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Re: Your Reviews of The Sister -- should not contain spoilers

Even though I was not able to participate in The Sister discussions ( I am hoping to get some answers..) I did finish reading the book.
I give this book 4 Stars. I am hoping to recommend this book to my bookclub. I like the style of writing and enjoyed all the scientific facts about the moths. I really got into the whole story and kept wondering more about these two sisters.  When I finished the book I felt that I needed more closure about every character involved.
I think it is definite a great book for discussion to hear different points of view.
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Re: Your Reviews of The Sister -- should not contain spoilers

I give this book 3 stars
DARK  and without redemption
I would like to rate it higher, but I thought it was unnecessaarily long and towards the end, I  lost interest.
The story of such a disturbed family was unsettling, althoough very belieable.  One had to have compassion for everyone.  I was left with questions.  Why DID Vivi come back?  What was she really looking for and what was her history during to 50 years away.
Ginny was driven to madness, but what was the secret about her ?  Was this secret a clue that she would murder Vivi ?
I did relish the life of the Moth.  I will never look with loathing again when I see a scary caterpillar and this sparked an interest in the field.  It was very sad to see the decay from years of neglect, but I suppose it was inevitable.
I also think that the development of Michael 's character was a problem.  I don't think he was the savior Ginny felt him to be.  That just didn't work for me.
I wish I had spoken with Poppy but I have had some unsettling family issues here, so had to take a leave for a wile.
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Re: Your Reviews of The Sister -- should not contain spoilers

4 stars
pulls you in & you can't put it down until the last page is read.
i read it the first weekend that it arrived at my house. i didn't participate in the online discussions for fear of giving something away. i had so wanted to read this one at the pace of the online club, but i just had to know what happened. i just loved ginny's character. this book delves into stereotypes and what can come from that. poppy adams has captured such a unique story about family interaction. i love to see characters written in an honest way to their nature and poppy adams is consistent in the actions that her characters take in the book. i think this story would make a wonderful film.
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Re: Your Reviews of The Sister -- should not contain spoilers

I give this book 3 stars.
It had a great story line but it kept getting lost in all the scientific stuff.  Interesting thought provoking story. 
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Re: Your Reviews of The Sister -- should not contain spoilers

(The link above is for my original review of "The Sister" by Poppy Adams. I am a part-time contributor to BookFetish, and grant my permission for the review to be used on B&N *so long as the due attribution is provided*. This granting of permission has also been cleared by the editor-in-chief of BookFetish.)

5-stars -- Outstanding

The Sister: Poppy Adams

The Stones were an unusual family, marked by sharply contrasting personalities and a family love for lepidoptery. When the last remaining members of the Stone family - sisters Vivian and Virginia - reunite after nearly fifty years of estrangement, the family's deepest secrets rise to the surface. Vivian's arrival on Virginia's doorstep heralds the exposure of truth behind the tragic events that destroyed a once-grand family.

This is a great first-time novel from Poppy Adams, who is primarily known for making television documentaries. Initially, I had my reservations about this book as the jacket blurbs brought it across as chick-lit. It's not. This is soooo not chick-lit. The best description I can think of for this is "Southern Gothic with a British twist"... Twisting and turning, eerie and provocative, disturbing and seductive at the same time.

The documentary filmmaking experience has served Adams well in writing The Sister. She has a keen sense for what details are and are not important, and for the unfolding of a story. She makes excellent use of flashbacks, and is capable of painting a picture so vivid that you can picture it just as clearly in your head as on a television screen. Her characters are remarkably well-rendered as well as memorable.

Ginny (Virginia) is easily the most fascinating character of the whole story, both for being the narrator and for her defining characteristics. By the middle of the book, you can already tell that her accounting for events is slightly skewed or perhaps absent a certain perceptiveness natural in most people. Approaching the last quarter of the book, taking in the whole of Ginny's narratives regarding her childhood and her reaction to Vivi's arrival, I began to get a more concrete idea that Ginny's character likely experiences some form of high-functioning autism / Asperger's Syndrome. That understanding, in itself, put a twist on the revelations in the final chapters of the book.

On the whole, this is an outstanding read. It will be interesting to see what Adams produces when she next puts pen to paper.

Other titles I recommend:
"Being Peace" - Thich Nhat Hanh
"All Families Are Psychotic" - Douglas Coupland
"A Farewell to Arms" - Ernest Hemingway
"Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon" - Marjorie Kellogg
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