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Inspired Bibliophile
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cspan, obama, mc cain, triage, the elderly, taxes, etc.

i watched a cspan program this morning which you can probably catch on reruns if it isn't purged as the obama youth videos were, because they were unflattering and showed a rather unpleasant side of some of obama's supporters and we can't have that, can we?

the cspan moderator mentioned that mc cain had a suggestion to help out those who are 70+ and forced to begin selling a portion of  their 401k's. mc cain suggested that the time period be extended to allow them to wait until the market recoups a little so their retirement funds have a chance to grow again. most have shrunk so low that they cannot sustain them any longer. when they sell, they begin to pay the taxes that were deferred but the principle will be diminished to their detriment.
the obama spokesperson was asked about this and he replied (i am paraphrasing) "oh those are only the ve...(you can fill in the blanks) and he stopped himself and said, the old, and their aren't many of them. then he further implied that the government would need the taxes derived from their having to cash in what he called, only small percentages of their portfolios. he was rather cavalier about it being small numbers of people that would actually be effected and of course he was casting a negative image upon those who have reached 70 as being "very old". now i wonder whom else he might be implying that about????

now back to the 401k's. some of us only have small percentages of cash left in the 401k's after this debacle and would like to have the mandatory selling of portions of it postponed until the market recoups a bit. it saddened me that obama and his ilk seem to feel that only the indigent and young, many of whom do not even pay taxes, need protection and tax relief, while "the old" need to be pretty much ignored! 

please keep in mind that  from what i have been hearing, 95% of the people cannot be getting a tax reduction since approximately only 50% of the people actually pay taxes and of those the top 5% pay 80% of all taxes. therefore, rather than getting a tax reduction, 45% will just be getting a handout! i am really tired of being told that the rich don't pay their fair share. they pay the lion's share. if i have misunderstood the tax information, please feel free to enlighten me. this is how i understand it.

i think those older people who plan to vote for obama should understand that they will be triaged out of the system in more ways than one, not only in health care. if they read between the lines they will find that their concerns are being ignored because obama has sold the theory that the young are being saddled with the debts of the old and how do you suggest we eliminate that debt? do we eliminate the old?  triage has many forms.

btw, take a look at all of the people being called in as experts, even most of the heads of state and tell me are they the very young??? most of the time, it is the people with the most experience who are called on for advice not the other way around. don't sell us oldtimers so short, just yet.