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Simple Monsters - A Picture Book for Young Children

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Simple Monsters is a colorful children's picture book for ages 0 to 5. It has twelve original illustrations of silly monsters and each is accompanied by a funny verse similar to the literary nonsense of Lewis Carroll. Read it to your kids and watch them laugh. You can buy it now for $.99 on Nook.


Simple Monsters  

Manley Peterson

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Bounty Hunter Double Cross in VENGEFUL BOUNTY, Scifi Thriller by Jillian Kidd

Vengeful Bounty  by Jillian Kidd


In the year 2053, Dallas bounty hunter Mina Maxwell’s goal is to reach Global status, and she is only three catches away from the needed 25. During one of her hunts, she lets criminal Roberto Franco go in order to capture his higher-ranking boss. It is a mistake that will come back to haunt her.


As she continues on toward her goal, she battles with the demons of her past, among them being Damon Wolfe, her Global bounty hunter lover who left her without explanation. Attempting to heal the damage is Mina’s good friend, musician Jackson Kincade, who has been hinting at taking their friendship to the next level if she will let him.


All hope for the future shatters when Roberto returns, hunts her down and kidnaps her. His plan: weaken her body and crush her spirit so he can sell her to the highest bidder.


About Author Jillian Kidd:


This is Jillian Kidd’s first published novel. She lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex with her husband, Drew, and dachshund, Kaiser.
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It's Kris by Kristine Bowdry

It's Kris  A story about a self-righteous, opinionated teenager who learns life's hard lessons.

People make mistakes and Kris is learning the hard when when her own stubborn attitude and rebellious teenage ways leads to her life being totally upturned.  She is forced to move to Las Vegas where her crazy Aunt Sydney lives--just when things with her best friend Jimmy were starting to get interesting.  Thoughout the story Kris struggles with family crises.  She though she knew enough about what family and true love meant but life is full of surprises.










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Re: Read My Book!


Tomorrow is my birthday so I'm doing my final holiday pitch today for WATERBURY: a holiday crime novel.  What do you think of the brand new cover design?

Hope you mystery lovers download your copy today, or give one as a gift.  It's only 99 cents!




What Nook readers are saying so far:
Great read

This author writes a great mystery. Moves right along. Have read all her books and have love them all
Great read
Really great short read for a cold wintery night
Suspenseful to the max
Very good mystery, I love the writing style of this author. [/b][/color]She brings depth to the characters and develops a very realistic storyline that kept me on edge. Loved it.
Loved this!
Great psychological suspense...couldn't put this down
Great book, especially for the holidays!
This really suspenseful thriller revolves around a family at the holidays. The plot builds to a boil in this exciting book.


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Re: Boomerang

A nice review from a reader "across the pond".


5.0 out of 5 stars A Wonderful Quirky Caper, 17 May 2011
This review is from: Boomerang (Kindle Edition)

Boomerang is a wonderfully exuberant chase caper, a cleverly executed laugh out loud gem full of quirky characters, impossible scenarios, unlikely allies, all pulled together by the brilliantly skilful penmanship of Alan Hutcheson. An absolutely wonderful book...a joy to read from start to hectic finish.













Thousands sold to folks with that other ereading device.

Still just $0.99 for nook

Alan Hutcheson (aka Plumboz)

author of Boomerang, a comic novel of international intrigue, with music
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Few Are Chosen

Hello there


I hope I've done this right, I'm a bit of a techno spanner but here goes.


Few Are Chosen  is available for Nook for the princely cost of $3.00.


Rating: PG - some light swearing and violence

Target Reader: The kind of people who read Terry Pratchett, Jasper Fforde, Douglas Adams and JK Rowling.


As the best getaway man in K'Barth The Pan of Hamgee knows everyone's out to get him. When he unwittingly sets himself on a collision course with Lord Vernon, K'Barth's despot ruler, The Pan must make choices and stand up for his beliefs beliefs he never knew he had until they were challenged. But, faced with a stark moral dilemma will his new found integrity stick? Can he stop running?


"I am now your number one fan." Emily, aged 30 something.


"I have real difficulty getting  my 12 year old son to read anything but he loved this book. Now his 14 year old brother wants to read it too. Please hurry up wiht the next one." Sam, aged not telling.


"I loved it." Joe, aged 14.


"A must for Alex Rider and CHERUB lovers." Dylan, aged 12.


I've tried to keep the price the same everywhere so hopefully there will be no issues with reduced prices on the Dark Side of the e-book force.


Thank you for your time.




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Horror On The Underground From Tim Reed: BAKERLOO LINE TRAIN

Bakerloo Line Train  by Tim Reed


John wants to turn his life around, and that starts with a marriage proposal to his girlfriend. All that’s standing between him and this act is a simple journey on the London Underground. Except that this journey will be anything but simple.


