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Winter Blossoms and other poems by Mamata Misra

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Winter Blossoms is an anthology of poems I wrote during the period 1993-2006, when I was raising my children, taking care of sick extended family members, volunteering as an advocate for battered women through an organization called SAHELI for Asian families ( discovering wisdom in ancient Vedic scriptures. The poems have emerged from this collective experience and often they show what I saw or add voice or hope to the feelings of people around me, particularly the survivors of family violence. I have grouped the poems into chapters called Mother and Child, War and Peace, Questions not Answers, Hope and Despair, and Sound and Silence. Indira Chakravorty, a colleague, artist, and activist, has created line drawings that accompany the poems giving the book a different look. Since many of the poems in Winter Blossoms were inspired by the lives of survivors of violence, the proceeds from this book go toward helping survivors.

Here is what some of the readers say:

Winter Blossoms represents a cross-cultural journey that not only explores the experiences of South Asian women, but also reflects all women’s connection with everything and everyone around them. From arranged marriages to a mother’s delight for her unborn children, Mamata Misra’s clear, compassionate voice echoes the bittersweet quality of women’s lives. Like her poem "Rollercoaster," she takes us on an adventure filled with the complexities of living and dying. I recommend that readers fasten their seat belts. You’re in for one amazing ride.

—K.J. Wilson, Ed.D, author of When Violence Begins at Home: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Ending Domestic Abuse.

Winter Blossoms is a bouquet of poems that would touch every soul. With a voice that is tender and assertive, and clear as a bell, Mamata Misra calls us to interrogate human indignity, hostility, and domination and then she whispers in our ear: ‘change, change, change.’ She takes us gently by the hand and leads us to hope. Winter Blossoms is courageous and bold, not unlike the buds that dare to bloom in the dead of a freezing season. The truths in Winter Blossoms go beyond the limitations of a particular community and reach the universal.

—Shamita Das Dasgupta, co-founder of Manavi, Inc. and editor of A Patchwork Shawl: Chronicles of South Asian Women in America and Body Evidence: Intimate Violence against South Asian Women in America.

You can find more reader reviews of Winter Blossoms at Reader

You can browse the first few pages of Winter Blossoms at

Winter Blossoms is also available through Barnes & Noble. I appreciate the opportunity to announce Winter Blossoms to you.

Mamata Misra
Author of Winter Blossoms

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CUMANDA: The Novel of the Ecuadorian Jungle

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A celebrated Latin American classic is being shared with English readers for the first time with the release of Noé O. Vaca’s translation of Juan León Mera’s Ecuadorian love story, Cumandá.

One hundred and thirty years after the original was written, Vaca’s translation, titled Cumandá: The Novel of the Ecuadorian Jungle (published by Author-House), recreates Mera’s tale of star-crossed lovers, staged in the lush Amazon jungle. A national treasure in Vaca’s native Ecuador, Cumandá is widely considered one of the most important novels in 19th-century Latin American literature, Cumandá: The Novel of the Ecuadorian Jungle delivers to English readers the same striking imagery and exotic characters that made the original unforgettable to generations of South Americans.
Noé O. Vaca (known as “Ozzie”) was born raised and educated in Ecuador, where he became an elementary school teacher at 19, there he also coached the school's soccer and basketball teams, led a Boy Scout troop and founded an acrobat squad that gave him lots of recognition; Came to the USA in 1969 where he dedicated himself to retail, is an American Citizen and lives in Columbia, SC since 1975. Vaca enjoys writing short stories and translating and interpreting English and Spanish.
Paperback (5x8) 9781434325990

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Re: Read My Book! Someone Special For Me

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I am a new romance author and my new book is available on line.

You can see an excerpt of my book on my website indicated above. Hope you buy a copy of my book and tell your friends. A holiday romance.

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Debbie Diamond - Author of "Someone Special For Me"
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Hi -- I'm Kathye Quick. My writing partner, Patt Mihailoff, and I are very excited about our debut fantasy romance entitled FIREBRAND.

We met at the gym of all places and started talking writing. Before long we found out we had a common interest in fantasy and a love of the sci-fi channel and soon we began wondering what would happen if we got together to create. The result was a "new author" - P. K. Eden and a wonderful adventure entitled FIREBRAND.

FIREBRAND has just been released by download by Cerridwen Press, the mainstream arm of Ellora's Cave. It is projected to be out in print in about six months.


Amber Drake is the only person who can save three worlds from annihilation.
Only she doesn’t know it yet. When the Garden fell at the beginning of time, the First One divided what was left into three: Humans – administered by the descendents of the Adam and Eve, The Fae – watched over and protected by those who came from the Angel of the Garden and Trolls – ruled by those who evolved from the Snake who tempted

Each world was given a sword to protect those who would come and hope for the future in the form of a prophecy that foretold the coming of one born of all three bloodlines who could bring peace and harmony to all worlds and restore the Garden to glory. But the tribred’s birth also initiates a series of events that start the Arpeggio Clock to begin the countdown to Armageddon and not everyone wants the clock to stop.

