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Jacob Real?

well i used to hate jacob but at the end of eclipse i felt sry for him so for the people who's fav charcter is jake plez dont take this the wrong way
so people like jacob bc he is real and edward is to perfect BUT they both have flaws. edward over reacts and is over protective
but if the only reason why u hate edward is bc he is too perfect thats not fair bc lets say jake was more of a jerk than he really is and bella settled for him. isnt that setting the standards for men low?edward is not real but every man should be a little more like him (sweet romantic understanding....) and then that way less women would get hurt and beaten up by bad men
plez dont think i am a HUGE jacob-hater but tell me what you think?
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Re: Jacob Real?

Well i still love Edward and i want him to be with Bella, but i'd just like Jacob better as MY bestfriend/boyfriend. I don't think Edward is in any way perfect :]
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Re: Jacob Real?

i don't think ppl hate edward cuz he's too perfect; at least i don't. i liked him in the first book exactly because he was the perfect guy, but when jacob came along, i changed my mind. he's more charismatic and warm (figuratively as well as literally) and he has a way better personality. edward proved to me that he wasn't the perfect guy cuz he left bella, and jake helped her. i think it was a slap in the face for bella to forgive edward so easily. i don't think jake represents a low-standard for men either. he's a lot sweeter than most guys i kno, and he has a rite to be pissed. he's a good guy and i admire his determination. plus, he's great for laughs. without him the book would be too serious and sappy. edwards' cheesy confessions of love get old after a while. (sorry; i kno almost everyone loves edward)