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Re: What are your hopes for 'Breaking Dawn'?

I really enjoyed Breaking Dawn. I was shocked when Bella became pregnant. Stephenie Meyer did say that vampires could not have children but she did only give a woman as an example. I guess she fooled us all.


Breaking Dawn was so different than all the rest of the books but Twilight was the original and will always be the best because it was the start. Just like in real life everyone matures and changes. If you think about these books they were over the span of 2-3 years. At the beginning of BD Bella and Edward were much the same. Then he got devastated because she got pregnant and he thought she would die. Of course once she became a vampire she was a different person. It's only natural that characters evolve the way we do in real life.


One thing that really bothers me is the Jacob/Bella relationship. I wonder if Jacob was always so attracted to Bella and Bella always felt a connection to Jacob because Renesmee was always part of Bella. Maybe that was the draw. I think SM could have come up with a better combination for Renee and Esme through like Esmree. Much more natural.


I think we will hear from these people again. It might be the end to Bella's story but SM might pick up from Jacob's perspective when Renesmee is "grown".