The first reviews are in. "P.K. Eden creates lush worlds and colorful characters full of secrets and magic as the backbone of this fantastic tale. The reader will be hooked from the first page, and their addiction will not be salved until the final page.
FIREBRAND is an excellent adventure, and I look forward to future offerings by P.K. Eden." -- Reviewed by Melissa Kammer, NovelTalk, on 11/9/07.

You can read an excerpt of FIREBRAND at And if you have time come on over to my website and check out other books by Kathye Quick - or visit Patt's blog at

If you like what you read, go on over to Creeidwen Press - www.cerridwepress and try a download until you can pick one up in print at a barnes and Noble near you! ISBN 9781419911323

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Re: Read My Book! Read My Book - Someone Special For Me


My name is Debbie Diamond and I am a recently published author. I am so excited about this project. I am a hopeless romantic and have always wanted to write. My friends told me that I was so romantic that I could write a book. At the time I started my book I was in the military and went as far as writing two chapters. Being as busy as I was I lost track of the book until I got out of the military. My daughter found my chapters and told me to finish it. It took about four more years, one being serious about completing it and here I am today.

Read text from my book

Looking across the room, John noticed an attractive lady watching him. Their eyes locked, she tried to look down, but was drawn by his deep and magnetizing eyes. A warm feeling went through her body, tingly all the way down to her feet. Why was she feeling like this? She hadn’t felt like this in quite awhile…………….

He wanted her as much as she wanted him, even more, but he didn’t want to rush things. All you have to do is ask or look at me like that and it’s yours. He pulled her in his arm and took her mouth ever so softly at first and then the kiss intensified. Each wanted more and more……..

Look at me lady, you are the best thing that has ever happen to me and for me, and this is it. I want to share everything with you. I don’t want anything to come between us……….

My husband doesn't read romantic books, but he took a chance and couldn't put it down until he finished. He was really taken back on this book. He was surprised at how the male character of book has feelings and thoughts. He told me that the female always gets the storyline, so he was impressed.

Take a chance and buy my book. You will love it. You can find it on line at the following and also you can look at my website and see additonal information about me.

Debbie Diamond - Author of "Someone Special For Me"
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Ladybug Baby Bug, by Janice and Mark Perkins

From the Mid-Ohio Food Bank website:

Children's Book Feeds the Imagination and Kids in Need

Mark & Janice Perkins found a way to fulfill a lifelong dream and help families in need. They are venturing into the world of writing and illustrating children’s books. Their first book will entertain young readers and put food on the tables of area children. The book, LADYBUG BABY BUG, has been published by Authorhouse, and 20% of the proceeds will go to provide food for families in need.

On the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, as well as, the Yahoo news yesterday, the feature told of the struggles food banks are having today keeping up with the demand. By buying this book, not only are you getting a great book for your emerging reader, but you helping MId-Ohio Food Bank serve the community as a bonus. One book at a time can make a big difference.

In Ladybug Baby Bug, the authors offer readers a charming peek into the life of the Ladybug family, including Momma, Da-Da, Sissy, Na-Na, Pa-Pa, and Brother Bug. It's a great book for emerging readers with whimsical illustrations to draw in and hold your infants or preschoolers interest. The easy-to-read story shows the importance of having a strong relationship with all members of your family and will encourage your children to seek family unity and love.

On sale at --
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Flying North South East and West


My just published non-fiction, Flying North South East and West is now available at Barnes & Noble.

FNSEW is not just a story of forty years and twenty thousand hours of flying from the North Pole to the sands of Africa, but also a true story of a young couple in the early sixties, as they struggle to make a life in Alaska.

You can learn more about us, and the book by googling up Captain Terry Reece and/or visit our website, Flyingnorth.Com

Visit today and join us in the cockpit for the flight of your life.
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Re: "Heaven At Its Best"

I am Dr Clarence Rucker

This book is truly for lovers and it will excite the relationship.
"Heaven At Its Best." It is about a relationship that rivaled Solomon and the Shulamite Maiden in the Song of Solomon. This is the beginning of all relationships. This relationship overwhelmed the five senses and created a sixth sense called, "Heaven." It bypassed the imagination. Their essence left their bodies and went into each other. The man no longer stated, "She was his other half." He found out she was his other self. He truly found that a dog was not man's best friend; it was the lady if you treat her well.

Some people even wish upon those shooting stars. They do not know that “My Lady’s” beauty may be their wish. The moon at night becomes in awe of this beauty and come out to see her brilliance. Because of her beauty the Sun kisses the moon and disappears. Her illumination brightens the night and day. Sometimes the sun refuses to shine because of her bronze glamour. Nature responds to her as if she is a supernatural being and because of her nature takes her queue for life. What beauty when nature has to stand in line for her. Her eyes are glamorous and dazzling and show enchantment. The eyes are stunning and have a brilliant cluster. She is a work of art and no one can do art like God. He definitely put this beauty together. If only you could have seen her at the moment she began to dance, you would have been bemused that she was created with impeccable flawlessness. Authorhouse published it and you can find previews in Web sight to follow. Enjoy, you will wish to read more. Thank You.

