicate with the dead, keeping his notes in an electronic journal. After a friend talks about a ghostly encounter from her youth at a friendly get together, things start to happen in Ethan’s apartment. It starts with noises and dreams, and escalates into a life and death struggle that challenges Ethan’s faith and his will to live.

This is my third published book, but my first from Hellfire Publishing!

Please check out the e-book here first:


Coming soon to print!


Other works by me can be found here:


and most other places books are sold online!

Thanks :smileyhappy:

For more info: