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What next?

Okay I read and love the twilight series, and am looking forward to Midnight Sun. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for books along this same style and flow. I am not all that interested in vampires I just like the underlying romance and feel of the story, although im not against the vampires and warewolves. I may be interested in something a little more mature, but I hate those trashy romance novels. I also like the classics. Any suggestions???
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Re: What next?

How about the Maximum Ride series, by Jamed Patterson? It's a science-fictiony kind of series, but it's fast-paced, action-filled and, I will add, hilarious. I've read and reread the series several times. But if science fiction isn't really your dig, I suggest A Child Called It, by Dave Pelzer. It will make you cry (unless, of course, your tear ducts have been detatched from crummy emotions, such as sorrow, as mine have).
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Re: What next?

I would suggest Dean Koontz and some of his novels which are along the 'supernatural' lines:




Dean Koontz's Frankenstein 















Dean Koontz's Frankenstein  














Odd Thomas (Odd Thomas Series #1) 















Forever Odd (Odd Thomas Series #2)  


Brother Odd (Odd Thomas Series #3)  













Odd Hours (Odd Thomas Series #4)  

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Re: A Child Called "It"

Yes, I think Dave Pelzer did an excellent job on this book. He was very brave to write about his own childhood. This is my favorite book every. I cried clear through it. What was your favorite part in the book?


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Re: What next?


Check out:

Hopefully you can find something there :smileyhappy: 

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Re: What next?

I thought since midnight sun got leaked Meyers was no longer planning on releasing it.  In fact I thought she put up the first few chapters on her website for everyone to read since she was no longer going to release.  I read it and it was ok... Definitely not as good as the original books.

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Re: What next?

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Laurell K Hamilton has 2 series that are similar in nature to the Twilight books; vampires, werewolves (and other were-creatures), faeries, goblins, and the like, but are definitely intended for mature readers.  There is -some- gratuitous material (lol) but the books have very well-defined, multi-faceted plots and characters.  Both series have modern settings, with supernatural twists  :smileyhappy:)

First is her Anita Blake series, beginning with _Guilty Pleasures_ (the title is the name of a nightclub owned by a vampire). Anita is a vampire hunter, and takes her job very seriously.

Guilty Pleasures (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series #1)



Second is the Merideth "Merry" Gentry series. _A Kiss of Shadows_ begins the story of Merry Gentry, P.I., who also happens to be a half-human faerie princess, competing with her cousin to inherit the throne!  This series is much more of a "faerie tale" than the Anita Blake series (and is my favorite of the 2), but definitely holds it's own; it can be pretty scary at times, lol  :smileyhappy:)


A Kiss of Shadows (Meredith Gentry Series #1)



I definitely love BOTH series, and have read each a few times. I only -just- began the Twilight series, and i am loving IT just as much!!


I hope that helps? i know this response is a while after your initial post, but if nothing else, maybe could inspire some great summer reading? :smileyhappy:)


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Re: What next?

Try the House Of Night series by PC Cast or The Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead.  Both are good series books (Young Adult).  Also I agree with phreec, the Laurell K Hamilton books are good but lots of adult material.  If you haven't read Charlaine Harris, I recommend her!  Her Sookie series is fun and I love the characters!  As for non-supernatural books with a great love story, try Nicholas Sparks.

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Re: What next?

Obviously you enjoy books with excellent narrating and descriptive plots. That is sort of the BIG hook with the books written by Stephanie Meyer. I would recommend reading the first five series written by V.C Andrews (prior to her ghostwriter taking over). These books are written similar to the style of Stephanie Meyer. I would best describe these series as very complelling mystery-drama while telling the hardships of a life story. Fiction Based and very hard to put down!

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Re: What next?

Sookie Stackhouse series is a great alternative.  It's what HBO's series True Blood is based on.  Great characters and more for an adult reader.