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Re: Trouble signing into B & N Community


meg820 wrote:

Have you always had problems signing in?


I wonder if it's the B&N website and has nothing to do with your browers, etc. Some days are really easy for me to seach the website and other days it's like pulling teeth. I don't think you're the only one who has issues signing in a bunch of times. I think I sign in to either the book clubs area or to purchase a book at least 3-5 times in a row. I think it's the website, not your computer.



All of us have problems signing in from time to time, sites fault. But since I haven't had a sign in issue in months and most of us haven't. And since most people with the more difficult sign in issues either use pre XP windows, dial up, or explorer.....




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Re: Trouble signing into B & N Community



Thanks for all your help!


I never had problems signing in until they made changes not too long ago. This is one reason why I'm not logging on as much as I used to. Some days I'm more patient with it but lately it's been brutal.



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Re: Trouble signing into B & N Community

I've had problems signing in from time to time but that was before they made the changes.  I also had nothing but problems when I used explorer.  I'm on a Mac and I only use Firefox and have virtually no problems (knock on wood) with sign in.  When I was having the problems before it was always because I tried to sign into the  chatrooms before I had signed into B&N. Once I started signing into B&N and then signed into the B&N Community, I had little to no problems.  For me, it seemed to be the order of the sign-ins.  Maybe you could try this?  It worked for me.


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Re: Trouble signing into B & N Community

For a long time when a lot of people were having problems, I didn't have much trouble, and the site almost always remembered me so I didn't have to log on.  But all that has changed!  Also, no matter where I am and what link I use to log in, it just brings me to my account, and then I'm still not signed in to the book clubs.


But I did finally find a way that seems reliable.  I open any thread and hit Reply.  At that point, a pop-up window comes up for me to sign in.  That method of signing in works for me.  I've shared this a few times, and I guess it helped Ryan a lot, too.  Unfortunately, it still usually doesn't remember me when I come back, even though I check the box to do so; it's very hit-or-miss in that regard.  But signing on, while a bit of a pain, works for me this way and I only have to sign in once per session.

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