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Children's book question - from an author

Parents - my first children's book, "Michael's New Neighbor" was just published by Guardian Angel Publishing, and is available for purchase online.  My question to you is - when purchasing books for your children, how do you typically find these books?  (Do you go into the store knowing what you are looking for, or do you typically browse the bookstore and just discover a book?)  I'd like to promote my book in the best way possible to reach the most people, but I'd just like some opinions on how you purchase.



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Re: Children's book question - from an author

   Hi Sarah,

         Congratulations on your new book:smileyhappy:  For the most part I would say when we are looking for a new book we generally are looking through Barnes and Noble store.  Now there are a few books that we have specifically looked for.  School also sends Scholastic fliers and I confess to buying from them also.  Each month they have a book on special for under a dollar and that is just too hard to pass up.  

      We spend a lot of time at Barnes and Noble and already have a huge long list for Christmas!  Sometimes if a book looks really good and is a series I will go to the public library and check it out to see if my daughter will like to read them before I start buying the set. 

     As a parent I really read the backs and introductions looking for things that sound interesting.  My daughter looks at the cover...I have been trying to teach her about the "not judging a book by its cover" however that has been painstakingly hard! 

   Setting up a couple of talks with schools about your book is also good.  There are many schools that are able to communicate through webcams now.  I know that for the past couple of years my daughter has been able to meet several different authors that way.  You could send information to schools and let them know the target age group you are writing for to see if their teacher would be willing to work a web conference.



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Re: Children's book question - from an author

Please try author visits. Start with a school that you are comfortable with.

Do not charge a high fee. You are just starting out. Also sell your book and have it available so that you can autograph it. This gives you exposure and the children will learn that an author is a living breathing person. 

Also is there a group of children's authors in your area? I know that my area of NJ there is such a group. They mail flyers to all the schools in my area. I am elementary school librarian who has had about 19 author visits.