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Re: Sullivan's Island site

vivico1 wrote:

Stephanie wrote:

Stop mowing! At least the rain has stopped. I bet the grass is lush and green. Glad to hear you were resting.

Lush ain't the word for it! This is prairie grass, not regular lawn grass, so with all the rains it was like a jungle out there! In some places, it was as high as my knee, so I had to mow twice. It sure looks great when mowed tho, to look out over the place, it does then look like lawn grass then and everything is very green. I spent all day yesterday doing some online volunteer work that helps others do their geneology and helped a few others learn how to help too. My eyes were shot from allergies from mowing the day before lol ,but with a few breaks, i was able to keep it going online without too many mistakes I hope. I think the exhaustion has hit today tho, so may be a bit grumpy....and sneezy...and dopey LOL, hmmm did the seven dwarfs all suffer from allergies??

You know, now that you mention it I guess they did all suffer from allergies! I bet they didn't know what they had! So they got there weird names from having what they didnt know they had! Are you confused yet? hehehe Wasn't it one called Doc! I guess he treated himself and the others for their allergies. I can't think of the others names but maybe they were well most of the time! Who knows!
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Re: Sullivan's Island site

dotfrank wrote:

vivico1 wrote:
I was trying to find some pictures of Sullivan's Island. If anyone finds a sight with much more pictures please post here for us. I did find this site about it tho that I thought you might find interesting. A couple of pictures and some really interesting facts. I also now know exactly where it is too lol.

My momma must be spinniing in her grave!

My wife and I bought the "vagabond villa" on Sullivan's Island a few years back, and Dottie has many fond memories there, we are sure.

There are several good "real estate" based web sites with photos of the historic homes on the island.
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