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Re: Narrative Structure

KxBurns wrote:

bookhunter wrote:
Can we say that Kim is not the main character, but the ABSENCE of Kim is?:smileywink:
Ann, bookhunter

Yes -- absolutely!!! :smileyhappy:
And like in a painting, the "negative space" is just as important as positive space.

I agree... as in music and poetry, the caesura... the silences between notes and words and movements... they are also as important as everything else.....

"I am a part of everything that I have read."
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Re: Narrative Structure

m3girl wrote:
I liked the shifting of POV - it helped me understand the characters better.  There were two chapters that were more from an omniscient POV - Chapter Nine seems to head hop between just about everyone's POV.  I am not sure I much liked that hopping and would like to know the justification for that style.  Chapter 11 is also more omniscient - but more in a reporting format than the head hopping of chapter nine.

It's funny, I actually liked Chapter 9's wandering POV! I'll have to go back and look at the cues provided by the author, because I'm sure they were subtle but well done -- it read pretty seamlessly to me.
As for the reasoning behind it, that would be a great question to ask Stewart!
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Re: Narrative Structure

Tarri wrote:
The changing character and point-of-view style of writing here was very effective.  I never lost the flow, which can sometimes happen when the voice changes in a book. 

I agree that the book flowed well with the changing POV and I also found that by switching it gave you a chance to digest what you read without getting too bogged down into one person's feelings.  Jo

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