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SCAM Alert!!

I just wanted everyone to know I received an email today from Barnes and Noble telling me my order could not be processed because my credit card was denied and to please contact them with new credit card info.

First, I don't order from B&N online. I always go in the store to do my shopping. Second, I did go into my account and my last shipment was 2 years ago and it had a completely different order number.

Once I checked that info, I deleted the email completely. So, if anyone out there gets an email like this, please be wary. The website looked exactly like it came from B&N. Do not open or give any credit card info. Also, If you have had an order from B&N, check the order number against the one given in the email. Be careful out there....tis the season for scammers!

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Re: SCAM Alert!!

Thanks for the timely warning.  That is exactly the kind of thing people are likely to fall for at this busy time of year!