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JUST RELEASED! The Lost Colony by Ocas Eniam

The first of a fifty-book series of LIFEOFA, The Lost Colony is a book about an ant who is spearated from its colony and does everything it can to get back.  As it makes its journey through life, the reader experiences encounters from various other creatures getting the ant's perspective of each of the encounters. The twists, surprises and thrilling suspense is sure to keep the readers interested and ready for more through the entire book!

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As Sun on Snow by Maddie Broome

As Sun on Snow  by Maddie Broome




by the author of "Possum Dance" and "Lies the Heart Tells"


Contemporary Romance / Clean Romance -- 83,000 words


There are all kinds of magic in the world. But none are more powerful than the magic of love.

In need of healing after a bitter divorce, Tessa Alexander travels to Maine with her young daughter, Caili. Their destination -- an isolated mountain cabin. There Tessa hopes to relax and rebuild their shattered family. Then a series of mysterious events warns they aren't alone on their mountain refuge.

Michael Redpath has gotten used to being alone on his mountain, and he likes it that way just fine. Nonetheless, he can't help feeling drawn to Tessa – and to Caili, who believes in all things magical.

What follows is a journey of discovery as all three learn the true meaning of magic – and of love.





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Love’s Silent Storm

By Dawn Walker



Brief Description:


Sometimes the price of love is more than you’re willing to give. When insurance mogul Brandon Pierce steps into an elevator, he has no way of knowing it would change his life forever. Nicole Armstrong wakens from a coma thankful to be alive. Owing her life to the handsome stranger, she sets out to find him.



About the Author:


Dawn Walker, a native of Chicago Illinois, currently resides in Garden City, Kansas. She majored in communications while in college. Besides writing, she enjoys reading, drawing, and doing word search puzzles.  To learn more about the author visit her website at:

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Soul and Reincarnation: What Happens to Soul at the Time of Death

[ Edited ]

Soul and Reincarnation 


Nonfiction > Inspiration > General Self-help
Published: Feb. 07, 2011
Words: 44493 (approximate)


Also available in Printed Edition


Short description

The views on soul and reincarnation vary from no such thing as a ‘soul’ to only humans possess a soul, to both humans and animals possess a soul, and that soul likewise dies when the physical body dies or that soul is immortal and never dies. All religions believe in the existence of SOUL in human body, but they differ in what happens after death. This manuscript searches for the truth.

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Just released: Seventh Sanctuary

Seventh Sanctuary  




A widow in ancient Ur is haunted by feverish dreams of her late husband—much to the detriment of her health and her new marriage. When her current spouse visits the temple to pray for her convalescence, he is enthralled by a temple priestess/prostitute. The priestess, in turn, is tempted to forsake her sacred vows to be with this man who already has a wife and family.


All three of them look to the goddess Inanna for guidance: Will the great and terrible deity bestow her grace on them—or is it her will to destroy them?


Info and sample chapters for all my books are available at


Thanks so much for considering my books! :smileyhappy:



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The Power of Breathing-On Sale now

[ Edited ]


The Power of Breathing:smileyfrustrated:urprise. The printed edition is on sale now...


Short description

The most powerful book on breathing that not only explains what many people learn in expensive workshops and remote retreats but very personal routine the author follows. Several independent studies on breathing are given that confirm the practitioners of breathing techniques not only experience physical and mental comfort, but discover cures for illnesses such as asthma.

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Novels and short stories by Cliff Ball

Times of Trouble (Christian fiction)  $2.99

Thirty years in the future, the U.S. government has turned into a tyranny as the EPA and TSA grow with ever more power.

The story is told in first person point of view. Brian Atwood works for the FBI. His work involves mostly cyber terrorism and actual cases of potential real world terrorism. Eventually, his wife gives birth to their third child, who has Down's Syndrome, which does not please the U.S. Health Administration because there are rules and regulations set-up in cases like these to prevent "genetic freaks" as they like to call them, from sucking up a lot of Health Admin money. Because the Atwoods are born again Christians, they never considered aborting the baby, so now the Health people have to take him away to deal with the problem later.

Meanwhile, the Secret Service decides to recruit Brian to be the personal agent of the President of the United States, David Collins, due to his great work involving a case that dealt with terrorism that would've involved Offutt Air Force Base. Brian's faith is tested every day as he deals with a man who has no morals from what Brian can see, and is tested even more when his wife finds out that she's dying from a fast growing form of breast cancer. Trouble in the rest of the world occurs as Iran attempts to nuke Israel, which fails spectacularly, so Israel takes care of the problem. This brings condemnation from everyone, including the U.S., which takes the side of Iran.

When the re-election of Collins doesn't turn out the way he wanted it, he and his people declare the election nullified because of supposed "irregularities" with the ballots. Collins claims that the new President-elect may take the seat sometime in the middle of next year, if everything looks to be sorted out. Collins purges his staff of what he considers unloyal people, including Brian. At the same time, he loses his wife, but regains the son he thought he had lost.

Brian moves back to his family home in Nebraska, where we follow what happens as the country slowly falls apart. Events play out as Brian and his family sees the End Times approach.