Rev. Dr. Clarence Rucker, Jr., from Detroit to Atlanta has found his way as an elocutionist. Dr. Rucker is hailed as one of the great evangelistic voices of the gospel. He is a poet, educator, author, elocutionist, civil rights activist and Viet Nam Era Veteran. He travels and spread the gospel, “From Dust, To Life, To Power.” He is hailed as one of the great voices in the ministry. His wisdom is vastly becoming legendary. He now resides in the Houston, Texas area. He is a Minister and Evangelist of the gospel. From Detroit College of Business, to Wayne State University: to Calvary Theological Seminary, to Templeton, and Cornerstone University: Dr. Rucker has been inspired by the love of the gospel. His concentration is in Golf, Traveling, Real Estate, Public Speaking, and Reading. His book, “Heaven At Its Best” is one of the best sellers.
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Re: Read My Book! Skies Over Sweetwater

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Skies Over Sweetwater, by Julia Moberg, is a wonderful, little known story about the first women to fly in the US Air Force. Perfect for middle school to adult readers, Skies Over Sweetwater is a book about courage and following dreams that all our children should read.

Join Byrd Thompson, age 18, as she leaves her Iowa home in 1944 to travel to Sweetwater, Texas—home of Avenger Field—where the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) training camp teaches women how to fly bombers, pursuits, trainers, and utility planes. The WASP were the first women in history trained to fly American military aircraft. Still in their teens, these courageous pioneers, heroes in their own right, left their homes to serve their country doing what they loved to do—fly!

This little known story in our nation’s history inspires us all to follow our dreams and find our own place in the world through courage, integrity, and passion. Readers of all ages will love the WASP’s story of achievement, friendship, and patriotism.

Skies Over Sweetwater will be available at B&N in March -- just in time to celebrate Women's History month -- but is available now at for pre-order. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season.


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Re: Sacred Vow by CG Walters

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Sacred Vow by CG Walters

Have you ever realized an instant familiarity with someone on your first encounter? Were you unable to deny the bond between the two of you, even though acknowledgement seemed it might disrupt your life or, at least, the view of the world that you currently held and were comfortable with?

Samhain has just passed, the time the veil between worlds is its most sheer. Sacred Vow is a story of parallel universes and the multidimensional nature of our loves and our relationships. We are coming to the season of the year where we traditionally enjoy many of our celebrations of giving, of love, and of communion--Thanksgiving, Chanukah, The Hajj, Christmas, Kwanzaa. The rift in the Collective Consciousness that is so central in Sacred Vow is occurring because people in the worlds of the characters are dissociating from one another, from the world they live, from other life forms, and from the effect their own thoughts have on their reality. Our world is in much the same state.

In honor of the upcoming period of time so energetically significant to our culture and our psyche, I have been inspired to offer anyone interested a full length FREE PDF copy of my visionary novel, Sacred Vow. Get the full length FREE PDF of my acclaimed novel, Sacred Vow, by going to and clicking on the link in the page to download the eBook. This will allow you to save the book to your disk.

Ian Sarin encounters such an instant familiar, except she is not of his world. Without his understanding, he is drawn into her world and into various other lives they are sharing even before he was aware of her. She is a member of a nature focused culture in a parallel reality, centered around a mystical order of women called the Sisterhood of Crones (a description, not a name—she points out—as their name is something that is without words).

Much to Ian’s amazement, he finds that the bond between he and Katerina is a key element needed to heal a growing disintegration in the Collective Consciousness that makes up all reality—a breach that threatens us all. As Ian learns the part he and Katerina are destined to play and the vast ties they have, he and those around him come to realize that life and the world before them was never as merely four-dimensional or isolated as they had imagined.

Sacred Vow is first and foremost a metaphysical love story, a tale of soul mates—twin flames—a journey toward our one true love…in its infinite expressions…bringing together two individuals from disparate realities—but one spirit—to heal the rift in the Collective Consciousness.

Monthly Aspectarian "..shares with us the magic of a loving commitment that spans time and the understanding that such a commitment needs to be held sacred.

"Sacred Vow is a metaphysical novel about a man who responds to the mysterious call of a woman, opening the way to redefinition of both himself and his understanding of the world around him. He takes his first steps on a journey to accept the world around him as a place to live, not simply a place to survive day-to-day. Sacred Vow is both a narrative and the means for the author to communicate a positive message about life and fully integrating the most into each moment. Highly recommended." Small Press Bookwatch, Midwest Book Review

Purchase an unsigned paperback copy of Sacred Vow here at Barnes and Noble, or purchase a signed, personalized paperback copy at

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CG Walters
author of Sacred Vow
Truth is but a resting place until the next revelation.