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Trends in Hatred and Prejudice

Hi everyone,


I'm wondering if anyone has some good book and/or movie suggestions for me in regards to the topic of hatred/prejudice.  In particular, I'd like to take a closer look at the psychology behind such crimes, though I'm not sure what all exists.  Anything will do, it doesn't have to be from a particular time in history, etc, or even a "real" event if something fictional deals with the topic.  I'm trying to get into this mindset as much as possible for the mindset of certain characters in something I've been wanting to write for a while (and hope to start during National Novel Writing Month).


For example, I've been reading Hitler's Willing Executioners (why did German citizens follow Hitler?  I'm most interested in reading about this aspect of the Holocaust) and am about to read Not By The Sword  (which is about a former KKK leader that turns around and pulls a 180 in regards to his beliefs).  I've also seen movies/tv shows that focus on a fear of people who are "different" in supernatural settings such as X-Men: Trilogy Pack  and Roswell: Season 1.  I'm going to re-watch American History X  soon, since a co-worker recommended it.


Any good ideas?  I'd appreciate any suggestions (it would also be helpful to mention why you think the title would be helpful, if possible). ^_^


Thanks in advance! for ideas on what to read next!
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Re: Trends in Hatred and Prejudice

[ Edited ]

Well, I personally would advise against Goldhagen and Hitler's Willing Executioners. It has substantial errors of interpretation and sourcing. On the hyper-critical end, Norman Finkelstein (himself a son of survivors of Auschwitz) condemns the book, but Finkelstein himself is disliked for being very anti-Zionist and a sharp critic of Israel. On a more mainstream critical end, Ian Kershaw soft-pedaled his dislike of Goldhagen, and Kershaw's pretty much THE guy on Hitler, German society and the Holocaust. For a series of essays he wrote on the topic, spanning about 25 years of research and an evolution of his ideas, I would heartily recommend Hitler, the Germans, and the Final Solution .


Lastly, why go so far afield? Why not look at home? Tim Wise is a powerful, emotional and engaging writer, and the man comes to any argument armed with a machine-gun of data.

Speaking Treason Fluently  is a brilliantly argued series of essays about why it's his duty as a white man to condemn the pervasive racism of white social, political and economic dominance in America. His specific aim is to counter the idea that white people are somehow the victims of "reverse racism" or have somehow become the "losers" in the race debate. If that doesn't sound compelling to you yet, maybe consider clicking this video of his argument against the repeal of Affirmative Action, moderated by NRP's Robert Siegel.



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Re: Trends in Hatred and Prejudice

Journey to the Center of the Earth (Barnes & Noble Classics Series)  













I just read "Journey to the Center of the Earth" by Jules Verne. Although "science fiction", "Journey" includes pre-WW2 scientific and historic facts. German cities like Hamburg, for example, were volcanic eruptions of knowledge and scientific advancement. In fact, some of the science can actually be linked to the volcanic eruption of Krakatoa...




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Re: Trends in Hatred and Prejudice

Sorry... this is kinda random, but... the Nazis is mean. Theyz is a bit crazy!!!
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