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Re: Favorite SciFi TV Shows

I started watching Warehouse 13 too.  I wish it wasn't on at 10pm.  He kiddo use to watch it with me, but he's still in school and can't watch.  But Monday's are sealed.  Defiance and Warehouse 13.


Oh!  I just picked up the free "book" for Defiance.  I have a few things I'm curious about and hoping I might get answers there.  It's a guide type book.  But I'm curious about how long the "aliens" had been with contact and the fall of Arcs.  It doesn't seem as they'd been around to long before the fall.

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Re: Favorite SciFi TV Shows

I watch Warehouse 13 on On Demand (actually watching the second episode at this moment).  Mondays at 10 are already tied up - I watch Revolution and DVR Hawaii 5-O.

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