Readers can’t seem to get enough of the saga’s endearing, self-deprecating selkie-halfling heroine, Jane True. In many ways, she is the antithesis of the conventional paranormal fantasy heroine. She’s short, not exactly athletic, socially awkward, works in a bookstore, and instead of wearing stiletto heels and leather miniskirts, Jane rocks comfortable jeans and purple Converse.


Peeler even pokes fun at this tiresome genre cliché in Tempest’s Legacy – she describes new character Capitola thusly: “She was one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen. And she was everything, and I mean everything, I wanted to be. Exuding strength and capability, no one would ever take this woman anything but seriously… she was all hard athleticism… with curves. Basically, she looked like the heroine on the cover of one of those urban fantasy novels… She was terrifying and sexy, with six-pack abs and Victoria’s Secret model boobs, bulging biceps, and a big juicy ass.”



Jane is such a great character – she is definitely paranormal fantasy’s “It Girl” – she’s spunky, naïve, idealistic, courageous, funny, and incredibly sexy in her own way. She works at a bookstore in rural Maine and cares for her ailing father in her spare time. She has some unforgettable friends – have you met Grizelda? – and has a big juicy… personality. Jane’s first-person narrative is littered with amusing pop culture references. In Tempest’s Legacy, for example, the narrative references South Park, Star Wars, Monty Python, Stephen King, The Matrix, RuPaul’s Drag Race, etc.


I’ve said this before but it bears repeating; Peeler’s Jane True novels have some of the most memorable and downright funny one-liners and statements this reviewer has come across in years. Here are a few of my favorites:


• “If I pee my pants I am going to be so pissed.” (Tempest’s Legacy, p. 171)


• "Distract me, I thought, fiercely blinking back my tears. Reinvent me. Get me out of my own head; rescue me from my life... For a second, I pictured myself as Mina and Ryu as Gary Oldman's Dracula. The young hot one, mind you, with the long hair, rather than the old guy with the weird boob wig." (p. 160, Tempest Rising)


• “They were lobbing power at one another so fast and so furiously it was like watching a tennis match between Serena and Venus Williams.” (p. 100, Tracking the Tempest)


• "Amazing sex, beautiful clothes, and a grilled cheese whenever I ask – I could get used to this life." (p. 293, Tempest Rising)


• “You usurped my lentils.” (p. 170, Tracking the Tempest)


• “And what the hell was I going to sleep in? I had flannel pajamas, a couple of T-shirt nighties, and some hoochtastic sexiness.” (Tempest’s Legacy, p. 66)


• "She has seaweed pubes." (p. 44, Tempest Rising)


• “My cake-and-sex fantasies were foiled, however, for neither lurked in my kitchen.” (p. 17, Tracking the Tempest)



by on ‎01-12-2011 07:38 PM

Great article Paul! I join you in recommending this series to any fan of UF who enjoys reading the saga of an endearing, half-human protagonist as she becomes her own person and struggles to find her place in a world divided between supernaturals and humans. If you like to be engaged and amused, then this is a series for you.

by pdubz on ‎01-12-2011 07:46 PM

The entire pee my pants part that you quote first is one of my favorite scenes of all three books. I was dyyyyying - she gets in to these situations that really end up badly for her initially, but how she ends up in them is hysterical! 


I could not agree with you more!!! I could gush over this series non-stop and drive everyone insane. But I'll stop now. 


I love Jane True!

by on ‎01-12-2011 08:42 PM



Really enjoyed the review and I really enjoyed the books.  They are a nice fun read.



by on ‎01-13-2011 08:51 AM

I love this series. Paul, you describe it perfectly. The books are a fun read and have a lot of depth. Nicole has a great sense of humor, but it doesn't overpower the story. The cover art is refreshing and unique. The book stands out on the bookstore shelves. I loved this line in the book "Basically, she looked like the heroine on the cover of one of those urban fantasy novels" when Jane was describing Capitola. In that line Nicole described why I haven't been reading some of the paranormal fantasy out there. Nicole's Jane True series brought me into her paranormal fantasy world and I think she will bring a lot of new readers to paranormal fantasy.

by 3monstersmom on ‎01-13-2011 01:40 PM

This is one of those series that I mark the release of the next book on my calendar with all the same embellishments and emphasis as my kids birth dates.  Nicole Peeler created what is easily the most relatable fictional character out there.  If you don't want to be Jane True, you want to be her best friend.  This series is smart, witty, and funny as hell.  Spot on Paul. 


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