Strange old ladies, apathetic passengers, a nervous Asian man and a deepening sense of unease are all obstacles to overcome, but will John gain redemption and an easy passage? Or, will this train ride lead to somewhere darker, dimmer and altogether horrifying?


A short work of horror from our Spectres line.
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Was Goldilocks Innocent? Read Herschel Cozine’s THE PORRIDGE INCIDENT

The Porridge Incident  by Herschel Cozine


Is Goldilocks really a trespasser who broke furniture and slept in strange beds, or is she the victim of mistaken identity? Our intrepid Detective Nathaniel P. Osgood III (fresh off his success in the short story The Birds) uses all his skills and tricks of the trade to investigate and comes to this startling conclusion: Goldy is innocent! The identity of the real miscreant is a revelation that may startle you and change the way you look at fairy tale characters forever.


A short work of humorous crime from our Fingerprints line.


About Author Herschel Cozine:


Herschel Cozine has published extensively in the children’s field. His stories and poems have appeared in many of the national children’s magazines. Work by Herschel has also appeared in Alfred Hitchcock and Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazines, Wolfmont Press Toys For Tots Anthologies and Woman’s World. Additionally he has had many stories appear in Orchard Press Mysteries, Mouth Full Of Bullets, HandHeldCrime, Great Mystery and Suspense, Mysterical-E and others. His story, “A Private Hanging” was a finalist for the Derringer award. Retired from a career in electronics, he has resumed his writing career after an extended hiatus. Herschel lives with his wife, Sue, in Santa Rosa, California, close to his children and grandchildren. His other Untreed Reads releases include Delinquency Report, The Birds and Saint Nicked.
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The Amanda Pepper Mysteries…Now In Ebook! Read CAUGHT DEAD IN PHILADELPHIA

Caught Dead in Philadelphia  by Gillian Roberts


The debut of Philly Prep English teacher and accidental sleuth, Amanda Pepper, (and of C.K. Mackenzie, homicide detective) won the World Mystery Convention’s “Anthony” for best first mystery.


When the body of a colleague is found dead in Amanda’s living room, she has to clear herself of suspicion — and make sure she isn’t the next victim as well. And all she’s got as a clue to the real killer’s identity is a locket shaped like Winnie-the-Pooh.


About Author Gillian Roberts:

Gillian Roberts is the author of the Anthony-award winning Amanda Pepper mystery series that features a Philadelphia high school English teacher and her significant (but undernamed) other (and now fiancé), C. K. Mackenzie.


The geography of the two series is no accident — the author’s a native Philadelphian who now lives in California. She was also once a high school English teacher.


Gillian’s also written two books in a second series, featuring a pair of private detectives, Emma Howe and Billie August. Emma’s a “woman of a certain age” who has been running an agency for quite a while, and Billie is the inexperienced young trainee Emma reluctantly has hired. That series is set in Marin County, California and the books are called Time and Trouble and Whatever Doesn’t Kill You.
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From the Ashes by David Michael Karder

A Hot New Release, From the Ashes, B&N Page an Action Packed, Fantasy Western by David Michael Karder. Chicago 1871, a city burned unrestrained. In a sea of people, a boy stood alone. Witness through his mind’s eye; the transformation from youth to one of the fiercest gunman of the Wild West.”DMK.


A writer of western lore, Vernon Shields has ambition to write a book that will define his career. He meets a remarkable gunfighter and procures permission to write the gunman's life story.


An Era evaporated as fast as it emerged. The blazing guns of the west stretched from the civil war to the turn of the 1900’s. These guns and the people who mastered them ran their own destiny. Most men died as fast as they drew the steel. However a few walked the walk and lived to tell a tale of quick draw, ambush, killing, and the physical challenges of life itself. The tale told is a strong drink of gunfights, women, lust and adventure; with a chaser saturated by the demands of the heart, the anguish of a tortured soul and a demon’s haunting of the mind. The towns blended together. David Murphy’s status as a gunslinger continued to grow and feed the beast of rumor and conflict.


David struggled, unable to remember the last time it was possible to sleep through the night. Peace and tranquility evasive, unobtainable, teasing and just out of reach at every turn. The silence screamed, physically worn, unable to break out. Submit and bow to the unrestrained tormentor of his soul, or continue the battle? Chase the spirits in the wind, or ignore the cries of broken souls?

In his own words, ‘From the Ashes’ is the life of the drifter known as, Longhair.


B&N Page


DMK was born in the suburbs of Chicago and transplanted to Vail Arizona six years past. Married twenty-five years to his high school sweetheart, Susan; and proud father of two men, Ken and Mike. From the Ashes, is David’s first novel, having a fondness for the work of Clint Eastwood and the influence of the tales of the Outlaw Josey Wales; David has put his own unique touch on his tales of the turn of the century


B&N Page

DMK - Author of, From the Ashes, Coming Soon via Solstice Publishing.
Un-Complicate, loosen up, today is a new day if one can release yesterday to the winds.” DMK.