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Re: Early Chapters

Kellarmom wrote:

Kellarmom wrote:
I also agree with this observation. I have raised 9 teenagers and currently have 3 more and one pre-teen. I am a stay at home mom who is probably more on top of what her kids do than most and still I do not have a clue as to ALL they get into. Like you, my older kids have often laughed about getting over on me and assuring me that I really did not want or need to know what was going on at times. There is a limit to what we can control and perhaps that is why a situation like this scares us all to death. There is a stark reality that it is all too easy for this to occur. I do an awful lot of praying! Kellarmom (Maria K

May I ask how many children do you have? Jo
I have 13 children ranging from my oldest daughter (about to be 35 tomorrow) down to my youngest who just turned 12. (I will answer the question before it is asked. They are all from the same husband and we will be married 36 years in Oct.) Someone once commented to me that I must have seen it all. My reply was that I prayed everyday that I would NOT see it all. One of my greatest fears was, and still is, losing one of my children and now I have my grandchildren to worry about also. Kellarmom (Maria K)

God Bless you!

I have 5 adult children and 7 grandchildren (the oldest is Kim's age and heading to college this month) so I understand about the worry! Jo

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