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Anne Frank: The Biography with new and expanded material, Melissa Muller


Anne Frank  Back with another review of this particular book and especially reading when it 1st came out (1998).  Now, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this again and with the correct family trees.  Unlike the mistake with one of the birth dates in the original publication.  In which I have contracted Ms Muller and the publisher regarding it, but never heard from either of them.  Here I thought theres possibly nothing else out there about her and all of the others that could possibly shed any light since the original publication regarding all of this.  I do have still have questions regarding all of this.  Especially, regarding what the heck happened to the rest of her diary and her sister's Margot's as well.  Just look at Carol Ann Lee's biographies about her and her father (in which I didn't read and tried to read).


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