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Recommended Reading

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Untitled Additional Recommended Reading

Insider Dating
Jennifer O'Connell
Abby Dunn, barely thirty and recently divorced, has taken herself off the dating market. Instead, she's using her experience to turn the tables on the opposite sex by building a dating database to rank underperforming men and set women straight when investing their greatest asset: themselves. Now, what started as a pet project is becoming a fulltime enterprise. But while Abby's busy hedging bets, someone is skewing her data and threatening to ruin her model. Even worse, he's about to teach Abby that, while it may be perfectly legal, nothing good can come from insider dating.

Through Thick and Thin
Alison Pace
Stephanie is an overwhelmed stay-at-home mom with a six-month-old. Her sister, Meredith, on the other hand, is hitting the two-year mark without a boyfriend -- or even a decent date -- but has a successful career as a food critic. Sometimes it seems the only thing these sisters share is their mutual desire to lose weight, so they decide to do it together. But will the strong desire for sisterhood outweigh their equally strong desire for comfort foods?

The Solomon Sisters Wise Up
Melissa Senate
Between the reality of being six weeks pregnant by a guy she's dated for two months, and the fantasy of pushing a baby stroller down Columbus Avenue with a wedding ring on her finger, were a lot of possibilities for 29 year old Manhattan publishing peon Sarah Solomon. Will the baby's father run screaming for the nearest subway... or pop the question? Thanks to a little help from her two sisters Ally and Zoe, and some unexpected allies, the Solomon sisters are about to wise up in this heartwarming and hilarious novel.

Cinderella Lopez
Berta Platas
15-year-old Cynthia Lopez made a promise to her dying father: she will live with her two stepsisters, Ami and Lila, until she turns 25, then she'll inherit his large estate. Now, nine years later, 24-year-old Cyn is counting down the days to that fateful birthday. At first, living with Ami and Lila had been fun, even exciting at times. Sensible Cyn used to be content hiding in the shadows of her larger-than-life sisters. Now Cyn is finally wising up and realizing that she is no longer stepsister to the stars -- she is personal assistant/slave to the stars. And, when Prince Charming enters, Cyn must go head-to-head with her truly wicked stepsisters in order to win back her father’s fortune, her perfect man, and, most importantly, her life.

Contents Under Pressure
Lara M. Zeises
Lucy Doyle is about to explode. She's sure her name might as well be Loser because she's never been kissed. To make matters worse, nearly all of her friends have left her behind for boys. Even Lucy's favorite brother doesn't seem to have time for her anymore, having just moved home from college with a distant new attitude and a girlfriend Lucy can't stand. So when Lucy attracts the attention of Tobin Scacheri, the junior everyone wants to date, she can barely believe her luck. But Lucy's brother has a secret that will turn her already mixed-up world completely upside down. Now, Lucy must figure out how far she's willing to take her relationship with Tobin, and how to deal with a brother who's not as perfect as she thought.

Tales from the Crib
Jennifer Coburn
People say my timing with a wisecrack is flawless, but my real-life "special moments" sensor is clearly on the blink. Then again, so is Jack's, and this whole thing is his fault. I know, it takes two to make a baby. But it only takes one to ask for a divorce. And Jack was the one who asked -- ten minutes before I announced my pregnancy. But Jack had a plan. We would raise the baby together and stay married in name only, free to see other people while still providing a stable home for our child. Co-parenting, Jack called it. My label for it was something slightly less sophisticated. So why did I find myself agreeing? Okay, it's a totally bizarre arrangement. But if there's one thing I'm determined to learn from all of this, it's how to be a great mom without losing myself in the process.

Fourth Comings
Megan McCafferty
Jessica Darling seems to be living the New York City dream. She’s subletting an apartment with her best friend, working for a magazine that actually utilizes her psychology degree, and still deeply in love with Marcus Flutie who first captivated her at 16. Of course, reality is more complicated than dreamy clichés. Freelancing for an obscure journal can’t put a dent in Jessica's student loans and it’s the ever-changing relationship with Marcus that leaves her most unsettled. Is she ready to give up her imperfect yet invigorating post-college life just because Marcus asks her to marry him? Jessica has one week to respond to Marcus’s marriage proposal. During this time, she gains surprising wisdom from unexpected sources. Will this knowledge inspire Jessica to give up her New York City life and move back to New Jersey to be with the one man who’s gripped her heart for years? Jessica ponders this and other life choices with her signature snark and hyper-intense insight, making it the most tumultuous and memorable week of her twenty-something life.

Queen of Babble in the Big City
Meg Cabot
Lizzie Nichols is back, pounding the New York City pavement and looking for a job, a place to live, and her proper place in the universe. When "Summer Fling" Luke suggests living together, Lizzie is only too happy to give up her plan of being postgrad roomies with best friend, Shari, in exchange for cohabitation with Luke in his mother's Fifth Avenue pied-à-terre. But Lizzie's not as lucky in her employment search. As Shari finds the perfect job, Lizzie struggles through one humiliating interview after another. It's Shari's boyfriend Chaz to the rescue when he recommends Lizzie for a receptionist's position at his father's law firm. But Lizzie's notoriously big mouth begins to get her into trouble at work and at home. Soon Lizzie finds herself jobless as well as homeless all over again. Can Lizzie save herself and find career security (not to mention a mutually satisfying committed relationship) at last?

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Re: Recommended Reading

I read Queen of Babble 2 a few weeks ago and I still get giddy thinking about parts of the book.

It's a must read for everyone!
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