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Re: Twilight on the Big Screen?

i have followed SM since the beginning, and in november 07, the official press realease said that kritsten stewart would be playing bella, i was ecstatic, becausei have met her before, and i have talked to her, she is an amazing actress, and technically is living a lot of girls' dreams
rob pat as edward cullen, is pretty cool with me. i agree when SM said "a person who can look both dangerous and beautiful at the same time is hard to find"
dangerous---when he hasnt shaven, stubble!
beautiful---shaven , bronze hair!!! lol
yes, taylor laurent(shark boy) is jacob. theyre making him wair a wig, and its long and black. hes not tying it into a ponytail b/c james(cam giganet) is doing that, and they dont want anyresemblance(courtesy of catherin hardwick, aka DIRECTOR!!!!!)
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Re: Twilight on the Big Screen?

The casting was horrible. Wrong Edward, wrong Jacob, wrong Jasper. So far Bella looks like Bella should but the actress is lacking intensity. Carlisle was okay, and Esme. I think Alice was a good choice and Emmet. Rosalie I am not sure of.

I sincerily hope they find a good looking indian to play Jacob a bid and stong one.

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Re: Twilight on the Big Screen?

I think they didnt do the book any justice with the movie. They chose the perfect Bella IMO, Edward... he grew on me, I watched twilight before I read the 2nd to 4th books and after I saw it I was picturing Robert as Edward, which is a good thing.

The rest of the cast was good, I even think that Jacob was a fine choice, although he is a little scawney.. I hope he will fill out by the second movie.


Apart from the cast choices I was dissappointed with the rest of it. They could have done soo much better. They missed things they shouldnt have and replaced them with scenes that werent even described in the book. It got a little boring through the middle, my boyfriend fell asleep watching it lol.


I hope they do a little better with the rest of them, now that they have a little experience up their sleeves.