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Fantasy Book

Hey, i just happened upon this forum.  It rocks!!! 

I figured i would post my fav fantasy books and if people reply with their fav we can hopefully come across some new books.  i know this has been done a million times, i have been reading them, lol, and i learned about a new series called the discworld series, im excited. here goes...


The Oz books by L. Frank Baum and Ruth Plumly Thompson

The Prydain Series by Lloyd Alexander

Inkheart series by Cornelia Funke


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Re: Fantasy Book



Hi I'm Krista and there are just so many favorites of mine but here are a few I really loved and totally recommend!!!


The Name of the Wind By Patrick Rothfuss

Mistborn By Brandon Sanderson

Green Rider Series By Kristen Britain

The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins

Graceling By Kristin Cashore

"Bright colors, Vasher thought. I'll have to get used to those again. In any other nation, the vibrant blues and yellows would have been ridiculous on soldiers. This, however, was Hallandren: land of Returned gods, Lifeless servants, BioChromatic research, and - of course - color." Warbreaker By Brandon Sanderson