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Re: Thanks everyone!

Many thanks to all of you for providing us with this wonderful opportunity to enjoy books before they hit the shelves! 
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Re: Thanks everyone!

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Yes, that's shouting "thanks" for a wonderful experience and all the vast contributions of so many, including Stewart O'Nan, Josh Kendall (editor), Karen, Maria, B&N, Viking, and all those who read Songs for the Missing and posted here!


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Re: Thanks everyone!

I want to thank all involved also.  This First Look bookclub has been so rewarding.  I've been introduced to different authors and a variety of genres, most of which I would not have chosen on my own.  My knowledge has grown through reading all of the posts.  It's amazing what one person can see that others don't.  Again thank you to all involved and I look forward to the next selection.
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Re: Thanks everyone!

I can't believe it's been a month already since this discussion started.  Though I didn't contribute a lot, I enjoyed reading everyone's opinions.  It really is amazing how differently we all see things.  Thanks to everyone involved in this great opportunity.  I hope I can be part of the next First Look.
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Whoops!   I must have overlooked the comm room....I didn't scroll down to the bottom list of least it saved me a lot of reading!  I am watching for the next ARC sign up....until then...enjoy this beautiful summer ( at least in Michigan).  Mary
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