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Re: Welcome to the Community Room!

Hi Tomorrow is "Operation Book Drop"  for  more information go to; for Teen/YA..and of course Adults as well;;You just leave a Book,and include their Tag.etc..No other information is needed..Its a Great Cause....We Thank you..Vtc  Susan

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Re: Welcome to the Community Room!

What happened to the Sneak Peaks?  Haven't seen any announcements about them for a few months now,

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Re: Welcome to the Community Room!

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Re: Welcome to the Community Room!

What's all this about the moderators being changed in the book clubs? Why is this being done?

I've just recently joined the Harry Potter and Mystery Book Clubs, and it is apparent that the moderators in those two rooms are doing a great job. I see that some clubs are being dropped and others revamped. It seems a bit, well, arbitrary, and it would be thoughtful if the administrator would explain why there is a need for all the upheaval, and why the rooms that are successfully active are also changing the moderators. Explanation,  please!

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Re: Welcome to the Community Room!

Wow, another person from the University of Iowa! :smileyhappy:  Welcome, Palle, I work across the river at the Carver College of Medicine!


Palle-Jorgensen wrote:



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Re: I need some help.

[ Edited ]

:womanvery-happy: Hi! am newest in town! I'

d like to know what can I share here in this forum as a sign of my gratitude to be here. I'd love books always and ever. Since childhood, my mom bought me one every month, payday of my dad. Then as tradition, I see to it I buy one or two during my own monthly salary! I want to be good here as possible as I should be ,can you suggest what's the next thing to do right after here. thanks. much appreciated as always.

Love books!
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Re: I need some help.

Hi, 'newest member in town'...:smileyhappy: 

I was passing by this way,

and saw you standing on the street corner,

wondering which way to go,

so I thought I'd lend you a hand, if I may?


As you have noticed, we have many boards and blogs, and whatever your heart desires to read and participate in, and lots of people who are old members, here to help you, too.  I've been around for a hundred years, so that may say something....probably senility is one thing....


Anyway, you can choose which board suits your needs.  We have a Fiction board that is a nice place to get to know a lot of book lovers, just pick a spot and jump right in.  There is usually a place on each board to introduce yourself, and you can take the leap and introduce yourself in all of these boards, if you have the time to do that!  We usually start book discussion on the first of each month.  You might have seen the home page for books, which gives you links to find everything that is currently in progress.  Don't be afraid, we won't bite newbies.....well.....not to hard, anyway.  Ha!


Tell us a little about yourself....your name if you want to go by it.  It's not necessary, but it does give a warm and fuzzy feeling, especially after you've been here awhile, and gotten to know some of us.  I'm on the Kingdom of Wordsmithonia (plug, plug), and personally invite you there....if you like words, or like to write, or just play....we try to be entertaining, although at this time, we aren't discussing books...I just post reviews, if anyone is interested in doing that, and talking about them, we can do that too....


This time of year people are planning vacations, and not as busy, here, as usual....the mystery board is always hoping, though,....But Becke, the moderator, sleeps in front of her computer, and you may see her online, day and night!.... :smileyvery-happy:  If you see a book you'd like to talk about on any genre, any board, drop the moderator a note. Or mention it in their Community Room.


Do you know how to use the Private Message program (PM)?  The little white envelope on the top of your page?  


Anything you need help with, just post it here, or on a board, or privately....You can click on anyone's name, and can send a message to that person from that page.  Administrators are here to help, also.  What kind of books do you like to read?  What's your interests in life?  Tell us....and we'll try to direct you if you want us to.  Glad you've come to join our little community!


Happy Reading!

Kathy S.

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Re: Welcome to the Community Room!

Please forgive me for hitting the reply button but it was the only way I could find to get on the board.


A brief description of me.  Hmm, I love reading of course, always have.  To me reading is the best exercise for the brain and a great source for learning.  It allows one to develop their own thoughts and opinions rather than accepting those of others claiming to be in the know.  And that empowers an individual to think and reason for oneself.

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Re: Welcome to the Community Room!

I didn't know this community room was here.  I am so excited.  I am fairly new and am excited to hear about more and more books!