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About Spoilers

I think we all might benefit from a quick review of our spoiler policy. There are threads on which you should not be discussing the content of the book at all. None of the threads that deal with general matters (Welcome, About First Look, About the Author, Community Room, etc.) should be used for discussion of any aspect of the book and that includes your general impressions of the book. What constitutes a spoiler may be different for different people, so your general opinions may give away more than you realize.
On the threads that will address specific portions of the book (Early Chapters, Middle Chapters, and Final Chapters), spoiler etiquette should be observed. You should avoid mentioning anything that happens in the portion of the book beyond that which is under discussion. For example, on the Early Chapters thread you should not reference anything that occurs beyond Chapter 13. If this is unclear, let me know. If you really feel you must allude to something from a later chapter, you MUST preface your comments with the header SPOILER ALERT in the subject line of your post. If you do not know how to change the subject of a post, send me a PM and I'll explain.
All other threads will be for discussion of characters and themes across the book so spoiler rules do not apply here. If you're reading along with the chapter-grouping schedule you may want to avoid these threads until you've finished the book.   
Finally, if you come across a post that contains a spoiler, do not panic. It happens (it's happened to me!). Send me a PM and I will address it as quickly as possible. I know it can be frustrating, but there's no need to call out the offending post for public flogging :smileyhappy:  If you do respond to such a post to raise the spoiler alert, please don't quote the spoiler-containing comment because then I will have to go through and edit your post as well.
With just a little consideration and patience on everyone's part, I know this will be an enjoyable experience for all!
Thanks for your cooperation!
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