New Frontier (speculative fiction, alt history)  $3.99

In this speculative fiction novel, what-if Ronald Reagan became President in 1976 instead? He continues with the moon landings, and declares that a moon base would be established by 1979, followed by a Mars Base by 1989. The Soviets decide to up the ante by building an interstellar starship, and send it on its way as the US establishes a permanent presence on the Moon. The US builds a space station, followed by a base on Mars, that will eventually be turned into a colony.

The rest of Earth follows the original timeline, so terrorism rears its ugly head, which will forever change American politics. Iran and its attempt at taking hostages is taken care of in 1979, but a new threat emerges because of it. The new POTUS has to pursue these enemies of the US to secure America's future. We follow America's progress from Moon to Mars, along with the Teacher in Space Program, to an eventual starship mission out of the solar system, which will continue in book two.


Dust Storm  western short story for $.99

In this western short story, fifteen years after the Civil War, Matt Taylor comes through Tucson as part of his travels. He stops at the local Cafe, meets a woman he instantly falls in love with, only for her father, a former Confederate Colonel to order him to leave town. Matt doesn't, the Colonel tries to bribe some Bandidos to force Matt to leave, but instead, his daughter is kidnapped. So, Matt and the Colonel have to lay aside their differences to rescue her. Find out if they do in this short story.


Voyager and the Aliens  short science fiction story $.99

In this short story, aliens come across television broadcasts from an unknown planet to them. Then, they come across a probe from same planet that tells them everything they need to know about this planet and its people. They decide to visit the planet, but when they arrive, not everything is as it seems.


The Usurper  political thriller for $2.99

Ever wonder what would happen if our worst fears were realized, and we elected someone who was willing to destroy the USA no matter the cost to him, his fellow Americans, or the rest of the world? The Usurper is that novel.

Seventeen year old Mary O'Hara defects to the Soviet Union, thinking that life would be better there, and with the idea that she can help the Soviets in their supposed plans for world domination. A year into it, she discovers that all is not as it seems. Her life will turn into more turmoil once she discovers that they used her to give birth to a son who is meant to be the catalyst that brings down the United States from within. She increasingly fears for herself as her son grows older.

Mary's son, Gary, is raised to hate. Hate the United States, its people, and everything they have ever stood for. His mission is to destroy the country from within, allying himself with the worst of America's enemies, and one very powerful and malevolent trillionaire, to accomplish the deed. Once elected to the highest position in the land, Gary puts his lifelong goals to work, and puts the USA onto the path of ultimate destruction. He stops at nothing to rid the USA of his political and spiritual enemies on the right, until a small group on the right decide they've had enough, and they want to stop him.

Dale Stewart comes home after serving in the Afghanistan theatre while in the military. The government has issued new orders, creating a Civilian Defense Force, of which Dale will have to serve in. His first orders with his new outfit have him question which side he is on, and each successive mission causes him to doubt this new President and his ideas. When the President orders something that goes against everything Dale believes in as a Christian, Dale seeks out the new Resistance, and joins them to stop the President. Will they succeed or will the United States be relegated to the dustbin of history?


Don't Mess With Earth  $2.99 alt history/historical fiction

Some humans leave Earth when a massive flood threatens the planet. Eventually they return to manipulate human history. An alien species follows them, and experiments on the humans. Eventually, the humans of Earth discover this, and President Truman sets the planet on a path that will forever change history.


Out of Time  a time travel novella for $.99

In the 2150's, Dr. John Hawking, who is an almost exact clone of the famous 20th/21st century scientist, Stephen Hawking, discovers time is actually fluid; past, present, and future all exist at the same time. What he doesn't know, is if the current timeline can change when something is changed in the past. The US government wants him to find out. The theme being to make right what once went wrong.

Hawking's invention only works with a spaceship, so one is renamed the USS Albert Einstein, and he goes on time travel adventures with military members assigned to the ship. They go back to Wounded Knee in 1890, the Titanic in 1912, Anne Frank and her family in 1940, President Kennedy in 1963, and various NASA spacecraft from 1970 to 1986.

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Re: Novels and short stories by Cliff Ball

Interesting and provocative stuff!

J. Alexander Greenwood (But you can call me Al. Kidding. I prefer Alex.)
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A Simple Solution to America's Weight Problem: Banish Belly and Lose Weight in Just 5 Minutes a Day

[ Edited ]

 Nonfiction» Health, wellbeing, & medicine» Dieting 

Words: 44342 (approximate)
Language: English

Now available in Printed Edition under $10

Short description

New & natural way to weight loss. Not another diet and vigorous exercise or some nutrient, vitamin, hormone, and drug that I am promoting. With child obesity at national emergency levels (that has involved first lady Michelle Obama now); it is time to treat those fat, unhealthy, undisciplined, drug infested bodies with a technique that works. This book is here to help you with that. Good Luck!

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Re: Read My Book! Friendship Breaks Barriers

[ Edited ]

Friendship Breaks Barriers  Synopsis


Toby the cat is curious about animals that don’t look like him. He makes friends with a squirrel, an armadillo and a dog, despite being confined to a screen-in porch. His observations solve the question of pets that were missing from the neighborhood.



Blurb: Toby the cat finds friends despite insurmountable difference.



A portion of the royalties from the purchase of this book will be

donated to Save-A-Life, Inc: a all volunteer organization created to save adoptable animals.

                        Children picture book for ages 4-9

The book is in paperback and nook