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Secure PDF Files on Nook

Secure PDF Files on your Nook! - When I travel every few months for 2 or 3 days to MD Anderson Houston for treatments (I am in remission now!) the B&N Nook is my constant and unassuming companion. Lots to read and review in the airports - and always stuff to read between their famous "take this pill wait an hour and return". I have also found that converting my important phone and contact directories and hotel and taxi contact locations to PDF using the PDF maker password options is very helpful and secure. It keeps me from having to take reams of documentation and notes - and also makes me feel more secure just in case I misplace my nook - which could ever never happen? Lots of PDF makers around - Just google "Make PDF" and see all the inevpensive packages that you can use to convert - and password - all types of documents - and look for their 'secure' password options. Print-Save your document PDF in a folder on your computer - then make a folder in your Nook extra memory and copy to your nook. Turn off the Nook - and turn on again - When you open the PDF file -the Nook will ask for your password! - and bingo - you have everything you need to know in your Nook! without taking another briefcase of documents. I even keep some of my medical information on PDF in case I am asked at reception - which is ALWAYS!  Grandpa Shrek 2010