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Re: Why are the B&N eBooks going up in price instead of down?

TnTexas wrote:

keriflur: Computer class does not equal book industry expert.  There are a lot of other factors beyond transfer costs that determine price.


Namely advances paid to authors and salaries for editors, copyeditors, PR department, lawyers, etc.

Also, for most consumer goods, cost does not determine price, the market determines price.  It's a want, not a need, so if you don't like the price you don't pay it.  The market is willing to pay the current prices, therefore, the cost associated with producing the item is irrelevant.  But I agree with Keriflur and TnTexas, there's a lot more to producing and distributing an eBook besides transfer costs.  

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Re: Why are the B&N eBooks going up in price instead of down?

Benny_the_Nook wrote:

Am I the only one frustrated with New Releases prices creeping up towards $15 & now slowly moving past that range?  It's ridiculous that the more popular the ereaders become, the more expensive the books are getting.  What happened to the idea of saving money by not using paper, saving on labor, etc.  We the consumers aren't reaping any rewards from the savings.  That's for sure.  Also, why are books 3-4 years old being offered in eBook format for the cost of a new book, but if you buy it in paperback through Marketplace it would only be $1.50.  Very disappointed in the GREED, which keeps me from updating my Nook.  I have the original x 3, because the first two developed fine line cracks under the page turn buttons. All within the first year & under warranty.  Reading too much, I guess. :smileysurprised:


Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my Nook, Benny the Third, but I'm disgusted with the eBook retailers.  I understand the principle of capitalism, but please....


Anyone else feel this way or is this just a dead topic because it's been griped about too many times?


Also, be honest with the publication date. Books don't become "New Releases" just because the format changed.  If the book is 10 years old, then say it & price it accordingly.


Whew...glad I got that out!

And this the very reason that I simply REFUSE to buy any book that is over $10.....I don't care if its a paperback or ebook, I will not buy it if it is over that price.  Now this does mean that I don't get to read alot of the books that I would like to read, and in this case I try to get a copy from the library.  I look at it this way, I may be the only one doing this, and I might not be.  But hopefully others will do the same and the publishers will decide to drop prices.  Although this probably will not happen, I still refuse to pay more than $10 so if I miss our on some good books then Oh Well!  That's just one more sale that they will not get.