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Bram Stoker

I am currently reading a biography of Bram Stoker. Although, I have never read Dracula, I have heard it is quite good. Any input? Words of caution?

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Re: Bram Stoker

hi, yeah im reading Dracula right now, and i think its really good, its one of those classics u hafta read, if ur a vampire buff(in my head)
the only thing that i dont like about so far is that it has taken me about 2 months to read it, when usually i could read a book with that many pages in like 3-4 days.... so thats my input
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Re: Bram Stoker: transcendentalist

Bram was also a transcendentalist, so it gives the novel another interesting aspect, and one that it is often overlooked. It's something a director or producer might purposely overlook, if he/she were producing/directing a sexy, suspenseful vampire movie. But it's also a great transitionary novel to the early 1900's!

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