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Welcome to Current Events!

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Current Events! This board is the place to discuss books that address all manner of current affairs — from politics, to economics, to the environment, to education and more.

We'll be initiating some threads based on titles that we think will make for good discussions, and you should feel free to do the same.

It goes without saying that people tend to be rather passionate on these matters, but we're going to ask that participants please heed the User Guidelines and remember that this is a community built on courtesy and respect. Deliberately argumentative threads will be locked or moved.

Further, we ask you to remember the following:

• Please try to avoid employing these logical fallacies, as they tend to create unwinnable or dishonest arguments disrespectful to the people with whom you're having a discussion.

• Please be respectful of other people's posts. Don't assign to them an argument not made or rewrite their argument to one easier to refute. If you find yourself writing, "So what you're saying is..." stop to ask yourself what motive you have in rewriting their post instead of engaging it directly.

• Please remember that you and your argument are different entities. Things can get critical in here, but your arguments aren't you. Even the best people make a misguided comparisons, use a flawed source or pass on mistaken information. Seeing personal convictions challenged or proved flawed is frustrating, but this can happen when ideas are exchanged and does not diminish you personally. If critical responses prove too distressing, perhaps it's advisable to refrain from sharing on that topic.

Finally, we also ask you to keep in mind that this is first and foremost a book club, focused primarily on the exploration of books. Conversations are naturally going to veer into many directions, but we will from time to time ask that we come back to the books.

Thanks for joining us on this journey! We're looking forward to the discussion.