“Some day, society will catch up to technology.

Some day, we’ll realize just how much we held back human progress by

not moving out of our flesh bodies and into far superior mechanical ones.”

Machine by Jennifer Pelland






“She was hardware, artificial muscle, bloodless skin. Programming wired into a mechanical construct. Her body had been built to specification on an assembly line. There was nothing natural about her. Nothing human.”




“She wanted to be locked down and carved up. She wanted to have a chainsaw taken to her arms and legs, and lie there, a helpless torso, being passed around like a sexual party favor…”


But the darkness that she envelops herself in eventually gives way to a light – and Celia finds the unlikeliest of salvation…



The novel also forces readers to reconsider the definition of what it means to be human, what it means to be real. Is the uploading of minds into essentially immortal mechanical constructs evolution or is it the death knell of humankind?


Intensely provocative and deeply disturbing, Pelland’s Machine is simply an unforgettable – and potentially nightmare-inducing – read. In a word: twisted.



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