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Re: Middle Chapters ("The Motorist's Prayer" through "Halftime Entertainment")

First...I would like to make an apology for not entering my opinions on the chapters...unfortunately my boss
who owns the business, for whom I work for, passed away on June 9,2008...He was  and will always be
a great man...with that being said... In my thoughts,in some strange way corralates to my own personal true
to life  experience,which has just happend this week. Even though my employer was missing from work
for just one day, it was too strange...therefore when reading about Kim missing was far too weird and almost
difficut to handle. They say things happen for a just maybe this book was God sending me
a fore warning??? Hats off to Mr. Stewart O'Nan...who would ever thought a novel so powerful as this
would be my savings grace through one of my very own darkest moments in time for me...Thankyou from
the bottom of my heart.
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Re: Middle Chapters ("The Motorist's Prayer" through "Halftime Entertainment")

onecunninggirl wrote:

detailmuse wrote:
I thought the timing and presentation of a body being found (p173) was well done.
We actually end the previous chapter happy, hooray-ing with Lindsay and Fran because Lindsay passed her driver's test. And then the first line on the next page comes, BAM! "Right outside Geneva, two kids taking a shortcut through the woods behind a rundown motel found the body." O'Nan made me feel, as much as a reader can, the out-of-nowhere shock that the characters must have felt.

I completely agree with you on this!

I agree as well! It was a complete shock when the two boys found a body. I absolutely thought it was Kim. Then, like onecunninggirl, I realized that there was too much of the book left. But it shocked me and caught me off gaurd.

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Re: Middle Chapters ("The Motorist's Prayer" through "Halftime Entertainment")

After finishing this last section, I'm starting to believe that we will never find out what has happened to Kim.  I can't imagine going through what they are experiencing. The not knowing would be horrible. There can never be closure. Yvonne
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Re: Middle Chapters ("The Motorist's Prayer" through "Halftime Entertainment")

I'm sure it was quite a relief learning that Kim's car.  After searching and searching for her or any evidence of what happened to her it had to put hope back into the search.  Then when they don't find much of any type of evidence in or around the car I would think that all of that hope is destroyed.  The search finally got serious near the car but there is no proof that she was ever near the location where it was found.  This might be the first point where the cops actually agree that this is a case of abduction and not an adult 'runaway.'
The family dynamics seem to have changed.  Ed is in Sandusky with the search teams and seems to miss his wife and daughter.  I assume he is also happy to have something to do that will help keep him busy and contributing to the search.  Men always want to fix the problem - and when they are helpless get frustrated.  Fran on the other hand misses her husband - she's lonely - and turns to pills and cocktails to numb herself.  That is understanding - as she always enjoyed her wine in the past - and it's easy to pour another one when your life is crappy.
The secret's out so Kim's parents know a bit more about what she and her friends were up to - but I don't think they know everything.  it's got to be difficult finding out that your daughter isn't quite the same person you thought she was.
Back home, trying to get back to 'normal' when that is really impossible, Lindsey goes to her final softball game.  It's not normal because she and her mother are busy handing out flyers and buttons, putting up posters and giving speeches.  Fran seems to be in her element doing all of these things - but Lindsey dislikes all of the attention.
Kim's friends return to the river one last time before they all head off to college - also trying to deal with Kim's disappearance.  Yet, her absence is felt more at the river since she was a big part of the group that hung out all summer at the river.
Fran continues on with her involvement with missing people organizations and fundraising to cover a finder's reward.  She is quite successful with these projects.  I think she finds that she has skills she never knew she had.  So Fran feels good about her contributions.  Yet Ed, involved with the unsuccessful search seems to get more and more frustrated with his lack of success.  This probably pushes him over the edge toward depression.  He's having trouble sleeping and finally accepts one of Fran's sleeping pills.  Will Lindsey have two self medicating parents?
When a body is found - the hope rises again.  But what kind of hope is it?  Sort of schitzophrenic hope -- hope that it is Kim's body and she is found and they can get some closure....vs hope that it isn't Kim's body and that she is still out there - hopefully alive.  This made me wonder if they will ever find her.  I know that many times these missing people are never found - still that would be a very disappointing ending for this story.
When Ed and Fran go back to work they both feel as if they are giving up - limiting their search efforts to the weekends.
JP and Nina have escaped to college - but neither really escapes as both of them keep to themselves and don't share their experience with the new people they meet - thus not really making any real friends.  This tragedy is what brings them together - since they don't think that anyone else can relate to their experience.  I still think Nina knows more than what she is saying - but I have no idea what that could be....
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