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Re: Twilight Questions

1.)  Jasper Hale

2.)  Team Edward /more specifically team Jasper

3.)  Im a Victoria girl

4.)  Hell yes!

5.)  Jasper or Edward

6.)  The thirst, the solitude, never changing etc.

7.)  I dont think there are words to describe how utterly obsessed with this series i am. Im thier # 1 fan!

8.)  Yes, I do. But only because she part Edward. LOVE HIM!!!!

9.)  Yes on that one too. I think Jacob needed a way to be there for Bella and Edward. And of course he did it in his own unique Jacob way.

10.)Hmm... Tough one..... TWILIGHT SERIES MAYBE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Ha!


***Im with the vampires of course***