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OT: exclusion lock required

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bobstro wrote:
At this rate, we'll break a million in this thread... tomorrow.

We will, if you don't add an exclusion lock, to make sure someone else isn't running the same script at the same time.



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Re: Website Complaint

Free Fridays came out with free apps. Very frustrating that all the free apps so far except for 1 have been for kids. If you are going to have all the free apps be for kids then you should say so up front!

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Re: Website Complaint


if you search for the topic "Julie" you'll understand why most of the apps are aimed at kids. Mothers with young children are the target audience for the tablet style Nooks.
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Re: Website Complaint

I find it a strange choice too.


You should get our free 'Apps Buddy' App. There's a section on deals and it includes free apps.


There's also a search function and you can sort by price.