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About the Book and Author

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About Eclipse

Title: EclipseFans already mesmerized by Twilight and New Moon will most certainly devour Eclipse, the third book in Stephenie Meyer's vampire love saga. As Seattle is plagued by a series of killings and a vampire continues in a quest for revenge, the intrepid Bella is once again in danger.

To make matters more perilous, she's forced to choose between her passion for Edward and her friendship with Jacob -- knowing that the decision could stir up the ageless struggle between vampire and werewolf. With graduation approaching, Bella has one more decision to make: life, or death? However, in her world, it's not so easy to determine which is which.

About Stephenie Meyer

Title: EclipseStephenie Meyer graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor's degree in English. She lives with her husband and three young sons in Phoenix, Arizona. After the publication of her first novel, Twilight, booksellers chose Stephenie Meyer as one of the "most promising new authors of 2005" (Publishers Weekly).

Discover all titles and editions from Stephenie Meyer.

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Re: About the Book and Author

What is the feeling amongst readers regarding her similarity to JK Rowling.

Is that just spin or is there some validity to the comparison?

Is writing style similar?

Will she be the next big thing? What's the view?
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Re: About the Book and Author

SM is an amazing writer and really draws you into her whole story, and is similar to JKR in that they both have written books intended for a younger audience but have more depth and appeal to an older audience, but I feel the similarities end there.

JKR created a whole new world and culture- I don't even think we can appreciate her depth of imagination; from hogwarts to quiddich she really provided for us a extraordinarily detailed alternate life in the wizarding world! They have their own rules, even their own language! She also has many many characters to whom we relate and really get to know.

SM, even though her vampire culture is not as rich as the Wizard culture of JKR, has an incredible love story going on that JKR did not explore at all. Her friendships were very detailed and rich but her love interests were really very academic. Why did Harry love Ginny? Or Ron and Hermoine? Those stories were not really the main event so to say and they were not as rich or mature as SM's story. There is a lot more heat and intensity in SM's relationships, friendship and romance.
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Re: About the Book and Author

For me, the biggest similarity is that both Meyer and Rowling develop their characters SO well. I feel like they are my friends. Honestly, that's what keeps me interested--or if done poorly, loses my interest in a book.

Also, both write mostly from the point of view of the main character--not first person, but you get the most thoughts from the main character.

Other than that, I actually think they both have differently writing patters/voice. I love them both though!
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Re: About the Book and Author

WOW, someday I hope that SM's books will be as popular as Harry Potter.

Harry Potter series has been, up unitl the last 3 months, my faveorite books series. My cousin recommended Twilight to me and it was done in a few hours...Harry Potter will always mean so much to me, it was my chilhood and teenage obsession. But now, Twilight is amazing, and in some wayas I love it more than Harry.

SM and JKR are both amazing talented writers that had thier ideas just flow into thier heads and take those ideas and make something that everyone can appreciate.

This year, for my 11th Grade English Honors clas, I'm writing a comparative essay on Harry Potter and the Twilight Series. Then I'll be writing a 3 thousand word essay on JRK.

These are two lovely and amazing series that share my "Favorites" shelf along with Pride and Prejudice, A Great and Terrible Beauty, Noughts and Crosses, and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. :-)

To everyone out there, read these books. They'll make an impact on your life!


PS. I wrote WAY to much!!!!


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I love to read and write poetry/lyrics and short stories. The layers of music fascinates me. Someday, I want to do movie soundtracks, maybe, or teach. The book to movie transition fascinates me to the extreme. I've been mesmorized by the way Harry Potter and Twilight and so many others have been brought into movies is something I think I would love to do.