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Re: Hope

KxBurns wrote:
Hope is an evolving concept in this story. The hopes of Kim's family and friends (for Kim as well as for themselves) change dramatically over time. What does hope mean to different characters at different points?
What form does hope take as the story comes to a close?

I think all of them went from hoping that Kim was alive, to hoping that they would at leaet find out what happened to her.
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Re: Hope

Good Morning,

Chapters 1-13:

Everyone starts hopeful that they will find her, but hope fades as the days and weeks pass and really isn't rejuvenated until the car is found. But then nothing else is found.

When the body of the young girl is found - hope returns. But is it hope for it to be Kim and the search to be over? Or is is hope that it's not Kim and that there is still a chance she will be found alive?

It has to be most difficult to deal with a missing child - especially one that is never found. There is no closure, there seems only to be continuous heartbreak and loss.

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Re: Hope

JaneM wrote:
I'm not sure there has to be a moral to the story.  It's about the journey.  What do people do when faced with this unimaginable horror of losing a child and/or friend?  It's about the experience, and the changes that are occuring individually.  How do they grow or change?  It's also about the media and our love/hate relationship with it.  But above all, it's about hope -- hope the there can be a resolution to the situation, regardless of what form the resolution takes.  Hope that life for the participants can go forward in some meaningful way while they are still dealing with the day-to-day challenges.  Hope that other children in the family are not destroyed in the process.  The focus on one child whether through loss, disability, or serious illness often has an equally negative reaction on the siblings.  And I think O'Nan ultimately leaves us with a strong message of hope.  Fran and Ed appear to be on track to rebuilding their marriage and lives.  Lindsay seems to have found a coping mechanism (perfectionism and flight) that will allow her to develop into her own person.  And all of us can hope that we never have to face such a terror in our own lives.

Very well said, Jane!
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Re: Hope

What does hope mean to different characters at different points? For the family, hoping Kim will come home. For Kim's friends, hoping they will be forgiven for the secret they share.
What form does hope take as the story comes to a close? Hope for those closest to Kim is living life without her.
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